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shaft is available for the proposed elevator installation. It is proposed to install a high-speed elevator having a capacity of 3,000 pounds or 20 passengers. Last year the fourth floor of the Library Annex, which originally was a storage space only, was converted into office space. There wi probably be about 200 persons working on that floor. That circumstance alone puts an additional burden on the present elevator service. In addition, the greater use of the annex by the public results in delays and generally unsatisfactory elevator service.


Senator MoNRONEY. Construction changes, cellar areas in the annex, $115,000. That is to remodel some space.

Mr. RUBEL. Yes, sir. This is an unfinished cellar area, Mr. Chairman, that has about 200,000 cubic feet of space presently useless that can be converted into valuable storage space. There is no floor slab, it is just a soil floor. The soil was not leveled off at the time of construction. We intend to level the grade, put in a concrete slab, provide mechanical ventilation and appropriate lighting. It will give the Library administration about 200,000 cubic feet of much-needed storage space.


Senator MoNRONEY. You are asking for $30,000 installation of fire sprinkler system in the cellar areas of the annex. Mr. RUBEL. Yes, sir. These are miscellaneous areas where trash and wastepaper is stored temporarily awaiting the arrival of trash removal trucks. Since fires have occurred in the basements of other buildings, these areas should be properly protected against the potential hazards. Senator MoNRONEY. I am in favor of that. $10,000 for materials handling and cleaning equipment. That is for ordinary supplies. Mr. RUBEL. Yes.


Senator MONRONEY. Repairs and replacement of sidewalks, surrounding main buildings, $35,000. Is that in front of the building?

Mr. PINCUs. Yes, sir.

Senator MonRONEY. Will this be sufficient to take up most all the sidewalk repairs in that area?

Mr. PINCUs. Yes, sir.


Senator MonroNEY. You are asking in these items for $1,538,000. Is that correct?


Mr. HENLoCK. Yes. We asked for $1,538,000.

The House at our request, reduced one item by $21,000. That was repairs to marble tile floors.

Senator MonRoNEY. In the Library?

Mr. HENLoCK. Yes. That brings us down to $1,517,000.


Senator MONRONEY. The next item is “Library buildings and grounds, furniture, and furnishings,” for which your request is $349,000, an increase of $75,000 over the 1966 appropriations.

I am placing in the record pages 156 to 162 of the justification. (The justification follows:) 1966 appropriation in annual act..

$274, 000 DEDUCTIONS Motion picture equipment, Prints and Photographs Division: pri

marily to replace obsolete equipment, 2d year allotment of 2-year replacement program-

9, 600 Visible file cases: 33 for Serial Record Division, 14 for Order Division. 12, 000 ('ard catalog cases, Copyright Office: 100 fifteen-drawer sections for

current additions and replacement of obsolete sections in the Copyright Catalog-3d year allotment under a 5-year replacement program.

8, 700 Rotary files, Copyright Office : 4 units for current working files.

1, 800 Microfilm reading machines, Stack and Reader Division : 2 reading machines to provide better service in microfilm reading room.

1, 200 Adding and calculating machines, various divisions--

2, 600 Card catalog cases, Processing and Reference Departments : 34 fifteen

drawer, 3-inch by 5-inch wooden sections for expansion and replacements in various divisions in these departments.

5, 800 Equipment and office machines, Card Division : calculators, adding

machines, accounting machine, letter and legal-size files, card cabinets, steel case and trays--

37, 700 Collator 12 station, Office of the Secretary: replacement of machine over 12 years old.--.

16, 000 Exhibit cases, free standing, Exhibits Office: to provide proper display of prints, photographs, and other materials in exhibit halls--

10,000 Rotary filing equipment, Office of Fiscal Services: 1 10-foot unit

to modernize and automate fiscal records, and save floorspace----- 3, 900 Duplicator, offset, Office of the Secretary: to replace existing model 1250 which is 10 years old.-

5,000 Chairs, readers' desks, main reading room, main building: to replace existing chairs which are worn out_

12, 000 Carpeting, rare book room, main building: to replace existing worn rugs and improve acoustics..

4,000 Tables and chairs. Manuscript Division: to replace existing tables and

chairs in the manuscript reading room which have been in use over 25 years-

8,000 Distribution table, Stack and Reader Division: to replace wornout wooden tables in use over 25 years.--

1, 800 Book trucks, Stack and Reader Division: to replace several wornout trucks and to handle expanded reader service

1, 600 Stage curtain, Coolidge Auditorium : to replace present curtain over 10 years old, worn, and not flameproof -

2, 300


-144, 000

Base for 1967_.

