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Natal-Causes of increase of the native population-Happy condi.

tion of the Natal Zulus–Polygamy-Its results on population
—The impossibility of eradicating it—Relations between a
Zulu and his wives-Connection between polygamy and native
law-Missionary work amongst the Zulus—Its failure—Reasons
of its failure—Early days of Natal-Growth of the native
question-Coming struggle between white and black over the
land question-Difficulty of civilising the Zulu-Natal as a

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Accession of Mr. Gladstone to power–His letters to the Boer

leaders and the loyals—His refusal to rescind the annexation

-The Boers encouraged by prominent members of the Radical

party—The Bezuidenhout incident-Despatch of troops to

Potchefstroom-Mass meeting of the 8th December 1880

Appointment of the Triumvirate and declaration of the re-

public-Despatch of Boer proclamation to Sir O. Lanyon-

His reply— Outbreak of hostilities at Potchefstroom – De-

fence of the court-house by Major Clarke–The massacre of

the detachment of the 94th under Colonel Anstruther-Dr.

Ward—The Boer rejoicings—The Transvaal placed under

martial law-Abandonment of their homes by the people of

Pretoria-Sir Owen Lanyon's admirable defence organisation

-Second proclamation issued by the Boers-Its complete false.

hood—Life at Pretoria during the siege-Murders of natives

by the Boers—Loyal conduct of the native chiefs-Difficulty

of preventing them from attacking the Boers—Occupation of

Lang's Nek by the Boers—Sir George Colley's departure to New-

castle--The condition of that town—The attack on Lang's Nek

-Its desperate nature—Effect of victory on the Boers—The

battle at the Ingogo-Our defeat--Sufferings of the wounded

-Major Essex-Advance of the Boers into Natal–Constant

alarms—Expected attack on Newcastle-Its unorganised and

indefensible condition - Arrival of the reinforcements and

retreat of the Boers to the Nek—Despatch of General Wood

to bring up more reinforcements—Majuba Hill-Our disaster,

and death of Sir George Colley-Cause of our defeat-A Boer

version of the disaster—Sir George Colley's tactics


The Queen's Speech-President Brand and Lord Kimberley—Sir

Henry de Villiers—Sir George Colley's plan-Paul Kruger's
offer—Sir George Colley's remonstrance-Complimentary tele-
grams-Effect of Majuba on the Boers and English Government
-Collapse of the Government—Reasons of the Surrender-Pro-
fessional sentimentalists—The Transvaal Independence Com-
mittee-Conclusion of the armistice—The preliminary peace-
Reception of the news in Natal—Newcastle after the declaration
of peace-Exodus of the loyal inhabitants of the Transvaal-
The value of property in Pretoria—The Transvaal officials
dismissed — The Royal Commission-Mode of trial of persons
accused of atrocities-Decision of the Commission and its results

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