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Appropriation title and donor


Purchase of music

Concerts of music


. 40

Loeffler, bequest of Elise Fay
Longworth memorial concerts, Nicholas,

various donors.
Meyer, Agnes E
Moore, Ada Small
Oberlaender trust


1. 19

Rockefeller Foundation



Toward purchase of Vachel Lindsay manu-


Acquisition of Chinese manuscripts or books.

Personal services:

Fellowship in European education

Fellowship in wartime communications

Further development of the Far Eastern Center

in the Library's Division of Orientalia.

Development of a catalog of Hispanic material

and organization of bibliographical services.

Laboratory of Microphotography: Revolving

fund for operation.

Study of library and book conditions in South

America by Henry H. McGeorge.

Experimental study of trends of wartime com-


Radio research project

Personal services:

Fellowship in Slavonic history

Fellowship in Scandinavian culture

Fellowship in philosophy.

Toward travel expenses of Dr. Hummel and his

family to visit China and Japan.

Acquisition of Semitic material

Readings by distinguished poets-

An Evening of Oswald and Sandburg

Musical concerts

Equipment of Whittall Pavilion

Purchase of collections of musical holographs.

Acquisition of musical material as a memorial to

Florence Hinkle Witherspoon.


Semitic Division gift fund.

Washington Post

Whittall Foundation, Gertrude Clarke

535. 84

Witherspoon, Bequest of Herbert.




1 Earnings received from sale of recording records.

2 $128.77 refunded to donor.

3 $54.43 refunded to donor.

* Earnings received from sale of photoduplications.

Refunded to donor.
o $2,500 refunded to donor.



137, 206. 05

Mr. O'NEAL. Also, we would like to have a statement of the
positions paid from those funds.
Mr. ClApp. The number of positions paid from outside funds?
Mr. O'NEAL. Yes.
(The statement requested is as follows:)

7. 549. 35

Positions now paid from gift and trust funds, showing dates on which such funds


144, 814.40

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

For a radio research project
For an experimental study of Library cooperation.
For collecting fugitive war materials.
For a project in Indic studies.-
For fellowships in the Library of Congress.
For an experimental study of wartime communications.
For a consultantship in German literature
For development of a Hispanic catalog and organization of bibliographical services.
For research in the bibliography of American authors.-
For editing the church archives records, Historical Records Survey
For a consultantship in French literature.
For the engineering staff of the recording laboratory
For assistance to displaced foreign scholars.
Por assistance in a cooperative cataloging service
Por assistance to South and Central American libraries
For cataloging collection of Japanese and Chinese books.
For consultantships.
For chairs in music, fine arts, American history, geography, and aeronautics (in
For operation of the photoduplication laboratory
For securing reproductions of source material in American history.
For operation of the recording laboratory.

Total (in whole or part).

[blocks in formation]

236, 086. OG

84, 050. 13



Mr. O'NEAL. We would be glad to have you insert in the record a
statement showing what sums are received by the Library by virtue of
any operations carried on as the result of sales of material or services
for the past fiscal year and those from any other source.
Mr. MACLEISH. Yes, sir; we have it prepared.
(The statement requested is as follows:)

Florenc Hinkle Witherspoon.

Revenue and nonrevenue receipts for the fiscal year 1941
(From U. S. Treasury Department: Combined statement of receipts, expenditures, and balances, fiscal year,





! Esungs received from sale of recording records.
128.77 refunded to donor.
64.4A refunded to donor.

$566. 11
352, 260.60

13. 38

392, 466. 61

Fines and penalties: Other
Fees: Copyright.
Forleitures: Unclaimed moneys, Copyright Office
Reimbursements: Government property lost or damaged.
Sales of Government property-Products.

$391, 828. 06
Card indexes, Library of Congress..

204. 95
Serap and salvaged materials, condemned stores, wastepaper,

433. 60
refuse, etc.

392, 466. 61


Total revenue receipts..

745, 343. 56

Revenue and nonrevenue receipts for the fiscal year 1941-Continued

General accounts

Trust accounts



$5.00 203, 193.38

Sales of Government property: Capital equipment.
Trust accounts:

Unclaimed moneys of individuals whose whereabouts are unknown
Contributions to Library of Congress gift fund
American Council of Learned Societies.

Anonymous (L. E.)..

6,000.00 Carnegie Corporation of New York

50,000.00 Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation

20, 894. 20 Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars. 2, 400.00 General Education Board

8, 331. 23 Bequest of Elsie Fay Loeffler.

113. 61 Oberlander Trust

1,500.00 Rockefeller Foundation,

60, 144. 55 Washington Post.

1, 200.00 Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation

44, 109. 79 Total.

203. 193. 38 Contributions to Library of Congress trust fund, permanent loan account R. R. Bowker.

$1, 109.06 Bequest of Joseph Pennell

21.822. 18

22. 931. 24
Income on Library of Congress trust fund, investment account
William Evarts Benjamin..

R. R. Bowker.

192, 57 Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation

2. 822. 80 Archer M. Huntington

2. 927. 27 Bequest of Joseph Pennell

7.048. 65 Henry Kirke Porter, memorial fund

500.00 Total.

14, 843. 19

22, 931. 24

14, 843, 29

Total nonrevenue receipts


240, 972. 91

986. 356. 47

Total receipts, Library of Congress general and trust accounts.
Savings from 1941 appropriations.
Savings from funds transferred from other governmental agencies
Sale of publications (Superintendent of Documents).