130, 000

Repairs to office machines and equipment-increased from $25,000 to

$30,000: this increase is needed to provide sufficient funds for ade-
quate maintenance and repair of typewriters, office machines, and
related equipment. The growth in personnel has resulted in an in-
creased inventory of typewriters and office machines, and the ma-
chines themselves are becoming increasingly complicated. Expendi-
tures for this purpose amounted to $29,000 in 1965 and will equal
that figure in 1966_-

5, 000



Typewriters—increased from $25,000 to $35,000: this increase is needed to meet minimum replacement needs, to provide sufficient typewriters for proposed new employees, and to cover increased costs resulting from price increases and the expanding use of electric typewriters in place of manual machines---------------------------Furniture for new employees requested for fiscal year 1967: this item is needed to provide furniture and equipment for new positions requested by the Librarian in his estimates for fiscal year 1967. No stock of furniture exists for this purpose and funds for the annual purchase of furniture and equipment are needed for replacements and other requirements of existing operations------------------Card catalog cases, Copyright Office: 40 15-drawer sections are requested to replace obsolete equipment in the Copyright Card Catalog; this will complete the replacement program 1 year earlier than originally proposed--------------------------------------------Bookkeeping machines, Copyright Office and Office of Fiscal Services: this item is requested to replace 2 bookkeeping machines, 1 in the Copyright Office, which is 15 years old, and 1 in the Office of Fiscal Services, which is 8 years old; both machines have had heavy use and are now beyond economical repair--------------------------Duplicator, offset, Office of the Secretary: to replace an existing machine which is about 10 years old and in unsatisfactory operating condition-----------------------------------------------------Adding and calculating machines: 1 adding machine is needed in the Stack and Reader Division for use in the preparation and maintenance of reports and statistics of reader services, volume of business, and use of the collections; a calculating machine is required in the Legislative Reference Service to help handle its expanding work in science, public welfare, economics, and fiscal affairs requiring the preparation of reports to Congress, statistics, tables, and charts---File cabinets, metal, Office of the Secretary and Prints and Photographs Division: Office of the Secretary—143 five-drawer cabinets are requested to replace old wooden and metal 4-drawer cabinets in the Library's central files; the 5-drawer cabinets will also increase capacity within the same floor area. Prints and Photographs Division—125 five-drawer cabinets requested to replace a like number of old deteriorated 4-drawer cabinets and at the same time provide needed expansion space within the same floor area---------------Checkstand equipment, Buildings and Grounds Division: this equipment is desired to replace existing equipment, most of which is over 10 years old, in unsatisfactory condition, and inefficient. The new equipment desired will also increase the capacity of the checkstand from 535 to 800 coats------------------------------------------Chairs, Law Library reading rooms: this item is requested to permit replacement of 126 wornout chairs in the Anglo-American, Foreign, and Middle and Far Eastern law reading rooms; present chairs have been in use many years and are now worn out-------------------Dictating and transcribing machines, Reference Department: requested for the following offices—Division for the Blind: 2 combination machines—to handle increased correspondence and reports more efficiently ($1,000). Stack and Reader Division: 1 combinanation machine to replace present equipment which gives poor service and is beyond economical repair ($500) ---------------------Rotary power files, Loan Division: 6 rotary power files are requested to accommodate the central charge file records which have recently been merged with the existing Loan Division's discharge files where similar equipment is already being used.-------------------------Card catalog cases, Processing and Reference Department: requested for the following offices—Manuscript Division: 28 fifteen-drawer sections to complete the replacement of old cases in the manuscript reading room ($5,000). General Reference and Bibliography Division: 40 fifteen-drawer sections requested to replace wornout sections housing the catalog in the local history and genealogy reading room ($7,000). Catalog Maintenance and Catalog Publications Di"ision: 75 fifteen-drawer sections to replace 5 wornout sections and




10, 200

13, 500

7. 600


10, 500


$26, 000

1, 600

5, 000

3, 100

provide 70 additional sections for expansion of the Official Catalog which will result from a greatly expanded cataloging program into additional space to be obtained on deck 7, south, annex ($14,000). The backbone of a library is its card catalog; it is the key to identifying and locating the materials required for research. Adequate card catalog cases in which to house the cards are essential to the

efficiency of the service which the catalogs are designed to render-Microfilm reading machines, Stack and Reader Division : 3 reading

machines are requested to maintain adequate service in the microfilm reading room where the collections are growing annually and

the number of readers continues to increase_ Recording equipment, Music Division : This item is requested to pro

vide better service to users of the tape collections by replacing existing tape recorders, reproducers, and other equipment, some of which

