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2 May 1958


SUBJECT: Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Inormtion

Collection Plan (ACDP) (L')

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1. (U) Forwarded herewith for your information is the Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Information Collection Plan (ACDP),

2. (L') Any information that may come to the attention of addressees related to the subject matter covered by this plan will be appreciated by the Department of the Army. In this connection, no active investigation is requested. Such information should be addressed to the Assistant Chief of Staff for intelligence, ATTN: ACSI-DSCCO, Department or the Army, Washington, D.C, 20310.


(U) Regraded UNCLASSIFIED when separated from CLASSIFIED inclosure,


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DA Civil Disturbance
Information Collection
Plan (ACDP)


Ma jor General, GS
ACOfS for Intelligence

In accordance with Appendix
D, Distribution, to the ACDF

Brigadier General, GS
Acting Deputy Acofs for Intelligence



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Department of the Ar
Washington, D. C. 20310


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The Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Infornation Collection Plan (ACDP) provides basic guidance and direction for the planning, coordination, and employment of DA intelligence and counterintelligence resources in the collection and reporting of information pertinent to civil disturbances.

b. It is recognized that Army assistance to local or State authorities in peacetime, as well as in wartime emergency, is a long standing tradition in our country. In most instances in the past, such assistance was rendered with a minimum of advance information concerning the situation. The current civil disturbance situation dictates a change in the degree to which the Arny must seek advance information concerning potential and probable trouble areas and trouble sakers.


The Army is well aware that the overwhelming majority in both the anti-war and the racial movements are sincere Americans. It also realizes that in both groups there is a small but virulent number who are out to tear, America apart. During demonstrations and disturbances these are the activists that control the violent action. These are people who deliberately exploit the unrest and seek to generate violence and terror for selfish purposes. If the Army must be used to quell violence it wants to restore law and order as quickly as possible and return to its normal protective role - to do this it must know in advance as such as possible about the well springs of violence and the heart and ner ve causes of chaos. To do less means the professional violence purveyors will have a better chance to achieve their end aims - law breaking, social disintegration, chaos, violence, destruction, insurrection, revolution.


d. In obtaining the information called for in this plan the Army sceks only to collea that needed to exercise honest and sound judgment of the measures to be taken in suppressing rarpant violence and restoring order to assure that only the mildest effective measures are exercised - to insure that no overstepping of the degree of force or circunscription needed is applied conserve military resources and to avoid infringment on the responsibility and author ity of civil government agencies - to insure pervasive vigilance for the fundamental rights of private citizens by the selective and enlightened use of force in restraint against those who are truly violating the riglies of their fellow citizens.

3. (C) MISSION: To procure, evaluate, interpret, and disseminate as expeditious Ty as possible inforination and intelligence relating to any actual, potential or planned demonstrations or other activities related to civil disturbances within the Continental United States (CO:US) which threaten civil order or military security or which may adversely affect the capability of the Department of the Ariny to perform its mission.

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Possible military action required of the Army may include the cornit. ment of federal forces to restore and maintain law and order, to enforce the laws of the United States, or to protect the rights of citizens within a State. Information required to fulfill assigned missions is obtained through liaison conducted with federal, state, and local agencies by US Army Intelligence Command (USAINTC) personnel and by the collection sources designated in Appendix B. USAINTC personnel will not be directly used to obtain civil disturbance information unless specific direction to do so has been received from Headquarters, DA Agencies: Those DA agencies indicated are requested to respond to requireaenis listed in Appendix I. Designated agencies may pubiisl. supplepental guidance anc procedural instructions consistent with this plan. In the event suct. supplemental instructions are prepared, request that two copies be forwarded to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI), DA, ATTI!: ACSI-DSCL, Washington, 20310, within 30 days after publication.

Pre-disturbance information to satisfy Ariny requireinents will be obtained by drawing on other Federal as well as State and local sources which secure such data in the course of carrying out their primary duties and responsibilities.


b. When nced for military intervention in a civil disturbance situation appears imoninent, the Personal Liaison Officer of the Chief of Staff, US Army (PLOCofS) will be dispatched in advance of the task force to the objective area to ccordinate with municipal and state officials, make an estimate of the situation, and report directly to the Chief of Staff, US Army. To fulfill his responsibilities, it is necessary that the PLOCOS have up-to-date and detailed information 0:1 the current situation in the designated arca.

(1) The officer directing the USAINTC operations in the objective area will provide maximum assistance to the PLOCOS matters of liaison, coordinatio:.. information, and other needs of the PLOCOSS in accomplishing his responsibilities.

(2) Upon commitrent of Arny forces and/or arrival of the Personal Liaison officer of the Chicf of Staff, US Army (PLOCOS) in the objective area, US Artuy Intelligence Comunand (USAINTC) personnel are authorized to operate more actively to fulfill intelligence requirements; specifically, intensify or initiate contact with local police and government officials, civil leaders, members of private organizations, and observe demonstrations, riots, and other activities which havz a bearing on the situation.

(3) USAINTC personnel will not engage in covert operations pertinent to civil disturbances without prior approval and direction of this Headquarters.

(4) During the execution of civil disturbance control operations, the USAINTC unit covering the civil disturbance respids to the EEI and other support requirements of the Task Force Commander and PLOCors until they depart the objective area.

c. Dissemination. Information and intelligence will be disseninated without delay to higher, parallel, and subordinate headquarters in accordance with their requirements by the most expeditious means consistent with its importance and security classification.

5. (C) EXECUTION: This plan is directiva to DA elements only and is furnished to other agencies for information and coordination purposes.

b. Mutual Support Arrangements. Agencies, offices, and commands from whor mutual support arrangements uill be requested are listed in Appendix B. Details of mucuz! support arrangements, when required, will be outlined in separate correspondence with eacii agency concerned and will not be made a part of this collection pian.


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Comments and Recommendations : Users of this plan are invited and eacouraged to subsit recourended changes or comments to improve it. Comments should be keyed to the specific page, paragrapli, and line of the text in which the change is recomended. Reasons should be provided for each comment to insure understanding and complete evaluation. Corments should be forwarded directly to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI), DA, ATTN: ACSI-DSCD, kashington, D. C. 20310.

6. (V) PRIORITIES: Civil disturbance information collection priorities are
contained in Appendix C.

ê. Distribution list is contained in Appendix D.

b. Addressees are requested to make distribution of this plan within their respective agencies and contands. Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is authorized to meet the requirements of individual addressees.


Appendix A - Thresholds of Control
(Special Distribution)
Appendix 3 - Collection Requirerents
Appendix C - Collection. Priorities
Appendix D - Distribution List
Appendix E - Map of CONUS Army Areas

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