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facts of such case. Although it is obviously impossible to predict or merate all the types of cases with respect to which action may be appropriate, examples of certain cases or types of cases where action may be proper are set forth in sections 750.71062 through 750.7106-4. Even if all of the factors contained in any of the examples are present, other factors or considerations in a particular case may warrant denial of the request. These examples are not intended to exclude other cases where the approving authority determines that the circumstances warrant action.


750.7106-2 Amendments without con

sideration. (a) Where an actual or threatened loss under a foreign assistance contract, however caused, will impair the productive ability of contractor whose continued performance of any foreign assistance contract or whose continued operation as a source of supply is found to be essential to protect the foreign policy interests of the United States, the contract may be adjusted but only to the extent necessary to avoid such impairment to the contractor's productive ability.

express clearly in the written contract the agreements as both parties understood them;

(b) A mistake on the part of the contractor which is so obvious that it was or should have been apparent to the contracting officer; and

(c) A mutual mistake as to a material fact. Amending contracts to correct mistakes with the least possible delay normally will protect the foreign policy interests of the United States by expediting the procurement program and by giving contractors proper assurance that such mistakes will be corrected expeditiously and fairly.

(b) Where a contractor suffers a loss (not merely a diminution of anticipated profits) on a foreign assistance contract as a result of Government action, the character of the Government action will generally determine whether any adjustment in the contract will be made and its extent. Where the Government action is directed primarily at the contractor and is taken by the Government in its capacity as the other contracting party, the contract may be adjusted if fairness so requires; thus where such Government action, although not creating any liability on its part, increases the cost of performance, considerations of fairness may make appropriate some adjustment in the contract.

750.7106-4 Informal commitments,

Informal commitments may be formalized under certain circumstances to permit payment to persons who have taken action without a formal contract; for example, where any person, pursuant to written or oral instructions from an officer or official of the Agency and relying in good faith upon the apparent authority of the officer or official to issue such instructions, has arranged to furnish or has furnished property or services to the agency and/ or to a foreign assistance contractor or subcontractor without formal contractual coverage for such property or services. Formalization of commitments under such circumstances normally will protect the foreign policy interests of the United States by assuring persons that they will be treated fairly and paid expeditiously.

750.7107 Limitations upon exercise of

authority. (a) The Executive Order is not authority for:

(1) The use of the cost-plus-a-percentage-of-cost system of contracting;

(2) The making of any contract in violation of existing law relating to limitation on profit or fees;

(3) The waiver of any bid, payment performance or other bond required by law.

(b) No amendments, or modifications shall be entered into under the authority of the Executive Order:

(1) Unless, with respect to cases falling within Section 4 of the Executive

750.7106-3 Mistakes.

A contract may be amended or modified to corrrect or mitigate the effect of a mistake, including the following examples:

(a) A mistake or ambiguity which consists of the failure to express or to

duly authorized representative. If such filing is impracticable, requests will be deemed to be properly filed if filed with the Chief of the Office of Procurement, Evaluation Division (M/OP/E) for forwarding to the cognizant contracting officer.

[49 FR 13257, Apr. 3, 1984, as amended at 50 FR 50303, Dec. 10, 1985; 55 FR 6802, Feb. 27, 1990; 56 FR 67225, Dec. 30, 1991; 59 FR 33446, June 29, 1994]

750.7109–2 Form of requests by con

tractors. The contractor's request shall normally consist of a letter to the contracting officer providing the information specified in FAR 50.303.

Order, a finding is made that the action is necessary to protect the foreign policy interests of the United States;

(2) Unless other legal authority in the Agency is deemed to be lacking or inadequate;

(3) Except within the limits of the amounts appropriated and the statutory contract authorization.

(c) No contract shall be amended or modified unless the request therefor has been filed before all obligations (including final payment) under the contract have been discharged.

(d) No informal commitment shall be formalized unless:

(1) A request for payment has been filed within six months after arranging to furnish or furnishing property or services in reliance upon the commitment;

(2) USAID has received the services satisfactorily performed, or has accepted property furnished in reliance on the commitment;

(3) The USAID employees alleged to have made the informal commitment have accepted responsibility for making the informal commitment in question; and

(4) USAID has taken appropriate action to prevent recurrence. [49 FR 13257, Apr. 3, 1984, as amended at 50 FR 16088, Apr. 24, 1985; 53 FR 4982, Feb. 19, 1988] 750.7108 Contractual requirements.