are 25 years old and in unsatisfactory condition.. Motion picture equipment, Prints and Photographs Division : Various

items of equipment are requested for inspecting, viewing, repairing, and projecting motion pictures in the Motion Picture Section. This equipment will supplement existing equipment and provide improved service to users of the expanding collections. The motion

picture collection contains 83,300 reels of film.-Bookracks, Stack and Reader Division : 100 2-shelf units are re

quested to install on the tops of desks occupied by users of the research and study facilities. Those obtained in the past have proven valuable and they also eliminate the need for separate bookcases,

thus conserving badly needed floor space-Exhibit cases, Exhibit Office: 1 exhibit case is requested for the proper

display of the Library's “Showcase Exhibit” in the west ground floor entrance lobby; the new case would replace one used for this purpose now and would match an existing case in this location used

for the display of Library publications offered for sale---Equipment and office machines, Card Division : Expenses for the Card

Division are recovered through revenue from the sale of catalog cards and deposited into Treasury miscellaneous receipts : In the fiscal year 1965, gross sales of the Card Division for cards, book catalogs, and other publications amounted to $4,664,739—an increase of nearly 20 percent over 1964 sales: The following equipment and office machines are needed for Card Division operations : Label paster for packages and envelope sealing machine; 80 140-tray steel cases and 11,500 trays to accommodate expansion of card catalog stocks maintained for sale ; rotary filing unit to mechanize and modernize administration of fiscal records; card counting and imprinting equipment to replace worn out equipment; 3 adding machines for additional personnel allowed in the Billing Unit; 25 72-drawer, 3- by 5-inch card catalog cabinets to replace a like number of old wooden cases over 25 years old.

2, 500

2, 700

81, 000


+219, 000

Total estimate for 1967-

349, 000


Senator MONRONEY. The House allowed $325,000, a reduction of $24,000.

Mr. HEXLOCK. That is correct. Most of the items are of a general annual nature.

Senator MONRONEY. Housekeeping supplies.


Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir. The largest item is on page 162, $81,000 for equipment and office machines, card division. As pointed out eventually we recover that cost through the sale of catalog cards.

Senator MONRONEY. What was the reduction of the House of $24,000?

Mr. HENLOCK. A general cut, Mr. Chairman. It was not specified.
Senator MONRONEY. You agreed that you could absorb that.
Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir.


Senator MONRONEY. Next comes Botanic Gardens, where you are requesting $538,000; $65,000 over the 1966 appropriation. Pages 181 to 184 will be inserted in the record at this point.

(The justification follows:) 1966 appropriation in annual act.

$167,000 Wage-board pay supplemental in H. Doc. 405..

6, 00

Total appropriations-1966.

473, 000


Replacement of a 1953 International delivery truck: Nonrecurring

item allowed for 1966, not required for 1967-

-3, 000)

Base for 1967.-



7, 164

Wage-board increases authorized by Public Law 763, 83d Cong.--

Under the provisions of Public Law 763, 83d Cong., 48 laborers, gardeners and mechanics on the Botanic Garden roll are compensated on a wage-board, prevailing-rate basis. Public Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates.

An increase of $5,561 is requested for 1967 to meet on a full-year basis the cost of increased wage rates established for these wageboard positions as a result of a general survey of Government and industrial employees' wages in the Washington metropolitan area, conducted during the past year. The new rates went into effect Dec. 5, 1965, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 85-872 85th Cong. This increase is necessary in order that the Botanic Garden wage-board employees may be compensated on a ful-year basis in the fiscal year 1967 in accordance with present prevailing rates.

An increase of $1,603 is requested for 1967 to meet the cost of within-grade promotions and other changes falling due in that year, authorized by Public Law 763 under the wage-board system,

for employees compensated under that act. Within-grade promotions authorized by the Classification Act of 1949,


as amended, for employees compensated under that act. Increased pay costs due to Public Law 89–301, approved Oct. 29, 12.5,

"Federal Employees Salary Act of 1967," to cover increases which went into effect Oct. 1, 1965, under authority of that act and must be

met on a full-year basis in 15867----Overtime and holiday pay allotment increased from $48.500 to $71,500.

This increase is requested to cover actual current payroll overtime and holiday pay costs and to provide overtime and holiday

pay for 3 additional employees requested for 1867. Three additional positions..

The additional positions of nurseryman-gardener, at $5,429 per annum each, are requested for 1907 to supplement the existing Botanic Garden workforce.

The nursery at the Botanic Garden is known as Poplar Point Nursery and is located adjacent to Anacostia Park in the District of Columbia. At present, there are 16 greenhouses in operation at

1, 700 6,00

16, 247

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