160. 272.00
15, 577.00
4, 414. 29


A number of the services of the Library are in whole or in part self-sustaining. A final statement showing the ratio of costs to receipts is not at this time obtainable, for whereas accounts receivable are known with exactitude, charges are not. Expecially in the case of the Distribution of Card Indexes this circumstance prevents a complete estimate of the operations of the last year, for the reason that cards to be added to stock, constituting one of the assets of the service, are still in process of being printed, and their number is not yet known.

The following statement is not intended, consequently, to be a complete accounting of the services described, but merely co show', for purposes of gross comparison, the total disbursements on account of each service (as shown on the books of the Disbursing Office during the year) and the total receipts (as shown in the accounts of the Treasury for the same period). Just as disbursements may have been from any one of the appropriations for the last 3 years which were available for disbursement during 1911, so the receipts may have been partly on account of services rendered during prior years.

Salaries and miscellaneous expenses -

$241, 05. 23 Printing of catalog cards -

159, 272. 26

$400, 877. 49 Receipts (sales of catalog cards)

391, 828. 06




Printing, catalog of copyright entriesReceipts (copyright fees).

$276, 509. 61
45, 962. 92

$322, 472. 53
352, 260. 60

[blocks in formation]

Mr. O'NEAL. I think we might proceed with our examination of the individual items in your estimate. When the estimate came to us, rou made the statement, Dr. MacLeish, that the total amount asked for was $1,582,155, while the appropriation for 1942 is $1,327,835, making a net increase of $254,320. Your first item covering salaries of the Library of Congress proper appears at page 92 of the bill. This is now revised to $1,446,455, an increase of $118,620, instead of $254,320. I think it would be well, Dr. MacLeish, to insert in the record at this point the revised summary of the estimate for this item.

Mr. MacLeish. We will supply that for the record.
The matter referred to is as follows:)

$1, 327, 835

Salaries, Library proper (revised estimate)
Appropriated for 1942...
Increases requested for 1943:

1. Additional positions.
2. Within-grade promotions-
3. By transfer from “Distribution of card indexes"

45, 640
23, 940
49, 040

118, 620

Total increases requested for 1943. Revi-ed estimate for 1943..

1, 446, 455


Bibliography Division: 1 P-1, $2,000, junior bibliographer to assist in com

pilation of bibliographies. Orientalia Division:

1 P-4, $3,800, chief of section.
1 P-3, $3,200, expert on southeastern Asia.

1 SP-5, $1,800, reference assistant. Law Library:

1 SP-4, $1,620, junior librarian assistant to have charge of the prepara

tion of material for binding and the handling of the briefs and records

of the circuit court of appeals and other high courts of record. 1 SP-3, $1,440, under library assistant to assist in the processing incident

to the operations of the law library-maintenance of card indexes and

shelf-lists; labeling and preparation for binding, etc. Processing Department: Accessions Division:

I CAF-2, $1,440, junior clerk-typist, Hispanic Order Section and Gift

Section. 2 SP-4, $3,240; 2 SP-3, $2,880; to set up the Central Serial Record.

1 CAF-2, $1,440; 2 CAF-1, $2,520 nonrecurrent after 2 years. Catalog Preparation and Maintenance Division:

2 SP-4, $3,240, assistants, Searching Section.

1 SP-5, $1,800, assistant, Temporary Cataloging Section. De-criptive Catalog Division: 2 P-1, $4,000 junior catalogers.

Processing Department-Continued
Subject Catalog Division:

1 P-2, $2,600, subject cataloger and classifier in social science.
1 P-1, $2,000, junior subject cataloger and classifier in physical sciences

and technology.
Administrative Department:

1 CAF-5, $2,000, to be in charge of the Pay Roll Section, Personnel

1 CAF-4, $1,800, clerk to supervise files, Secretary's office.
1 SP-4, $1,620, nurse, first-aid room.

1 CU-3, $1,200, messenger, Mail and Delivery Service. Total, 25 positions, $45,640.


Mr. O'NEAL. At the present time, how many actual positions do you

have under this item in 1942? Mr. CLAPP. Under "Salaries, Library proper," there are 676.5 positions.

Mr. O'NEAL. And under the revised estimates, you are asking for how many?

Mr. CĽAPP. We are asking for 25 new positions.


Mr. MacLEISH. The first increase we are asking for is on page 8 of the justification, as follows:


One P-1, $2,000, junior bibliographer to assist in compilation of bibliographies: The staff of the Bibliography Division consists of 8 persons. This number has received an increase of one in the past 38 years. The duties of this Division are to prepare lists of references in response to Members of Congress and others, and to prepare replies and give information with regard to questions involving bibliography. These lists are mimeographed and are listed in the Public Affairs Information Service and in other places, which leads to a considerable public demand for them. The work of the Division facilitates that of the Legislative Reference Service, as well as that of other units of the Library, many agencies of the Government, and other libraries generally. The work of the Division has increased over the past 3 years alone as indicated by the following table:

[blocks in formation]

Mr. O'Neal. You are asking for new positions in the Bibliography Division.

Mr. MACLEISH. Yes, sir; there we are asking for one P-1 position, at $2,000, and the justification there, so far as the history of it is concerned

Mr. O'NEAL (interposing). You are not asking for the junior clerktypist for that Division?

Mr. MACLEISH. No, sir. The Bibliographical Division has had only one new position in 38 years, and that was allowed 4 years ago. The duties of the Division have increased considerably. It is called upon at this time for bibliographies more than at any other period.

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