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1- Inaugural Message of Governor Emmet D. Boyle to the Legislature of the

Thirtieth Session, 1921.

2-Annual Report of the State Treasurer for the year 1919.
3-Annual Report of the State Treasurer for the year 1920.

Annual Report of the State Controller for the year 1919.
Annual Report of the State Controller for the year 1920.
- Biennial Report of the Secretary of State for the years 1919–1920.

7-Biennial Report of the Superintendent of State Printing for the years


8-Biennial Report of the Surveyor-General and State Land Register for the

years 1919-1920.

9-Biennial Report of the Attorney-General for the years 1919–1920.

10—Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the years


11-Biennial Report of the Clerk of the Supreme Court for the years 1919–1920.

12—Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Labor for the years 1919–1920.

13-Biennial Report of the Regents of the University of Nevada for the years


14-Biennial Report of the Warden of the State Prison for the years 1919–1920.

15--Biennial Report of the Nevada State Police for the years 1919–1920.

16-Biennial Report of the Orphans' Home Directors and Report of the Super-

intendent for the years 1919–1920.

17—Biennial Report of the Adjutant-General for the years 1919–1920.

18-Biennial Report of the State Inspector of Mines for the years 1919–1920.

19_Report of the Insurance Commissioner for the year 1919.

20-Report of State Auditor for the year 1918.

21—Nevada Educational Bulletin, May, 1919.

22— Nevada Educational Bulletin, September, 1919.

23—Nevada Educational Bulletin, October, 1919.

24–Nevada Educational Bulletin, November, 1919.

25-Nevada Educational Bulletin, December, 1919.

26-Nevada Educational Bulletin, January, 1920.

27-Nevada Educational Bulletin, February, 1920.

28Nevada Educational Bulletin, March-April, 1920.

29- Nevada Educational Bulletin, May, 1920.

30-Neyada Educational Bulletin, September, 1920.

31--Nevada Educational Bulletin, October-November, 1920.

32--Nevada Educational Bulletin, December, 1920.

33—Speech of C. C. Cottrell, State Highway Engineer.

34-Course of Study for the Elementary Public Schools of Nevada.

35%-A Tribute to Theodore Roosevelt, by Hon F. H. Norcross.

36"Principles of Sewing"-Bulletin No. 21, Agricultural Extension Division.

37–Nevada Tax Commission, Bulletin No. 21.

38_Official Returns of the Election of November, 1920.

Numbers continued in Volume 2.

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