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MY DEAR MOTHER, WHEN I inscribed this Tale to you, on its first appearance, I was satisfied that whatever reception it might meet with elsewhere, at your hands it would be sure of indulgence. Since then, the approbation your partiality would scarcely have withheld, has been liberally accorded by the public; and I have the satisfaction of reflecting, that in following the dictates of affection, which prompted me to select the dearest friend I had in the world as the subject of a dedication, I have not overstepped the limits of prudence ; nor, in connecting your honoured name with this trifling production, involved you in a failure, which, had it occurred, would have given you infinitely more concern than myself. After a lapse of three years, during which, my little bark, fanned by pleasant and prosperous breezes, has sailed, more than once,

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