Every contract amended or modified pursuant to this subpart shall contain:

(a) A citation of the Act and Executive Order.

(b) A brief statement of the circumstances justifying the action;

(c) A recital of the finding, with respect to cases falling within Section 4 of the Executive Order, that the action is necessary to protect the foreign policy interests of the United States.

750.7109–3 Facts and evidence.

The contracting officer or the approving authority may, where considered appropriate, request the CONtractor to furnish the facts and evidence as described in FAR 50.304.

(49 FR 13257, Apr. 3, 1984, as amended at 62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997)

750.7110 Processing cases.

750.7110-1 Investigation.

The Evaluation Division of the Office of Procurement (M/OP/E) shall be responsible for assuring that the case prepared by the cognizant contracting officer makes a thorough investigation of all facts and issues relevant to each situation. Facts and evidence shall be obtained from contractor and Government personnel and shall include signed statements of material facts within the knowledge of the individuals where documentary evidence is lacking and audits where considered necessary to establish financial or cost related facts. The investigation shall establish the facts essential to meet the standards for deciding the particular case and shall address the limitations upon exercise of the authority of the M/OP Director to approve the request.

750.7109 Submission of requests by


750.7109–1 Filing requests.

Any person (hereinafter called the “contractor”) seeking an adjustment under standards set forth in 750.7106 may file a request in duplicate with the cognizant contracting officer or his/her

[62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 42042, Aug. 3, 1999)

750.7110-2 Office of General Counsel

coordination. Prior to the submission of a case to the M/OP Director recommending extraordinary contractual relief, the claim shall be fully developed by the cognizant contracting officer and concurrences or comments shall be obtained from the Office of General Counsel for the proposed relief to be granted. Such concurrences or comments shall be incorporated in or accompany the action memorandum submitted for consideration to the MJOP Director in accordance with 750.7110–3.

(h) The disposition recommended and, if contractual action is recommended with respect to cases falling within Section 4 of the Executive Order, the opinion of the contracting officer that such action is necessary to protect the foreign policy interest of the United States; and

(i) The action memorandum shall enclose all evidentiary materials, including the reports and comments of all cognizant Government or other officials, and a copy of the contractor's request. The action memorandum should provide the following information related to the contractor's request, as applicable:

(1) Date of request; (2) Date request received by USAID: (3) Contract number; (4) Contractor's name and address;

(5) Name, address, and phone number of contractor's representative;

(6) Name, office symbol, and phone number of cognizant contracting officer;

(7) Amount of request. [62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 42040, Aug. 3, 1999]

[62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 42040, Aug. 3, 1999)

750.71104 Processing by M/OP Direc


750.7110_3 Submission of cases to the

MJOP Director. Cases to be submitted for consideration by the M/OP Director shall be prepared and forwarded by the cognizant contracting officer through MA OP/E to the M/OP Director by means of an action memorandum. M/OP/E will review the action memorandum for accuracy and completeness. The action memorandum shall provide for approval or disapproval by the M/OP Director of the disposition recommended by the contracting officer. The action memorandum shall address:

(a) The nature of the case;

(b) The basis for authority to act under section 750.7101;

(c) The findings of fact essential to the case (see 750.7109–3) arranged chronologically with cross references to supporting enclosures;

(d) The conclusions drawn from applying the standards for deciding cases, as set forth in 750.7106, to the findings of fact;

(e) Compliance with the limitations upon exercise of authority, as set forth in section 750.7107 (for informal commitments, include statements addressing each of the limitations in paragraph (d) of 750.7107):

(f) Concurrences or comments obtained from the Office of General Counsel;

(g) Verification of funds availability and the contracting officer's determination of cost/price reasonableness when the disposition recommended requires payment to a contractor;

When the action memorandum has been determined to be as accurate and complete as possible and has been prepared in accordance with this subpart, M/OP/E will forward the action memorandum to the M/OP Director. The M/ OP Director will sign and date the action memorandum indicating approval or disapproval of the disposition recommended by the contracting officer. [62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 42040, Aug. 3, 1999]

750.7110–5 Contract files.

