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21.254 Supportive services. 21.256 Incentives for employers. 21.257 Self-employment. 21.258 Special assistance for veterans in


MONETARY ASSISTANCE SERVICES 21.260 Subsistence allowance. 21.262 Procurement and reimbursement of

cost for training and rehabilitation serv

ices, supplies, or facilities. 21.264 Election of payment at the 38 U.S.C.

chapter 30 educational assistance rate. 21.256 Payment of subsistence allowance

under special conditions. 21.268 Employment adjustment allowance. 21.270 Payment of subsistence allowance

during leave and between periods of in

struction, 21.272 Veteran-student services, 21.274 Revolving fund loan. 21.276 Incarcerated veterans.

ENTERING A REHABILITATION PROGRAM 21.282 Effective date of induction into a re

habilitation program. 21.283 Rehabilitated. 21.284 Reentrance into a rehabilitation pro


LEAVES OF ABSENCE 21.340 Introduction. 21.342 Leave accounting policy. 21.344 Facility offering training or rehabili

tation services. 21.346 Facility temporarily not offering

training or rehabilitation services. 21.348 Leave following completion of a pe

riod of training or rehabilitation serv

ices. 21.350 Unauthorized absences.

CONDUCT AND COOPERATION 21.362 Satisfactory conduct and coopera

tion. 21.364 Unsatisfactory conduct and coopera



OF VETERANS 21.370 Intraregional travel at government

expense. 21.372 Interregional transfer at government

expense. 21.374 Authorization for travel of attend

ants. 21.376 Travel expenses for initial evaluation

and counseling.

[blocks in formation]


authorization of rehabilitation services. 21.322 Commencing dates of subsistence al

lowance. 21.324 Reduction or termination dates of

subsistence allowance. 21.326 Authorization of employment serv

ices. 21.328 Two veteran cases dependents. 21.330 Apportionment. 21.332 Payments of subsistence allowance. 21.334 Election of payment at the Chapter 30


INFORMING THE VETERAN 21.420 Informing the veteran. 21.422 Reduction in subsistence allowance following the loss of a dependent.

ACCOUNTABILITY 21.430 Accountability for authorization and

payment of training and rehabilitation services.

Subpart B-Claims and Applications for

Educational Assistance

CLAIMS 21.1029 Definitions. 21.1030 Claims. 21.1031 VA responsibilities when a claim is

filed. 21.1032 Time limits.

21.3301 Need. 21.3302 Agreements. 21.3303 Extent of training. 21.3304 Assistance during training. 21.3305 “Interrupted” status. 21.3306 Reentrance after interruption. 21.3307 "Discontinued" status.

Subpart C-Survivors' and Dependents'

PAYMENTS; SPECIAL RESTORATIVE TRAD 21.3330 Payments. 21.3331 Commencing date. 21.3332 Discontinuance dates. 21.3333 Rates.

SPECIAL ASSISTANCE AND TRAINING 21.3344 Special assistance for the educa

ally disadvantaged.

Subpart D-Administration of Educatic

Assistance Programs

Educational Assistance Under 38 U.S.C.
Chapter 35

21.3001 Delegation of authority.
21.3002 Administration of Survivors' and

Dependents' Educational Assistance Pro

gram. 21.3020 Educational assistance. 21.3021 Definitions. 21.3022 Nonduplication-programs adminis

tered by VA. 21.3023 Nonduplication; pension, compensa

tion, and dependency and indemnity

compensation. 21.3024 Nonduplication; Federal Employees'

Compensation Act. 21.3025 Nonduplication; Federal programs.


21.3030 Claims.

ELIGIBILITY AND ENTITLEMENT 21.3040 Eligibility; child. 21.3041 Periods of eligibility; child. 21.3042 Service with Armed Forces. 21.3043 Suspension of program; child. 21.3044 Entitlement. 21.3045 Entitlement charges. 21.3046 Periods of eligibility; spouses and

surviving spouses. 21.3047 Extended period of eligibility due to physical or mental disability.

COUNSELING 21.3100 Counseling. 21.3102 Required counseling. 21.3103 Failure to cooperate. 21.3104 Special training. 21.3105 Travel expenses.

ADMINISTRATIVE 21.4001 Delegations of authority. 21.4002 Finality of decisions. 21.4003 Revision of decisions. 21.4005 Conflicting interests. 21.4006 False or misleading statements. 21.4007 Forfeiture. 21.4008 Prevention of overpayments. 21.4009 Overpayments; waiver or recover

21.4020 Two or more programs.
21.4022 Nonduplication-programs adm

tered by VA.

21.4131 Commencing dates.
21.4135 Discontinuance dates.
21.4136 Withdrawals or nonpunitive gr

may result in nonpayment. 21.4138 Certifications and release of

ments. 21.4145 Work-study allowance. 21.4146 Assignments of benefits prohibit

STATE APPROVING AGENCIES 21.4150 Designation. 21.4151 Cooperation. 21.4152 Control by agencies of the Ur

States. 21.4153 Reimbursement of expenses. 21.4154 Report of activities. 21.4155 Evaluations of State appro agency performance.

