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Mr. STEWART. We requested, and the House allowed, $879,000 for 1966 under this heading, which represents a net decrease of $1,503,200 under the amount of $2,382,200 allowed for 1965—resulting from increases totaling $225,100, offset by decreases totaling $1,728,300 due to dropping of 16 nonrecurring items allowed for 1965.

The first four items of increase on pages 181 and 182 of the justification are for mandatory pay increases and total $18,539–$15,489 for wage board increases; $150 for within-grade promotions under the Classification Act; $600 for increases under the Federal Employees' Salary Act of 1964; $2,300 for increased overtime and holiday pay costs resulting from base pay increases.

The next item, $11,461—is for two additional positions and I would like to read the explanation of this request as shown on pages 182 and 183 of the justification.

Mr. HENLOCK. They are the positions the House allowed and the Senate did not allow last year, and we appeal for their restoration. The Librarian has stressed that the present force cannot adequately handle the workload for repairs, erection of partitions, maintenance of furniture, general servicing and upholstering work, and work of that character, so we resubmitted the item. It has been allowed by the House for 1966 and is now submitted for consideration of your committee.

Senator MONRONEY. This is all Library?
Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir.
Senator MONRONEY. All right.


Ir. STET:RT. The next item is $20,000 to continue the program of repairs to the marble tile floors in the main building. This is the 10th-vear allotment. During the past 9 years, $150,000 has been appropriated for this work. It is estimated that to complete the program appropriations will also be required for the fiscal years 1967 and 1968.

Senator MONRONEY. How much did you say you spent on it to date? Mr. STEWART. $150,000.

Senator MONRONEY. To the main reading room as well as the lobby?

Mr. STEWART. It is for repairs to the floor in the main buildingthe marble tile floors.

Senator MONRONEY. That is because they are inlaid, is not that correct?

Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir.


Ten thousand dollars is requested to continue the program of cleaning and restoring ceiling decorations in the main building. This work was begun in 1960 and can be completed under the allotment request for 1966.

Senator MONRONEY. This $10,000 will finish it, is that right? Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir. It will make a total of $73,000 of work which has been appropriated to date.

Six thousand dollars is requested for installation of floor tile in several areas in the two buildings requiring such attention.


Thirty-five thousand dollars is requested to provide improved light; ing in certain office areas in the two buildings. The item is explained on page 185 of the justification, which I would like to read at this time.

With funds provided in fiscal 1964, the inefficient lighting in all perimeter office areas on the first floor of the annex building is now in the process of being replaced with modern fluorescent lighting. Almost all other areas in both buildings are in need of improved illumination in order to bring it up to present-day standards for library work (75-foot candles). Design problems, a lack of realistic cost estimates, and other factors, £ preclude the feasibility of £ to make needed improvements throughout both buildi in 1 fiscal year. Funds requested for fiscal 1966, therefore, would used to the extent possible for certain selected areas determined to be the most critical—manuscript, music, prints, and photographs, congressional, law and periodical reading rooms, law library and prints and £" work areas, and Legislative Reference Service headquarters office.

I would like to read from the justifications, pages 185 and 186, covering the next two items.


Sixty-five thousand dollars for replacement of book conveyor between the main building and Capitol Building. The present conveyor has been in service more than 65 years. It is now obsolete, it is subject to frequent breakdowns, with resulting interruptions to service, and is difficult and costly to maintain, since repair parts are not readily available and consequently have to be specially made. This conveyor transports books and other materials between the main Library building and the Capitol Building and is essential for prompt and efficient service to the Congress. It is proposed to replace the existing mechanical conveyor with a pneumatic tube system; the new system will be much faster, frequently a vital factor in filling congressional requests, and considerably more efficient and reliable.


Senator MONRONEY. You want replacement of sidewalk, materials

and handling equipment?

Mr. STEwART. $11,000 is requested for cleaning and handling equipment—$5,000 for a forklift truck to replace wornout equipment; $2,500 for a battery-operated transporter used for moving furniture and other bulky items within the two buildings, to replace wornout equipment—$5,000 for a forklift truck to replace wornout equipment; $3,500 for a power sweeper used for sweeping sidewalks and parking areas around both buildings.