The fully executed action memorandum indicating approval/disapproval and a copy of the contractual document implementing any approved contractual action shall be placed in the contract file.

[62 FR 40469, July 29, 1997; 62 FR 47532, Sept. 9, 1997)

750.71106 Inter-agency coordination.

(a) General. Where a case involves matters of interest to more than one

190-192 D-01--3

department or agency, USAID should maintain liaison with other departments and agencies of the Government and take such joint action as may be proper under the circumstances, including holding joint meetings.

(b) Cases involving funds of other departments or agencies. Requests for ad

justment within any category, involving the funds of another department or agency, shall not be approved by USAID until advice is requested and received from the department or agency whose funds are involved.


Subpart 752.2—Texts of Provisions and


Sec. 752.200 Scope of subpart. 752.202–1 Definitions. 752.204–2 Security requirements. 752.209_71 Organizational conflicts of inter

est discovered after award. 752.211–70 Language and measurement. 752.216-70 Award fee. 752.2198 Utilization of small business con

cerns and small disadvantaged business

concerns. 752.225–9 Buy American Act–Trade Agree

ments Act-Balance of Payments Pro

gram. 725.225–70 Source, origin and nationality re

quirements. 725.225–71 Local procurement. 752.226-1 Determination of status

as disadvantaged enterprise. 752.226–2 Subcontracting with disadvan

taged enterprises. 752.226-3 Limitation subcontracting. 752.228–3 Worker's compensation insurance

(Defense Base Act). 752.228–7 Insuranceliability to third per

sons 752.228–9 Cargo insurance. 752.228–70 Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)

Services. 752.229–70 Federal, state and local taxes. 752.231–71 Salary supplements for HG em

ployees. 752.232–7 Payments under time-and-mate

rials and labor-hour contracts. 752.232–70 Letter of credit advance payment. 752.245–70 Government property-USAID re

porting requirements. 752.245–71 Title to and care of property. 752.247–70 Preference for privately owned

U.S.-flag commercial vessels.

752.7010 Conversion of U.S. dollars to local

currency. 752.7011 Orientation and language training. 752.7012 Protection of the individual as a re

search subject. 752.7013 Contractor-mission relationships. 752.7014 Notice of changes in travel regula

tions. 752.7015 Use of pouch facilities. 752.7016 Family planning and population as

sistance activities. 752.7017 (Reserved] 752.7018 Health and accident coverage for

USAID participant trainees. 752.7019 Participant training. 752.7020 [Reserved] 752.7021 Changes in tuition and fees. 752.7022 Conflicts between contract and

catalog. 752.7023 Required visa form for USAID par

ticipants. 752.7024 Withdrawal of students. 752.7025 Approvals. 752.7026 (Reserved] 752.7027 Personnel. 752.7028 Differential and allowances. 752.7029 Post privileges. 752.7030 Inspection trips by contractor's of

ficers and executives. 752.7031 Leave and holidays. 752.7032 International travel approval and

notification requirements. 752.7033 Physical fitness. 752.7034 Acknowledgement and disclaimer. 752.7035 Public notices.

[blocks in formation]

Subpart 752.70—Texts of USAID Contract


Subpart 752.2-Texts of Provisions

and Clauses

752.7000 Scope of subpart. 752.7001 Biographical data. 752.7002 Travel and transportation. 752.7003 Documentation for payment. 752.7004 Emergency locator information. 752.7005 Submission requirements for devel

opment experience documents. 752.7006 Notices. 752.7007 Personnel compensation. 752.7008 Use of Government facilities or per

sonnel. 752.7009 Marking.

752.200 Scope of subpart.

None of the clauses specified in this subpart are for use in USAID personal services contracts. For personal services contract clauses, see AIDAR Appendix D-Direct USAID Contracts with U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents for Personal Services Abroad and AIDAR Appendix J—Direct USAID Contracts with Cooperating Country Nationals

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