SCHOOLS 21.4200 Definitions. 21.4201 Restrictions on enrollment; perc

age of students receiving financial

21.4202 Overcharges; restrictions on eni

21.4203 Reports-requirements.

21.3130 Educational assistance.
21.3131 Rates-educational assistance allow-

ance38 U.S.C. chapter 35. 21.3132 Reductions in survivors' and depend

ents' educational assistance. 21.3133 Payment procedures. 21.3135 Reduction or discontinuance dates

for awards of educational assistance allowance.

SPECIAL RESTORATIVE TRAINING 21.3300 Special restorative training.

21.4279 Combination correspondence-resi

dence program. 21.4280 [Reserved)

Subpart E [Reserved]

Subpart F-Education Loans 21.4500 Definitions. 21.4501 Eligibility. 21.4502 Applications. 21.4503 Determination of loan amount. 21.4504 Promissory note. 21.4505 Check delivery. 21.4507 Advertising.

21.4204 Periodic certifications. 21.4206 Reporting fee. 21.4209 Examination of records. 21. 4210 Suspension and discontinuance of

educational assistance payments and of enrollments or reenrollments for pursuit

of approved courses. 21.4211 Composition, jurisdiction, and duties

of Committee on Educational Allow

ances. 21.4212 Referral to Committee on Edu

cational Allowances. 21 4213 Notice of hearing by Committee on

Educational Allowances. 21.4214 Hearing rules and procedures for

Committee on Educational Allowances. 21.4215 Decision of Director of VA facility of

jurisdiction. 21.4216 Review of decision of Director of VA

A facility of jurisdiction.

PROGRAMS OF EDUCATION 21.4232 Specialized vocational training-38

U.S.C. Chapter 35. 21.4233 Combination. 21.4234 Change of program. 21.4235 Programs of education that include

flight training. 21. 4236 Tutorial assistance.

Subparts F-1-F-3 [Reserved] Subpart G-Post-Vietnam Era Veterans'

Educational Assistance Under 38 U.S.C.
Chapter 32

ADMINISTRATIVE 21.5001 Administration of benefits: 38 U.S.C.

Chapter 32.

GENERAL 21.5020 Post-Vietnam era veterans' edu

cational assistance. 21.5021 Definitions. 21.5022 Eligibility under more than one pro

gram. 21.5023 Nonduplication; Federal programs.

CLAIMS AND APPLICATIONS 21.5030 Applications, claims, and time lim



21.5040 Basic eligibility. 21.5041 Periods of entitlement. 21.5042 Extended period of eligibility.

COURSES 21.4250 Approval of courses. 21.4251 Minimum period of operation re.

quirement for educational institutions. 21.4252 Courses precluded. 21.4253 Accredited courses. 21.4254 Nonaccredited courses. 21.1255 Refund policy; nonaccredited

courses. 21.4256 Correspondence programs and

courses. 21.4257 Cooperative courses. 21.4258 Notice of approval. 21.4259 Suspension or disapproval. 21 4260 Courses in foreign countries. 21.4261 Apprentice courses. 21.4252 Other training on-the-job courses. 21 4253 Approval of flight training courses. 21.4264 Farm cooperative courses. 21.4265 Practical training approved as insti

tutional training or on-job training. 21.4266 Courses offered at subsidiary

branches or extensions. 21.4257 Approval of independent study.

ASSESSMENT AND PURSUIT OF COURSES 23.4270 Measurement of courses. 21.4271 (Reserved) 21.4272 Collegiate course measurement. 21.4273 Collegiate graduate. 21.4274 Law courses. 21.4275 Practical training courses; measure

ment. 21.4277 Discontinuance: unsatisfactory

progress, conduct and attendance. 21.4278 Reentrance after discontinuance.

PARTICIPATION 21.5050 Application requirements for par

ticipation. 21.5052 Contribution requirements. 21.5053 Restoration of contributions (Per

sian Gulf War). 21.5054 Dates of participation. 21.5058 Resumption of participation. 21.5060 Disenrollment. 21.5062 Date of disenrollment. 21.5064 Refund upon disenrollment. 21.5065 Refunds without disenrollment. 21.5066 Suspension of participation. 21.5067 Death of participant.

ENTITLEMENT 21.5070 Entitlement. 21.5071 Months of entitlement allowed. 21.5072 Entitlement charge. 21.5076 Entitlement charge-overpayment

cases. 21.5078 Interruption to conserve entitle



21.5100 Counseling. 21.5103 Travel expenses.

ELIGIBILITY AND ENTITLEMENT 21.5740 Eligibility. 21.5741 Eligibility under more than one pro

gram. 21.5742 Entitlement. 21.5743 Transfer of entitlement. 21.5744 Charges against entitlement. 21.5745 Period of entitlement.


