United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court at ... and Rules Announced at ..., Volume 368

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American Research Council v Attorney General of N Y 947
National Development Co Long Beach v 901
Twentieth CenturyFox Film Corp v Teas 818
Utah Rivenburgh v 921
United Gas Improvement Co Sun Oil Co v 823
Puerto Rico 9 908
Probate Judge of Johnson County Martin v 25 949
Bennett 877
Virginia 862
Heinze 971
Reddish Atchison T S F R Co v 81
United States Castle v 13
Sacks Abney v 972
Board of Education of Union Free School Dist Engel v 924 982
Richmond County Soc Staten Island Mental Health Soc v
Professional Engineers Personnel Radio Corp of America v 898
Labor Board 832
Reddish Interstate Commerce Commn v 81
Valves Inc v Cameron Iron Works 833
Quality Molding Co v American Nat Fire Insurance Co 826
Murphy 970
Commissioner 820
Railroad Trainmen v Denver R G W R Co 873
Labor Board 953
Alabama 991
Lahar Construction Co Goldberg v 902
Crawford McCoy v 808
United States v Davis 813
United States Toomer v 821
Pederson 822
Thomas E Snyder Sons Co v Commissioner 823
Milam Mfg Co 7
Donohue Lathrop v 871
Tak Trak Inc v Labor Board 938
Brazier 921
United States 831 949
Langlois Hanley v 1002
National Mediation Bd Flight Engineers Intl Assn V 953 956
Hawaii 838
North Carolina 841
Boles 842
Boles Pollock v 844
William Goldman Theatres 897
United States Delane v 846
New Jersey Gailes v 847
New York 967
Kaess 982
Gladden 851
Boles 852
Wilkins 853
New Jersey Holley v 854
Ellis Mansfield v 970
Illinois 990
Chrysler Corp v Commissioner 876
Tawes Dutton v 345
Arkansas 935
Rhay 863
Bureau of Employees Comp Great Am Indemnity Co v 900
Cochran Carnley v 806
California 931
Brown 869
San Diego Hazelton v 870
Las Vegas Sand Gravel Corp Labor Board v 400
McGee 969
McGinnis 878
Heinze 879
Santana In re 999
Cochran Johnston v 848
Iowa 882
Keenan 977
Taylor Hills v 904
United States v Diebold 894
United States 913
Regular Common Carrier Conf v Drum 370
Collector Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co v 809
KinnearWeed Corp v U S Court of Appeals 890
District Court 999
Rand Underwriters at Lloyds v 988
United States 919
Consolidated Fairview School District No 5 921
New York Agron v 922
Pate 995 1000
Empire State Express v Truck Drivers Helpers 931
Superior Court of Trinity County 857
Davis Morrow v 902
Randolph Rankins v 844
Cunha Estate v Commissioner 870
Dowd Box Co v Courtney 502
Cafeteria Restaurant Workers v McElroy 869
Wilkins 862
Renegotiation Board Grannis Sloan v 822
Teichman Loffland Brothers Co v 948
Idlewild Bon Voyage Liquor Corp 812 950
McNamara DeFino v 872
New Mexico 808
New York Albanese v 958
Equitable Life Assurance Society Weed v 821
United States 818
Style Wagoner Construction Co v Fairview Sch Dist No 5 921
Higgins 829
AnSon Offshore Drilling Co v Levet 964 967
United States 828
New York v Andrews 929
California 881
California State Legislature 995
United States 892 935 972
East Baton Rouge Parish School Board v Davis 831
Oberhauser 874 949
Koufopantelis Cia de Nav San George S A v 895
California 978
Connecticut 830
United States 852
Cunningham Chewning v 443
Retail Clerks v Yankwich 807
LaVallee Gordon v 859
Northern Lumber Co Eistrat v 877
Rusk Kiyama v 866
Lee County District Court 993
New Jersey 996
New York Bennett v 998
Florida 1005
United States 875
United States Dillner Transfer Co v 6
Attorney General of New Hampshire 19
General Order Number Page 1 Docket 1047
List of Creditors in Involuntary Bankruptcy 1048
Proceedings Under Chapter XI of the Act 1049
Ancillary Receiverships Limited 1050
Bond of Designated Depository Under Section 61 1051
Proceedings Under Chapter XIII of the Act 1052
Official Form Number 7 Answer of Alleged Bankrupt 1053
17B Notice of First Meeting of Creditors 1054
Notice to Trustee of His Appointment etc 1055
Proof of Claim by Corporation 1056
Proof of Claim by Partnership 1057
Proof of Claim by Agent or Attorney 1058
Application for Sale of Real Estate 1059
Application for Redemption of Property 1060
Application for Discharge 1061
43A Notice of Order Fixing Time for Filing Objections to Discharge 1062
Specification of Objections to Discharge 1063
Notice of Meeting of Creditors in Proceedings Under Chapter XI 1065
Order Confirming an Arrangement Under Chapter XI
Travelers Insurance Co 946
Boles 879
Truck Drivers Empire State Express v 931

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Page 250 - ... that he is not a member of the Communist Party or affiliated with such party, and that he does not believe in, and is not a member of or supports any organization that believes in or teaches, the overthrow of the United States Government by force or by any illegal or unconstitutional methods.
Page 202 - States the sum of $100 for each and every day of the continuance of such failure, which forfeiture shall be payable into the Treasury of the United States...
Page 327 - If an exchange would be within the provisions of subsection (b), (1), (2), (3), or (5) of this section if it were not for the fact that the property received in exchange consists not only of property permitted by such paragraph to be received without the recognition of gain, but also of other property or money...
Page 172 - Property does become clothed with a public interest when used in a manner to make it of public consequence, and affect the community at large. When, therefore, one devotes his property to a use in which the public has an interest, he in effect grants to the public an interest in that use, and must submit to be controlled by the public for the common good to the extent of the interest he has thus created.
Page 399 - ... any profit realized by him from any purchase and sale, or any sale and purchase, of any equity security of such issuer (other than an exempted security) within any period of less than six months, unless such security was acquired in good faith in connection with a debt previously contracted, shall inure to and be recoverable by the issuer, irrespective of any intention on the part of such beneficial owner, director, or officer in entering into such transaction of holding the security purchased...
Page 308 - Upon such filing, the court shall cause notice thereof to be served upon such person, and thereupon shall have jurisdiction of the proceeding and of the question determined therein, and shall have power to grant such temporary relief or restraining order as it deems just and proper...
Page 309 - The jurisdiction of the court shall be exclusive and its judgment and decree shall be final, except that the same shall be subject to review by the appropriate...
Page 309 - Upon the filing of the record with it the jurisdiction of the court shall be exclusive and its judgment and decree shall be final, except that the same shall be subject to review by the...
Page 201 - Upon the application of the Attorney General of the United States, at the request of the commission, the district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus commanding any person or corporation to comply with the provisions of this Act or any order of the commission made in pursuance thereof.
Page 100 - ... under continuing contracts with one person or a limited number of persons either (a) for the furnishing of transportation services through the assignment of motor vehicles for a continuing period of time to the exclusive use of each person served or (b) for the furnishing of transportation services designed to meet the distinct need of each individual customer. (16) The term "motor carrier" includes both a common carrier by motor vehicle and a contract carrier by motor vehicle.

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