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Vincy in 717; Rise of the Austrasian Aristocracy or Chi-
valry; Charles Martel repeoples the West with them
Defeats the Arabs at Poictiers -

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Boniface founds the German Church; Pope Gregory offers
imperial Supremacy to Charles Martel

Charles Martel is succeeded by Pepin, who defeats the South

Germans on the Leck

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Death of Pepin, called the Bref, in 768; Division of the Empire
between Charles and Carloman; Charles reduces the Aqui-

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He marries the Daughter of Desiderius, King of the Lombards - 23

Death of Carloman, 771; Charles sole Monarch; First Expe-
dition of Charles against the Saxons, 772 -

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Revolt and Murder of Bernard, King of Italy; Struggles
between the Emperor and his Sons

Death of Louis the Debonnaire, 840


Struggle of Germans and French united against Imperialists at
Fontenailles, 841; Defeat of the Emperor Lothaire
Meeting of Strasburg, 842; Treaty of Verdun; Division of Em-
pire into East and West, notwithstanding its nominal
Re-union under Charles the Bald -

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