The Archaeological Journal, Volume 8

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Longman, Rrown,(sic) Green, and Longman, 1851 - Archaeology

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Page 280 - Speak thou, whose thoughts at humble peace repine, — Shall Wolsey's wealth, with Wolsey's end, be thine? Or liv'st thou now, with safer pride content, The wisest justice on the banks of Trent? For why did Wolsey near the steeps of fate On weak foundations raise th
Page 262 - Museum, shows painted in the upper part of the illuminated border of the first page the armorial shield of Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, the youngest son of Edward III.
Page 379 - Inn Hall (which were upon the surrender replenished with the Presbyterian faction) for several years after. Further, also, having few or none in them, except their respective principals and families, the chambers in them were, to prevent ruin and injuries of weather, rented out to laiks. In a word there was scarce the face of an University left, all things being out of order and disturbed.
Page 154 - Disciplina in Britannia reperta atque inde in Galliam translata esse existimatur, et nunc, qui diligentius eam rem cognoscere volunt, plerumque illo discendi causa proficiscuntur.
Page 103 - T^HE ROMAN WALL: an Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive Account •*• of the Barrier of the Lower Isthmus, extending from the Tyne to the Solway, deduced from numerous personal surveys.
Page 214 - They brought me a draft of their drink in a brown bowl, tipt with silver, which I drank off, and at the bottom was a picture of the Virgin with the child in her arms, done in silver.
Page 153 - ... property. Wesseling, in a sensible note, examines these different hypotheses, and, for reasons which appear satisfactory, rejects them. He is inclined to fix the round temple far more to the eastward than would suit the views either of our own or of the Swedish antiquaries ; and whether we agree with him or not, the criticism which identifies Stonehenge with this temple of the Hyperboreans, rests, I think, on grounds much too questionable to secure the assent of any cautious inquirer.
Page 262 - Gloucester, the youngest son of Edward III., and who himself bore for awhile the title of Buckingham, afterwards conferred upon his grandson. In these two descents we may mark how rapidly a family may gain strength and power by its alliances. The Duke of Gloucester married Eleanor, the eldest daughter and co -heir of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, Essex, and Northampton, constable of England. The Duke's daughter, the before-named Lady Anne, became heiress to her brother Humphrey, who died of...
Page 152 - Stonehenge," it is stated that there is " a passage in Diodorus Siculus, which appears to have been taken from Hecataeus of Abdera, who flourished about three centuries before the Christian era. According to this authority, there was among the Hyperboreans a round temple dedicated to Apollo, and situated in an island
Page 118 - Choice Examples of Art Workmanship, selected from the Exhibition of Ancient and Mediaeval Art at the Society of Arts. Drawn and engraved under the superintendence of PHILIP DE LA MOTTE.

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