The Three Daughters of Abraham

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Trafford Publishing, 2003 - Bibles - 100 pages

I wrote this book after much study following Sept. 11, 2001. I saw enough so that I felt the need to make my findings available to others. Now, after much more study, my views have developed considerably. There is value in what I had seen before. It was part of my journey to getting where I am now. To the extent that I was in error, it was mostly that I was still taking much of what I read literally.

I now realize that the Bible was always meant to be interpreted figuratively. My recent studies and revelations are concerning the Garden of Eden, the Sword of the Lord, and Paul's thorn in the flesh. These things and more are closely related.

You can see my current views of various topics at my YouTube channel or my discussion group

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1 The Time to Understand
2 The Alpha and Omega
3 The Mighty Angel
4 The Temple
5 The Two Olive Trees
6 The Two Candlesticks
7 The Two Witnesses
8 Former and Latter Rain
12 The 144000
13 Jerusalem
14 The Three Sisters
15 The Prophets
16 Let Him Hasten His Work
17 Signs of the Times
18 Babylon the Great
19 The Watchmen

9 The Two Harvests
10 The Interlude
11 The Saints
20 Would God Repent?
21 Leaven of the Pharisees

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About the author (2003)

Donald L. Shaffer grew up in a small non-denominational church. Several years ago he was drawn into deep personal studies on certain issues. The first was concerning the Trinity doctrine. Then there was a period of studying in order to explain supposed Bible contradictions. Those studies gave him an appreciation of the Bible that he never had before.

Then, about two years before the writing of this book his church was between pastors. He offered to carry on the mid-week Bible studies. For about six months they studied various things, much of it concerning prophecy. They studied parts of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation.

In those studies he saw things that he didn't for a while realize the significance of. These things, which he didn't realize were related, over some time came together. It became clear that he was coming to conclusions that weren't teachings of the church. He then realized why the people didn't agree with what he was seeing.

Sometimes one feels so strongly about something that he has to put it in writing; hence, this book. Most of the things that he saw in those six months of leading the Bible studies are in the first half of the book. Most of the second half addresses things that he found in his personal study since September 11, 2001.

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