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BANK Name:

Name and title of representative: ---

Complete mailing address: ----


PARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Indian Affairs: -

Complete Mailing Address:

from the contracting officer, or from the duly authorized representative of the contracting office, pertaining to the use of the funds in the Special Bank Account upon Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs stationery and purporting to be signed by the contracting officer or the contracting officer's authorized representative, the Bank shall act thereon and insofar as the rights, duties, and liabilities of the Bank are concerned, the written directions shall be conclusively deemed to have been properly issued and filed with the Bank by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

(iii) The Government, or its authorized representatives, shall have access to the books and records maintained by the Bank with respect to the Special Bank Account at all reasonable times and for all reasonable purposes, including (but without limiting the generality thereof) the inspection or copying of such books and records and any and all memoranda, checks, correspondence or documents appertaining thereto. Such books and records shall be preserved by the Bank for a period of six (6) years after the closing of the Special Bank Account.

(4) In the event of the service of any writ of attachment, levy of execution, or commencement of garnishment proceedings with respect to the Special Bank Account, the Bank will promptly notify the contracting officer.

(5) The Bank, contractor, and Government by executing this agreement are bound by all of the provisions contained in the advance payment clause attached which is made a part of the contract.

(6) The contract number and purpose of the Contract(s) or supplemental agreement(s) referred to above are as fol. lows:

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(7) The Special Bank Account shall be designated as SPECIAL BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER --- Bureau of Indian Affairs. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. The parties hereto have caused this agreement to be ex. ecuted as of the date and year written below: Date

---, 19– CONTRACTOR Name:

(b) The following instructions apply to the form of agreement shown in paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) Under paragraph (6) of the agreement, state the contract number and describe the purpose of the contract in brief but sufficient detail to convey a general understand. ing of its nature. If the contract uses a descriptive title to designate its purpose, that description should be used.

(2) Insert, in the blank space in paragraph (7) of the agreement, the number assigned by the Bank as the Account Number for the “Special Bank Account.”

(3) The agreement should be dated on the date it is signed by the contracting officer.

(4) The complete mailing address of the Bank is necessary as the advance payment check and all progress payment checks will be mailed to the Bank. The zip code is required.

(5) The contracting officer should not sign the agreement until authority to make the advance payment has been obtained.

(c) The following is the form of modification of an agreement for a special bank account for advance payments:


Name and title of representative: --

Complete mailing address: ----

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8 14R-9.000 Scope of part.

This part sets forth policies, instructions, and contract clauses pertaining to patents, data, and copyrights in connection with the procurement of supplies and services.

Subpart 14R-9.1-Patents

Subpart 14R-9.1-Patents 14R-9.100 Scope of subpart. 14R-9.101 Contracting Officer to consult

with Solicitor. 14R-9.102 Authorization and consent. 14R-9.102-1 Authorization and consent for

supplies or services. 14R-9.102–2 Authorization and consent in

contracts for research and development

or demonstration. 14R-9.103 Patent indemnification of Gov

ernment by contractor. 14R-9.103-1 Patent indemnification in for

mally advertised contracts—commercial

status predetermined. 14R-9.103-2 (Reserved) 14R-9.103-3 Patent indemnification in ne

gotiated contracts. 14R-9.103-4 Waiver of indemnity by the

Government. 14R-9.104 Notice and assistance. 14R-9.105–14R-9.106 (Reserved) 14R-9.107 Patent rights under contracts

for research, development, and demon

stration, and under special contracts. 14R-9.107-1 General. 14R-9.107-2 (Reserved) 14R-9.107-3 Policy. 14R-9.107-4 Procedures. 14R-9.107-5 Clause for contracts (long

form). 14R-9.107-6 Clause for contracts (short

form). 14R-9.107-7 Foreign contracts. 14R-9.108 [Reserved) 14R-9.109 Administration of patent

clauses. 14R-9.109-1 Patent rights follow-up. 14R-9.109-2 Follow-up by contractor. 14R-9.109-3 Follow-up by Government. 14R-9.109-4 Remedies. 14R-9.109-5 Conveyance of invention

rights acquired by the Government. 14R-9.109-6 Waivers. 14R-9.110 Reporting of royalties.

& 14R-9.100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart sets forth policies, procedures, and contract clauses with respect to inventions made or utilized in connection with any contracts, grants, agreements, understandings, or other arrangements entered into with or for the benefit of OWRT. OWRT's primary mission in its R&D procurement process is not oriented toward procurement for Government use, but rather toward the development and ultimate utilization of methodologies and technologies to assure efficient sources of water and water resources. OWRT must work in cooperation with industry in the development of new water sources and resources and in achieving a goal of widespread commercial use. To this end, Congress has provided OWRT with an array of incentives to secure the adoption of new technology developed for OWRT. An important incentive in commercializing technol. ogy is that provided by the patent system. As set forth in these regulations, patent incentives, including the Secretary of the Interior's authority to waive the Government's patent rights to the extent provided for by the statute, will be utilized in appro. priate situations to encourage industri. al participation, foster commercial utilization and competition, and make the benefits of OWRT's activities widely available to the public. In addition to considering the waiver of patent rights at the time of contracting, OWRT will also consider the incentive of a waiver of patent rights upon the reporting of an identified invention when requested by the contractor, or the employee-inventor with

Subpart 14R-9.2—Technical Data and

Copyrights 14R-9.200 Scope of subpart. 14R-9.201 Definitions. 14R-9.202 Acquisition and use of technical

data. 14R-9.202-1 General. 14R-9.202-2 Policy. 14R-9.202-3 Procedures. 14R-9.202-4 Procedures (Government.

owned, contractor operated facilities). 14R-9.202-5 Negotiations and deviations.

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