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Mr. HARRIsoN. Senator, there is one other thing we must not lose sight of, this is the tremendous savings in the handling of the initial distribution, which can again run as much as the savings which we have found to be possible in materials handling, because this again is materials handling.

Senator MonRONEY. I think it would be helpful to us to have in the record the amount of space in the building that will be office space, the amount that will be actual printing production space, the amount that will be storage space, the amount, that will be space for the document room, and the space for the packaging room for the various departments. So we will have some way of judging, shall we say, the extracurricular space requirements of this plant over and against the normal requirements that would be generated in the customary commercial plant.

(The information referred to appears on page 193.)


Senator MonRONEY. Also if you could get from Mr. Main’s people examples of new printing, new major printing plants that have been built in the last 4 or 5 years, whether they are built on a multilevel as a general rule or on a straight line, single level operation. Could that be supplied for the record? Mr. HARRISON. We can. Last year we gave you pictures of man new printing plants throughout th: country and our staff has visited, I would say, the majority of the large printing plants throughout the United States, and we are able also to speak from firsthand knowledge that this one-floor production is not just an exception; it is the trend in the industry. Senator MonRoNEY. In other words, may I ask Mr. Main’s representative, if the Government Printing Office or the Congress were to project an eight-story building today and ask you to build a new buildin' you think that they were just a little bit off their rocker? r. FLINT. We would recommend against it, sir. That is what we are being paid for, to give our opinion based upon our knowledge and experience, so we would strongly recommend against it. Senator MonRoNEY. Thank you. That answers my question. (The information requested follows:)

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