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Breen, M. A., traffic manager, Norton, Lilly & Co., San Francisco, Calif.
Breslin, J. G., traffic manager, California & Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corporation,

Ltd., San Francisco, Calif.
Brown, A. W., the Paraffine Companies, Inc., San Francisco, Calif.
Burgin, C. O., traffic manager, port of Stockton.
Caldeira, W. F., manager shipping and traffic, Hunt Bros. Packing Co., San

Francisco, Calif. Carkin, John H., superintendent rail transportation, Public Utilities Commission

of Oregon, Salem, Oreg. Carroll, Philip H., executive secretary, Commission of Public Docks, Portland,

Oreg. Cloar, M. C., secretary, Idaho Wool Growers Association, Boise, Idaho. Cornwall, George M., publisher, The Timberman, Portland, Oreg. Costello, J. B., general traffic manager, Sperry Flour Co., San Francisco. Cremer, M. A., secretary-manager, the Marine Exchange, San Francisco, Calif. Crowe, H. E., manager, Western Match Co., San Francisco, Calif. Davidson, John, American-Hawaiian Steamship Co., San Francisco, Calif. Deleau, George A. (proxy for James B. Adams), Eastern Oregon Wheat League,

James B. Adams, transportation committee, Moro, Oreg. Doyle, Edward F., president, Peninsula Mortgage Co., representing Portland

Port Commission. Durgin, J. F., traffic manager, The Emporium, San Francisco, Calif. Dwyer, T. R., assistant traffic manager, The River Lines, San Francisco, Calif. Dysart, D. M., manager intercoastal service, Shephard Steamship Line, San

Francisco, Calif. Eggers, George, United

States Maritime Commission, San Francisco, Calif. Engel, Charles H., traffic representative, Parr Richmond Terminal Corporation,

Richmond, Calif. Ewing, H. C., Pacific coast manager, Luckenbach Steamship Co., San Francisco. Fels, R. C., traffic manager, Retail Furniture Association of California, Inc., San

Francisco. Fites, L. M., division traffic manager, Durkee Famous Foods and The Glidden

Co., Berkeley, Calif. Foval, Fay L., district sales manager, The Long-Bell Lumber Co., San Francisco,

Calif. Gates, Mark H., secretary, Board of State Harbor Commissioners, San Francisco. George, Zac T., Pacific coast manager, Intercoastal Steamship Freight Association,

San Francisco, Calif. Goddard, A. E., vice president and sales manager, The Thomson-Diggs Co.,

Sacramento, Calif. Gowdy, F. H., manager, port of Longview, Wash. Gribble, Ernest, port of Olympia, Wash. Hammersmith, F. Arthur, district sales manager, Bunker Hill Smelter Northwest

Lead Co., San Francisco, Calif. Harris, D. E., vice president, Continental Grain Co., San Francisco, Calif. Hartman, L. W., representing Portland Chamber of Commerce, Port Traffic

Development Bureau, East Side Commercial Club, all of Portland. Hendricks, F., vice president International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's

Union, Local No. 1-10, San Francisco. Higgins, H. R., vice president, Rosenberg Bros. & Co., San Francisco. Hodgman, C. A., traffic manager, the port of San Diego. Hoffman, Robert E., International Business Machines, 25 Battery Street, San

Francisco. Hollingsworth, P. L., traffic manager, American Potash & Chemical Corporation,

Trona, Calif.
Hoskin, W. H., representing Private Citizen, Seattle, Wash.
Hunter, H. W., port of Bellingham, Wash.
Hydes, C. E., manager Marine Service Bureau Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.,

San Francisco, Calif.
Keller, James A., secretary and manager, Pacific Coast Cement Institute, Los

Keller, Nolan E., traffic manager, Pacific Portland Cement Co., San Francisco.
Kerry, H. E., traffic manager and lumber sales manager, Rayonier, Inc., Seattle,

Wash. Killien, Frank N., traffic manager, P. E. Harris & Co., representing Pacific

Canned Salmon Distributors Association and Association of Pacific Fisheries

Seattle, Wash.
King, Carroll V., Howard Terminal, Oakland, Calif.

Kueper, Jack F., Calmar S. S. Corporation. San Francisco, Calif.
Lamport, Warren D., vice president, board of harbor commissioners, Long

Beach, Calif.
Lapham, R. D., American-Hawaiian Steamship Co., San Francisco, Calif.
Lyons, Irving F., representing Canners League of California, Sardine Institute

of California. San Francisco, Calif.
Mac Comber, T. P., manager, port of Vancouver, Wash.
Mackie, J. E., western manager, National Lumber Manufacturers Association,

San Francisco, Calif.
Marias, J. F., president, board of State harbor commissioners, San Francisco,

Matson, Clarence H., manager, department of foreign commerce and shipping,

Los Angeles, Calif. Matthews, L._P., representing Poultry Producers of Central California, San

Francisco; Pacific Cooperative Poultry Producers, Portland; Washington Cooperative Poultry Producers, Seattle; California Hay and Grain Association, Sacramento, Calif. Miller, F. A., secretary, Pacific Coast Committee Gulf Intercoastal Conference,

