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By David M. Steele

Going Abroad Overland
Vacation Journeys, East and West
Addresses and Sermons to Students


to Students

Being a Series of Commencement Orations

and Baccalaureate Sermons

David M. Steele
Rector of the Church of St. Luke and The Epiphany


Author of
Going Abroad Overland” and “ Vacation Journey. East and West"

“ The science of education cannot be deduced from a simple
principle with such strictness as logic, ethics, and like sciences. It
is rather a mixed science, which has its presuppositions in many
others. In this respect it resembles medicine, with which it has
this also in common, that it must make a distinction between a
sound and an unhealthy system of education, and must deyise
means to prevent or to cure the latter. It may, therefore, have, like
medicine, the three departments of physiology, pathology, and

ROSENKRANZ, Philosophy of Education

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
The knickerbocker Press

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