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Senator BARTLETT. It is not necessary. • Mr. STEwART. The total estimate for 1968, including a $10,200 budget amendment, is $1,676,600.


Senator BARTLETT. What brought about, Mr. Stewart, the substantial net decrease of $146,000?

Mr. STEwART. I would like to call on one of my assistants, Mr. Henlock, who can explain it more in detail.

Mr. HENLoCK. For 1967, we had an item of $100,000 to continue the program of improvement of the illumination and modernization of the electrical wiring in the Capitol Building. We did not have to repeat that reqeust for 1968. For 1967, we also had nonrecurring items of $65,000 for making improvements in the House Press Gallery; $8,000 to install two toilets in the House radio-television facility on the House side; and $18,000 to convert additional space upstairs to provide additional accommodations for the Senate Disbursing Office. Due to the omission of these nonrecurring items for 1968, we were able to decrease our estimate for next year.


Senator BARTLETT. Why is it that so much of the painting of the walls in the subways and in the corridors of the Senate Office Buildings was done after Congress convened or at least after the Senate convened rather than during the recess?

Mr. STEwART. Mr. Chairman, may I call on Mr. Caraway to answer that question.

Mr. CARAwAY. We just did not have time to get to all of that work, sir, during the recess period.

Senator Barrierr'Did it start promptly with the commencement of the recess?

Mr. CARAwAY. Yes, it did.

Senator BARTLETT. How long does such a job take?

Mr. CARAwAY. It takes about 2 or 3 months to go over required areas in both buildings.

S:tor BARTLETT. Did you go over both buildings during this last receSS a

Mr. CARAwAY. Some work had to be done in both buildings. Normally, some corridors have to be done each year. The upper floor walls are generally good for at least 2 or 3 years. The basement has to be done almost every year.


Senator BARTLETT. Who furnishes the typewriters in the Press Galleries? Are they Government-owned or are they owned by the newspapers and press associations?

r. HENLOCK. We do not furnish them.

Senator BARTLETT. They are furnished by the papers or by the press association?

Mr. CLANCY. They are furnished by the Sergeant at Arms in the Senate, sir, I believe.

Senator BARTLETT. Who furnishes the paper for the Press Galleries?

Mr. CLANCY. I can't answer that, sir. That is a matter for the Sergeant at Arms also.


Senator BARTLETT. We will ask him that,

Under Capitol Grounds, $726,800 is requested. This is an increase of $23,600 over 1967.

Mr. STEWART. That's right, sir.

Senator BARTLETT. I ask that pages 38 to 42 be placed in the hearing record.

(The justification follows:)

Capitol Grounds 1967 appropriation in annual act-Wage board pay supplemental.-

$695, 400

7, 800

Total appropriations, 1967

703, 200


"Pay above the stated annual rate" allotment eliminated for 1968

and funds for 1968 transferred to “Overtime pay" allotmentAdditions to water supply system to Capitol, nonrecurring item

allotted for 1967, not required for 1968.

1, 600



-36, 600

Base for 1968_

666, 600


Wage-rate increases authorized by Public Law 763, 83d Congress_-

Under the provisions of Public Law 763, 83d Cong., 73 garden-
ers, laborers, and mechanics on the Capitol Grounds roll are
compensated on a wage board, prevailing-rate basis. Public
Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees
shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is
consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing

An increase of $12,719 is requested for 1968 to meet on a fullyear basis the cost of increased wage rates established for these wage board positions as a result of a general survey of Government and industrial employees' wages in Washington metropolitan area, conducted during the past year. The new rates went into effect Dec. 4, 1966, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 85-872, 85th Cong. This increase is necessary in order that the Capitol grounds wage board employees may be compensated on a full-year basis in the fiscal year 1968 in accordance with present prevailing rates.

An inorease of $5,260 is requested for 1968 to meet the cost
of within-grade promotions and other changes falling due in
that year, authorized by Public Law 763 under the wage board

system, for employees compensated under that act.
Within-grade salary advancements and other changes authorized

by the Classification Act of 1949, as amended.-

2, 311

[blocks in formation]

Overtime and holiday pay allotment increased from $69,345 to $75,195 ---------------------------------------------------- $5,850 Of this increase, $4,250 results from increase in basic pay rates and the proposed addition of 3 new employees. The additional $1,600 results from transfer of such amount from the “Pay above the stated annual rate” allotment. Next year being leap year, there would normally be 2 excess basic workdays to be compensated. However, in the fiscal year 1968, the 2 excess days fall on a Saturday and Sunday. Most of the employees under the Architect are required to work 4 hours on Saturdays at time and one-half pay, and a skeleton maintenance force is required to work on Sundays, also at the time and one-half pay. It is estimated that the amount normally provided under “Pay above the stated annual rate” allotment, covering 1 full 8hour day for all employees, will equal and offset the cost of work required on the excess Saturday and Sunday in 1968. Accordingly, the amount of $1,600 allowed under that allotment for 1967 has been deleted from that allotment for 1968 and transferred for 1968 to the “Overtime pay” allotment. 3 additional gardener positions, wage board grade 6 at $5,720 per annum each--------------------------------------------- 17, 160 These 3 gardeners are required for care and maintenance of the landscaped areas above the underground garages constructed in squares 637 and 691 located immediately south of the House Office Buildings. The landscaping is expected to be completed by the end of the fiscal year 1967. The landscaping will include, in each square, a large display fountain, walkways, terraces, retaining walls, grass plots, trees and shrubs, and drainage systems. These will all require daily care and maintenance; also, during the winter, Snow removal. The two squares will contain approximately 3% acres of lawns and other planted areas and approximately 11,750 square yards of walkways. In addition, these 3 employees will also be responsible for the daily care and maintenance of squares 639 and South of 635 now being developed as parking lots, with trees, grass, and hedges planted about their perimeters. Contribution to retirement fund, increased from $33,150 to $33,650– 500 This item is required to cover the cost of Government contribution to retirement fund required by Public Law 854, 84th Cong. The additional cost results from the proposed addition of 3 more employees. Payment to employees’ life insurance fund, increased from $700 to $1,500-------------------------------------------------- S00 This item is required to cover the cost of the Government's payment to employees' life insurance fund required by Public Law 598, 83d Cong. The amount of $1,500 requested for 1968 is based on actual cost figures; the amount of $1,494 having been expended for this item for the fiscal year 1966. Maintenance of signal lights, increased from $2,600 to $3,000------ 400 This allotment provides for the maintenance and operation of 180 traffic signals, walk lights, and demand lights in the Capitol Grounds, owned by the Federal Government and maintained and operated by the Potomac Electric Power Co. for the Architect of the Capitol. The increase is to cover current maintenance and Operation costs, and to provide for the cost of maintenance and operation of 11 traffic signals in squares 639 and 732 transferred to the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol during the past year, not previously provided for. The maintenance cost includes the cost of electrical energy furnished, the servicing and replacement of lights and standards.