San Francisco, Calif. Moore, Geo. H., member, Board of Harbor Commissioners, Wilmington, Calif. Mott, P. R., foreign freight agent, Southern Pacific Co., San Francisco. Murphy, W. J., manager and engineer, Port of Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, Wash. McCarl, Merritt D., traffic manager and assistant port manager, Port of Oakland,

Calif. McDowell, Clyde Stanley, shipbuilding consultant, Consolidated Steel Corpora

tion, Ltd., Los Angeles, Calif. McKibben, B. F., executive secretary, Pacific States Butter, Egg, Cheese, and

Poultry Association, San Francisco, Calif. McKim, L. I., manager-solicitation, General Steamship Corporation, Ltd., San

Francisco, Calif. McKinley, Dr. Howard M., executive secretary, Citizens Committee of San

Francisco on Shipping, San Francisco, Calif. O'Donnell, F. Milton, representative Johnson & Johnson, San Francisco, Calif. Osgood, George W., general manager and chief engineer, Port of Tacoma, Wash. O'Reilly, Drake C., commissioner, Port of Portland, Oreg. Parker, Robert C., Pacific Lumber Carriers' Association,

San Francisco, Calif. Parr, Fred D., chairman, Marine Terminal Association, Richmond, Calif. Peabody, L. C., assistant to the president, Longview Fibre Co., San Francisco,

Calif. Platt, E. J., assistant division freight agent, the A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co., San

Francisco, Calif. Rathbun, Donald C., freight department, American President Lines, San Fran

cisco, Calif. Reese, Fred H., secretary-manager, Port Traffic Development Bureau, Portland,

Oreg. Robb, Robert W., Wine Institute, San Francisco, representing H. A. Caddow,

secretary-manager. Rohde, Walter A., manager, Transportation Department, San Francisco Chamber

of Commerce. Root, Chas. A., representative Public Service Commission of Utah, Utah Wool

Growers Association, Utah Wool Marketing Association, Capitol Building,

Salt Lake City, Utah. Rosenfeld, A. M., member, Board of Harbor Commissioners, San Pedro, Calif. Rowen, H. G., representing Thomson-Diggs Co., Sacramento, Calif. Rudy, Leslie M., manager, Port of Redwood City, Calif. Scott, A. M., president, North Pacific Millers and North Pacific Grain Association,

Pillsbury Flour Mills, Portland, Oreg. Seid, John J., traffic manager, Crown-Zellerback Corporation, San Francisco,

Smith, V. B., director of export, Sperry Flour Co., San Francisco, Calif.
Sowers, John A., manager, foreign trade department, Oakland, Calif.
Spear, Emerson, vice president, Pacific Wire Rope Co., Los Angeles representative,

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.
Spreckels, Frank, Spreckels Sugar Co., Western Sugar Refining Co., San Francisco,

Stoddard, R. R., purchasing agent, Harris Stamping & Manufacturing Co.,

Los Angeles, Calif.
Stuhr, Raymond H., Sigfried Olsen Shipping Co., San Francisco, Calif.

Tennant, Alex. A., transportation section, Agricultural Adjustment Administra

tion, United States Department of Agrioulture, Washington, D. C. Thomas, Christy, representative private citizen, Seattle; Seattle Chamber of

Commerce, Seattle, Wash. Thurmond, Phil, Portland Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Oreg. Twining, W. R., California Newspaper Publishers Association, San Francisco,

Calif., (representing John B. Long). Van Horn, H. E., president, Encinal Terminals, Alameda, Calif. Ventre, John P., Howard Terminal, Oakland, Calif. Wagner, Corydon, vice president and treasurer, St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co.,

Tacoma, Wash. Ward, R. A., vice president and general manager, Pacific Wool Growers, Port

land, Oreg. Westlake, Elmer, representing California & Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corporation,

Western Sugar Refinery, and Spreckels Sugar Co., San Francisco, Calif. Wilcox, Edwin G., attorney and manager, traffic department, Oakland Chamber

of Commerce, California. Williams, L. D. Jr., engineer and manager, Port of Willapa Harbor, between

Raymond and South Bend, Wash. Wilson, Smith M., vice president, Port of Seattle Commission, Seattle, Wash. Winquist, R. V., General Steamship Corporation, Ltd., San Francisco, Calif. Wolff, Robert B., representing The Northwest Canners Association, Portland,




Alaska Junk Co., 900 Southwest First Avenue, Portland, Oreg.
Arbogast, G. E., Board of Harbor Commissioners, Los Angeles, Calif.
Averill, A. H., 2741 Northwest Westover Road, Portland, Oreg.
Bowes, John s., 701 Northeast Schuyler Street, Portland, Oreg.
Burgard, John H., Wilcox Building, Portland, Oreg.
Burke, É. J., & Co., Lewis Building, Portland, Oreg.
Burns, Edgar M., Northwest Canners Association, Board of Trade Building,

