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Subpart 9–58.2 Rental of Third

Party-Owned Equipment 8.9–58.201 Rental agreement.

The terms and conditions governing rental by an AEC prime cost-type construction contractor (lessee) of construction equipment without operators from a third party (lessor) are in accordance with $$ 9–58.102, 9–58.104, 9–58.108, and 9_58.109 and they are set forth in AECPR 9–16.5002–13, Outline of agreement for rental of third party-owned construction equipment. Similar terms and conditions shall be used by other AEC costtype contractors or subcontractors in renting construction equipment from a third party. These terms and conditions may be suitably modified to provide for rental of equipment with operators. Some of the aspects of this agreement to which particular attention should be given are set forth below in this section (29 F.R. 3004, Mar. 5, 1964, as amended at 29 F.R. 15646, Nov. 21, 1964)

specifications shall be based on the circumstances of a particular case, including the length of rental period, the availability of equipment in certain localities, and the work requirements. & 9–58.203 Insurance.

The provisions of AECPR 9–58.105(a) also apply to the rental of construction equipment from a third party. However, if the Contracting Oficer determines that the rental rates are not to include the cost of insurance or self-insurance covering loss of or damage to the equipment, Articles III (d) and VII(a) of the rental agreement shall be amended as indicated in the applicable notes following these articles in AECPR 916.5002–13, Outline of agreement for rental of third party-owned construction equipment.

89-58.202 Rental rates.

Third party equipment shall be rented on the basis of competitive bids, rental rates, transportation costs, and other factors being considered. The rental

$ 9-58.204 Option to purchase equip

ment. When accrued rentals on a particular item of equipment will likely approximate the appraised value of equipment and a decision has been made not to purchase in accordance with $ 9–58.002(b), consideration shall be given to including in the rental agreement an option to purchase the equipment.


Note: Chapter 10 was established, 28 F.R. 1143, Feb. 6, 1963, and effective on that date

, procurement by the Department of the Treasury is subject to the Federal Procurement Regulations, Chapter 1 of this title, except

as may be otherwise authorized by law.

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