Senator MoNRONEY. All right.

Mr. STEwART. The last item is $10,000 for a new paper baler.

LIBRARY BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS Senator MONRONEY. The justification for the appropriation, “Library buildings and grounds, furniture and furnishings,” will be placed in the record.

The request for 1966 was $274,000 and the House has allowed that amount. This is an increase of $54,000 over the 1965 appropriation.

Will these funds supply all the equipment and furnishings the Library needs for the present?

Nr. STEWART. Yes, sir.
(The justification referred to follows:)



8, 700

4, 500

13, 400

Catalog cases, Copyright Office: 124 15-drawer sections for current ad-

ditions and normal growth, and for replacement of obsolete equip-
ment in the Copyright Card Catalog : 2d year allotment under a 5-
year replacement program----
S microfilm reading machines for Serial Division and Stack and Reader

Jotion picture equipment: Prints and Photographs Division : pri-

marily to replace existing obsolete equipment: 1st year allotment

under a 2-year replacement program-l'isible file cases : 5 for Personnel Office, 4 for Serial Record Division,

9 for Orientalia Division--Rotary files, Copyright Office: 74-tier units for current working files.File cabinets, Prints and Photographs Division : 10 for normal expan

sion and 36 for replacement of obsolete wooden cabinets Card catalog cases, Catalog Division : 12 for Far Eastern languages

catalog to replace 8 obsolete cases and provide for expansion. Miscellaneous office equipment--Steel trays and cases, Card Division : 32,000 trays and 230 cases in

which to house the trays; for expansion of card stock-Recording equipment, Music Division---Roller shelf units, Map Division : for atlases used in Map Reading


4, 300 3, 100


2, 200 2, 300

58, 000 10,000

1, 000


-110, 000

Base for 1966...

110, 000


5, 000

15, 000

Annual maintenance and repair, office machines and devices: in

creased from $20,000 to $25,000 to meet increases in necessary expenditures for repairs-Annual office furniture, equipment and office machines : increased

from $50,000 to $65,000 to meet minimum requirements for additional personnel employed, replacement of obsolete items and re

conditioning usable articles of furniture and equipment--Rotary filing equipment, Office of Fiscal Services: 1 10-foot unit for

purpose of modernizing and automating fiscal records, and to save

floor space in crowded office.. Collator. 12-station, Office of the Secretary: replacement for exist

ing collator over 12 years old which is subject to frequent break

downs and is totally depreciated.Duplicator, offset, Office of the Secretary: to replace existing model

1250 offset duplicator which is 10 years old and subject to frequent breakdown and costly repairs.

3, 900

16, 000

5, 000


9, 600

12, 000

4, 000

2, 600

12, 000

5. 800

8, 700

Exhibit panels, free standing, Exhibits Office: to provide proper dis

play of prints, photographs, and other materials in exhibit halls as supplement to exhibit cases and to compensate for loss of exhibit

space elsewhere.. Motion picture equipment, Prints and Photographs Division: primar

ily to replace existing obsolete equipment; 2d year allotment of

2-year program began in fiscal 1965.. Chairs, readers' desks, main reading room, main building: to re

place existing chairs which are nearly worn out and which were

obtained in used condition through GSA in the first place -Carpeting, rare book room, main buildng: to replace existing rugs,

which are well worn, and at the same time further improve on

acoustics in the room--Adding and calculating machines, various divisions : Catalog Mainte

nance Division, 1 adding machine; Order Division, 1 calculator; Sci-
ence and Technology Division, 1 calculator ; Legislative Reference

Service, 1 calculator--
Visible file cases, Serial Record and Order Divisions: Serial Record