13, 200

Supplies and materials, increased from $20,000 to $22,500.

This allotment provides for the purchase of large plant material (other than material obtainable from the Botanic Garden Nursery), grass seed, shrubs, fertilizers, soil, sod, insecticides, and gasoline and oil for motor equipment. Over 12 of the allotment is normally required for grass seed, peat, fertilizers, spray materials, soil, and sod. For 1968, an increase of $2,000 is requested, of which $1,000 is for the purchase of fertilizer, peat, soil, and sod; and $1,000 for insecticides and fungicides for care and maintenance of the landscaped areas above the

underground garages in squares 637 and 691. Equipment, increased from $6,600 to $19,800--

The regular annual allotment of $6,600 provides power and hand mowers; truck and tractor equipment, including replacement parts; replacement and upkeep of traffic signs and equipment; tools, brushes, brooms, hose, couplings, waterproof wearing apparel, and other miscellaneous equipment.

For 1968, an increase of $13,200 is requested, of which $7,200 is for replacement of a dump truck and $6,000 for replacement of the bandstand used on the Capitol Plaza. The increases are explained as follows:

A nonrecurring amount of $7,200 is requested for 1968 for purchase of a new 5-ton dump truck, equipped with snowplow attachments for a 10-foot snow plow, in replacement of a 1950 model 5-ton dump truck, now in use. The old truck, after 17 years of constant use, can no longer be kept in satisfactory repair and should be replaced. This truck is used daily for the removal of trash from the buildings and grounds in the legislative group, and, in the winter, is equipped with snowplow attachments and used for the removal of snow from the Capitol Buildings and Grounds, in addition to its daily trash removal


A nonrecurring amount of $6,000 is requested for 1968 for construction of a new bandstand in replacement of the existing bandstand, which has been in use for the past 27 years, and can no longer be kept in economical or satisfactory repair and should be replaced. This bandstand is used on the Capitol Plaza, at the east front of the Capitol, for the annual Service band concerts conducted during the summer months. The records indicate that concerts have been conducted at the Capitol by the Service bands for over 100 years.

(+)60, 200



Total estimate


(including $7,800 budget

726, 800


Senator BARTLETT. $17,160 is requested for the employment of three additional gardeners. Is it correct that these men are to be used in connection with the new underground House garages?


Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir; Senator, that is correct. However, I might add that the House allowed us only two of those three gardeners, and that we are not appealing restoration of the third position. They are required for care of landscaped areas recently developed over the two new garages on the House side.


Senator BARTLETT. Now, equipment seems to be the largest request under this appropriation, $13,200, of which $7,200 is for replacement of a dump truck and $6,000 is for replacement of the bandstand used on the Capitol Plaza.

What is the problem with the present bandstand?

Mr. STEWART. I will ask Mr. Pincus, our landscape architect, to answer that question.

Mr. Pincus. Sir, the new bandstand that we now have is 27 years old and it has reached the point where it is beyond repair. We feel that this is the last year we can get service out of the bandstand and we feel that the bandstand is an essential part of the functions on the Capitol Grounds in the summertime.

There are many people who attend the concerts.

Senator BARTLETT. İs the dump truck to be in addition to what you already have, or is it a replacement?

Mr. Pincus. This is a replacement, sir.
Senator BARTLETT. How old is the present one?

Mr. Pincus. It's a 1950 truck that will be replaced. It is now 17 years old.

OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, SENATE OFFICE BUILDINGS Senator BARTLETT. Operation and maintenance of the Senate Office Buildings you are requesting $3,174,900.

Mr. STEWART. That is right.
Senator BARTLETT. An increase of $588,900.
Mr. STEWART. That is right.

Senator BARTLETT. I will place in the record pages 57 through 64 of the justifications which itemize the increases requested.

(The justification follows:)

Senate Office Buildings 1987 appropriation in annual act.. Pay supplemental (Public Law 89–504, $21,000; wage board,


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Total appropriations, 1967-Deductions :

"Pay above the stated annual rate" allotment eliminated

for 1968 and funds for 1968 transferred to "Overtime
pay" allotment -

$5,000 Purchase of table lamps for Senators' offices and suites.

Vonrecurring item allowed for 1967, not required for


-14 000

Base for 1968.

2. 572.000

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