Portland, Oreg.
Butcher, L. H., & Co., 1504 Northwest Johnson Street, Portland, Oreg.
Cherry, H. K., Board of Trade Building, Portland, Oreg.
Columbia Steel Co., 2345 Northwest Nicolai Street, Portland, Oreg.
Conrie, A. A., Board of Trade Building, Portland, Oreg.
Corbett, Henry L., Corbett Building, Portland, Oreg.
Crown Williamette Paper Co., Pittock Block, Portland, Oreg.
Crown-Zellerbach Corporation, Portland, Oreg.
Curtis, Frank, Blake Moffett & Towne, 17 Southeast Third Street, Portland,

Oreg. Dodson, J. R., 411 Northeast Nineteenth Avenue, Portland, Oreg Gault, G. R., Western Transportation Co., Pittock Block, Portland, Oreg.: Grand Rapids Store Equipment Co., 3800 Southeast Twenty-second Avenue,

Portland, Oreg. Haseltine, J. E., & Co., 115 Southwest Second Avenue, Portland, Oreg. Hawley Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, Oreg. Hayes, George, North Pacific Millers Association, Lewis Building, Portland, Oreg. Hoke, Mac, Bond Building, Pendleton, Oreg. Hood, D. O., United States National Bank Building, Portland, Oreg. John Deere Úlow Co., 215 Southeast Morrison Street, Portland, Oreg. Kelly, John L., Harbor Board, Long Beach, Calif. Keystone Steel & Wire Co., 1800 Northwest Sixteenth Street, Portland, Oreg. Kinney, Carl G., Clark Wilson Lumber Co., Lewis Building, Portland, Oreg. Lawrence, S. W., 1740 Southeast Union Street, Portland, Oreg. Malarkey, J. A., M. & M. Woodworking Co., North Columbia Boulevard, Port

land, Oreg. Meyer, Jack, W. P. Fuller & Co., 17 Southeast Third Street, Portland, Oreg. Montgomery Ward & Co., 2741 Northwest Vaughn Street, Portland, Oreg. Murphy, Arthur, Union Pacific Railroad Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Nail, J. É , Oregon Pulp & Paper Co., Oregonian Building, Portland, Oreg. Newbegin, Wade, R. M. Wade & Co., 106 Southeast Hawthorne, Portland, Oreg. Newton, G. P., Mitchell Lewis & Staver Co., 130 Southeast Morrison Street,

Portland, Oreg. Oregon Worsted Co., 8300 Southeast McLaughlin Boulevard, Portland, Oreg.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, 218 Southwest Jefferson Street, Portland, Oreg.
Polhemus, J. H., Electric Building, Portland, Oreg.
Poole & McGonigle Steel Co., 6330 Northeast Halsey Street, Portland, Oreg.
Port of Everett, Everett, Wash.
Port of Portland, Portland, Oreg.
Port of The Dalles, The Dalles, Oreg.
Portland Hide & Wool Co., Railway Exchange Building, Portland, Oreg.
Portland Traffic Association, Spalding Building, Portland, Oreg.
Portland Woolen Mills, 6639 North Baltimore Street, Portland, Oreg.
Robinson, N. L., Co., Wool, Board of Trade Building, Portland, Oreg.
Sanford, Harold E., Continental Grain Co., Lewis Building, Portland, Oreg.
Schmitt Steel Co., 2407 Northwest Twenty-eighth Avenue, Portland, Oreg.
Squires, Cameron, Wilcox Building, Portland, Oreg.
Stanfield, J. B., Inc., Henry Building, Portland, Oreg.
Sutton, A. E., North Pacific Grain Growers, Lewis Building, Portland, Oreg.
Teeple, L. R., 2838 Southeast Ninth Avenue, Portland, Oreg.
Texas Co., 3640 Northwest Saint Helens Road, Portland, Oreg.
Wagner, Harry, 2410 Northeast Hancock Street, Portland, Oreg.
Wesson Oil & Snowdrift Sales Co., Henry Building, Portland, Oreg.
Western Wool Warehouse, Portland, Oreg.
Western States Grocery, 239 Southeast Salmon Street, Portland, Oreg.
White, J. F., North Pacific Cooperative Prune Exchange, Sherlock Building,

Portland, Oreg.

Ехнівіт C Vessels engaged in intercoastal and Pacific coast services as of August 1939, the first

one-half of April 1940, and as of Apr. 20, 1940


[blocks in formation]

1 Actual fleet, 1939, 39 vessels, of which 9 are chartered out and 4 sold and delivered.
? Of all vessels in service first one-half of April 3 are sold for delivery at completion of present voyage.

3 Actually have sold 3 vessels and chartered out 2 but have replaced intercoastal tonnage from P. A. B.

4 Was operating 5 owned and 1 chartered vessel in 1939. Chartered vessel released.
01 vessel stranded on Mexican coast.
6 Fleet augmented by 3 chartered vessels.

[blocks in formation]

Vessels engaged in intercoastal and Pacific coast services as of August 1939, the first

one-half of April 1940, and as of Apr. 20, 1940Continued

[blocks in formation]

Comparison of intercoastal rates on principal commodities in effect as of August 1939

Apr. 18, 1940, and effective May 1, 1940

(Rates in cents per 100 pounds)

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

1 $14. 2 $15. 3 $16.

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