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United States. Treasury department. Bureau of statistics. First

annual report on the internal commerce of the United States, by Joseph Nimmo, jr. For the year ending June

30, 1876. Washington: Government printing office, 1877. 215, (3), iv, 257 pp. Folded maps. Folded charts. 80. Issued as “Part second of the annual report of the Chief of the Bureau

of statistics on the commerce and navigation of the United

Contains reports of investigations of economy of transport by rail;

The competitive forces which exert a controlling influence over
the commerce between the West and the seaboard with respect
to the commercial interests of Boston, New York, Philadelphia,
and Baltimore; The regulation of the railroads by the state; The
regulation of rail rates through the competition of water-lines;
The regulation of railroads through the competition of one or
more railroads owned and controlled by the national government
or by cities or states; and The railroad question in fcreign

Same. Annual report. December 1, 1879. Washington: Government printing office, 1879. æi(1), 250 pp. Folded map. 80.

Contains reports on The commerce of the cities of Saint Louis,

Louisville, and Cincinnati with the states south of the Ohio river and south of the state of Missouri; Comparative growth of traffic on railroads and on the Erie canal in the commerce between the west and the seaboard; and The relations of the railroads to the public interests.

Same. July 1, 1881.
Washington: Government printing office, 1881. viii, 239 pp.
Folded maps. 89.

Contains reports on Railroad confederations or pooling organizations;

Governmental regulations of railroads; The competition between water lines and railroads and the competition of commercial forces; The commercial, industrial, and transportation interests of Cincinnati, Chicago, Saint Louis, Louisville, and Kansas City.

Same. For the fiscal year 1881–82. Washington: Government printing office, 1884. vi, (2), 309 pp. Folded maps. 80.

Principally devoted to the commercial, industrial, and transporta

tion interests of Saint Louis.

Same. December 31, 1884. Washington: Government printing office, 1885. vii, (3), 172 pp. Folded maps. .

“The present report relates especially to the transcontinental rail

roads of the United States and the railroads of the contiguous countries, the Dominion of Canada and the Republic of Mexico." 562 pp.

United States. Treasury department. Bureau of statistics. Annual

report. May 6, 1885.
Washington: Government printing office, 1885.
Folded maps. 89.

“The present report relates especially to the commercial, indus

trial, and transportation interests of the Pacific coast, to the movement of the cotton crop, and to the range and ranch cattle business of the United States."

Same. Report by Wm. F. Switzler. December 20, 1886. The commercial, industrial, transportation, and

other interests of the Southern states. Washington: Government printing office, 1886. xcii, 738 pp. Folded map. Folded diagrams. 89.

Same. January 30, 1888. Special report on the commerce of the Mississippi, Ohio, and other rivers, and of

the bridges which cross them. Washington: Government printing office, 1888. vii, 591 pp. Maps. 80.

Same. For the fiscal year 1889. The commercial, industrial, transportation, and other interests of Arkansas, Colorado, Dakota, Indian Territory, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming. Washington: Government printing office, 1889. xxxii, 897

pp. 80.

Same. Report for the year 1890, by S. G. Brock. The commercial, industrial, transportation, and other interests of Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada,

Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Washington: Government printing office, 1891. xcix, 1174 pp. Folded map. Folded tables. 80.

Same. For the year 1891. The commerce of the Great Lakes, the Mississippi river and its tributarie3. Washington: Government printing office, 1892. (2), iii, (1), lai, (1), 96 pp.

Folded map. 80.

Van Oss, S. F. American railroads as investments. A handbook

for investors in American railroad securities. New York: G. P. Putnam's sons, 1898. xv, (1), 815, (2), vic pp.

Colored maps. 8°.

Virtue, George Ole. The anthracite combinations.

(In Quarterly journal of economics, vol. 10, April, 1896, pp.


Voorhees, Theodore. High speed railroad travel.

(In Compendium of transportation theories, pp. 148–152. Washing

ton, D. C., 1893. 8o.)

Walker, Aldace F. The amendment of the interstate commerce law.

(In Compendium of transportation theories, pp. 112-120. Wash

ington, D. C., 1893. 8o.)

The pooling of railway earnings.

(In Railway magazine, vol. 2, Feb., 1897, pp. 113–123.)

Railway associations.

(In Compendium of transportation theories, pp. 277–295. Wash

ington, D. C., 1893. 8o.)

The Western traffic association.

(In The Forum, vol. 13, Aug., 1892, pp. 743–756.)

Weyl, Walter E. The passenger traffic of railways.

Published for the University, Philadelphia, 1901. 249 pp.

8o. (Publications of the University of Pennsylvania.

Series in political economy and public law, no. 16.) White, Henry Kirke. History of the Union Pacific railway.

Chicago: The University of Chicago press, 1895. (4), 129 pp. Diagrams. Folded tables. 80. (Economic studies of

the University of Chicago, no. 2.) Wilson, James F. Extract from the argument of James F. Wilson,

on the Reagan inter-state commerce bill, delivered before the Committee on commerce of the House of Representa

tives, January 20, 1880. A western view of the question. Washington, D.C.: National Republican printing house, 1880.

10 pp. 80. Wilson, S. Otho. Minority report [of the Committee on government

ownership, control, and regulation of railways].

(In United States. Interstate commerce commission. Proceed

ings of a national convention of railroad commissioners, May 19

and 20, 1896, pp. 78–82. Washington, 1896. 8o.) Wilson, William Bender. History of the Pennsylvania railroad

company; with plan of organization, portraits of officials,

and biographical sketches. Philadelphia: Henry T. Coates & company, 1899. 2 vols.

Plates. Portraits. 80.



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American law review, vol. 24 (Jan.-Feb., 1890): 25-63.

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