Division, 33 cabinets for replacements and expansion; Order Divi

sion, 14 cabinets for replacements and expansion... Card catalog cases, 3 by 5 inches, wood, Processing and Reference De

partments: Catalog Maintenance Division, 10 15-drawer sections for expansion of the official catalog; Stack and Reader Division, 8 15-drawer sections for expansion of the microfilm catalog; Manuscript Division, 16 15-drawer sections to continue program started in

fiscal 1965 to replace old cabinets Card catalog cases, Copyright Office: 100 15-drawer metal sections for

current additions, annual growth, and the replacement of obsolete

equipment in the copyright card catalog-----Rotary files, Copyright Office: 4 7-tier files needed for expansion of

working files ; these will also replace conventional files and save floor

spaceTables and chairs, Manuscript Division: 15 tables and 75 chairs to re

place existing tables and chairs in the manuscript reading room

which have been in use over 25 years. Distribution tables, Stack and Reader Division : 40 metal tables to

replace wooden tables 25 or more years old used in bookstacks for

distribution and sorting purposes. Book trucks, Stack and Reader Division: to replace several wornout

trucks and to provide additional trucks to handle expanded service to readers in main building and annex reading rooms (total, 16

trucks)----Microfilm reading machines, Stack and Reader Division: two reading

machines to provide better service to expanding collections in micro

film reading room. Equipment and office machines, Card Division: the following equip

ment and office machines are needed for Card Division operations: expenses for the Card Division are recovered through revenue from the sale of catalog cards and deposited into Treasury Miscellaneous Receipts: 1 calculator and 9 adding machines: 1 accounting machine to replace one 11 years old : 45 letter-size and 25 legal-size filing cab. inets to replace existing cabinets in bad condition and to provide filing space for records now improperly housed: 30 72-drawer wood 3 hy 5 card cabinets to replace existing cabinets in use over 25 years; steel cases and trays to accommodate planned expansion of card catalog

stocks maintained for sale ---Stage curtain. Coolidge Auditorium: to replace present curtain over 10

years old, worn and not flameproof

1, 800

8. 000

1, 800

1, 600

1, 200


2. 300


Total estimate for 1966_

274, 000

BUDGET REQUEST AND HOUSE ALLOWANCE Mr. STEWART. For 1965, we were allowed $220,000 under this heading. For 1966, we are asking, and were allowed by the House, $274,000—a net increase of $54,000—resulting from increases totaling $164.000, offset by decreases totaling $110,000 due to dropping of 11 non recurring items allowed for 1965.

Senator MONRONEY. Those are listed on page 209, is that correct? Mr. STEWART. Yes.


Senator MONRONEY. For the "Botanic Garden," the House allowed the full estimate, $467,000. A few pages of justifications will be placed in the record at this point.

(The material referred to follows:)

SALARIES AND EXPENSES, BOTANIC GARDEN 1965 appropriation in annual act..


25, 000

Replacement of temperature controls, valves and other items on the

heating system serving the main conservatory-nonrecurring item

allowed for 1965, not required for 1966--Painting structural steel and heating pipes in main conservatory-non

recurring item allowed for 1965, not required for 1966_-Cleaning exterior and interior walls of main conservatory--nonrecur

ring item allowed for 1965, not required for 1966---Replacement of 1 1949 delivery truck-nonrecurring item allowed for

1963, not required for 1966_.

13, 500

15, 000

3, 000


-56, 500

Base for 1966--

443, 500


10, 473

Wage-rate increases authorized by Public Law 763, 83d Cong

Under the provisions of Public Law 763, 83d Cong., 47 laborers and mechanics on the Botanic Garden roll are compensated on a wage board, prevailing-rate basis. Public Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates.

An increase of $8,414 is requested for 1966 to meet on a full-year basis the cost of increased wage rates established for these wage board positions as a result of a general survey of Government and industrial employees' wages in the Washington metropolitan area, conducted during the past year. The new rates went into effect Dec. 6, 1964, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 85-872, 85th Cong. This increase is necessary in order that the Botanic Garden wage board employees may be compensated on a full-year basis in the fiscal year 1966 in accordance with present prevailing rates.

An increase of $2,059 is requested for 1966 to meet the cost of within-grade promotions falling due in that year, authorized by Public Law 763 under the wage board system, for employees com

pensated under that act. Within-grade promotions and other changes falling due in that year au

thorized by the Classification Act of 1949, as amended, for employees compensated under that act.


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