ALLOWANCE 21.5130 Payments; educational assistance al

lowance. 21.5131 Educational assistance allowance. 21.5132 Criteria used in determining benefit

payments. 21.5133 Certifications and release of pay

ments. 21.5134 Restrictions on paying benefits to

servicepersons. 21.5135 Advance payments. 21.5136 Benefit payments-secondary school

program. 21.5138 Computation of benefit payments

and monthly rates. 21.5139 Computation of benefit payments for

incarcerated individuals. 21.5141 Tutorial assistance.

STATE APPROVING AGENCIES 21.5150 State approving agencies.

COURSES 21.5800 Courses.

CERTIFICATIONS 21.5810 Certifications of enrollment. 21.5812 Reports of withdrawals and termi

nations of attendance and changes in

training time. 21.5816 False or fraudulent claims.


SUBSISTENCE ALLOWANCE 21.5820 Educational assistance. 21.5822 Subsistence allowance. 21.5824 Nonduplication: Federal programs. 21.5828 False or misleading statements. 21.5830 Payment of educational assistance. 21.5831 Commencing date of subsistence al

lowance. 21.5834 Discontinuance dates: General. 21.5835 Specific discontinuance dates. 21.5838 Overpayments.

MEASUREMENT OF COURSES 21.5870 Measurement of courses.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PILOT PROGRAM 21.5290 Educational Assistance Pilot Pro

gram. 21.5292 Reduced monthly contribution for

certain individuals. 21.5294 Transfer of entitlement. 21.5296 Extended period of eligibility.

GENERAL 21.6001 Temporary vocational training pro

gram for certain pension recipients. 21.6005 Definitions. 21.6010 Applicability of rules and adminis:

trative procedures under 38 U.S.C., chap

ter 31. 21.6015 Claims and elections. 21.6021 Nonduplication-38 U.S.C., chapters

30, 31, 32, 34 and 35.

Subpart H-Educational Assistance Test

Program 21.5701 Establishment of educational assist

ance test program. 21.5703 Overview. 21.5705 Transfer of authority.

GENERAL 21.5720 Definitions. 21.5725 Obtaining benefits.

BASIC ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 21.6040 Eligibility for vocational training

and employment assistance. 21.6042 Entry, reentry and completion.

CLAIMS AND APPLICATIONS 21.5730 Applications, claims, and time lim

EVALUATION 21.6050 Participation of eligible veterans 1

an evaluation. 21.6052 Evaluations.


21.6054 Criteria for determining good employment potential.

on 21.6056 Cooperation of the veteran in an

evaluation. 21.6058 Consequences of evaluation. 21.6059 Limitations on the number of eval

of eval. uations.

RATE OF PURSUIT 21.6310 Rate of pursuit. alle

AUTHORIZATION OF SERVICES 21.6320 Authorization of services under Chapter 31 rules.

LEAVES OF ABSENCE 21.6340 Leaves of absence.

SATISFACTORY CONDUCT AND COOPERATION 21.6362 Satisfactory conduct and coopera


TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 21.6370 Authorization of transportation



PARTICIPANTS 21.6060 Services and assistance.

DURATION OF TRAINING 21.6070 Basic duration of a vocational train

ing program. 21.6072 Extending the duration of a voca

tional training program. 21.6074 Computing the period of vocational


PLAN 21.6080 Requirement for an individualized

written rehabilitation or employment as

sistance plan. 21.6082 Completing the plan.


SERVICES 21.6120 Educational and vocational training


ADDITIONAL APPLICABLE REGULATIONS 21.6380 Additional applicable Chapter 31 regulations.

DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY 21.6410 Delegation of authority.


DIVISION 21.6420 Coordination with the Adjudication



REHABILITATION POTENTIAL 21.6140 Evaluation and improvement of re

habilitation potential.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES 21.6160 Independent living services.

Subpart J-Temporary Program of Vocational Training and Rehabilitation 21.6501 Overview. 21.6503 Definitions. 21.6505 Participation in the temporary pro

gram. 21.6507 Special benefits for qualified vet

erans under test program. 21.6509 Notice to qualified veterans. 21.6511-21.6513 [Reserved] 21.6515 Formulation of rehabilitation plan. 21.6517 (Reserved] 21.6519 Eligibility of qualified veterans for

employment and counseling services. 21.6521 Employment of qualified veterans. 21.6523 Entry and reentry into a program of

counseling and employment services

under 38 U.S.C. 3104(a) (2) and (5). 21.6525 [Reserved]

CASE STATUS SYSTEM 21.6180 Case status system.

SUPPLIES 21.6210 Supplies.

MEDICAL AND RELATED SERVICES 21.6240 Medical treatment, care and serv

ices. 21.6242 Resources for provision of medical

treatment, care and services.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE 21.6260 Financial assistance.

Subpart K-All Volunteer Force Edu

cational Assistance Program (Mont

gomery GI Bill-Active Duty) 21.7000 Establishment of educational assistance program.

DEFINITIONS 21.7020 Definitions.

CLAIMS AND APPLICATIONS 21.7030 Applications, claims, and time lim


ENTERING VOCATIONAL TRAINING 21.6282 Effective dates of induction into and

termination of vocational training. 21 6284 Reentrance into a training program. 21.6290 Training resources.

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