Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly ... of the Legislature, Volume 1; Volume 30, Part 1

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Page 119 - No portion of said fund, nor the interest thereon, shall be applied, directly or indirectly, under any pretense whatever, to the purchase, erection, preservation, or repair of any building or buildings.
Page 72 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
Page 22 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be fined in...
Page 79 - Library, established under an Act of the Legislature of this State entitled: " An Act to provide for increasing the Law Library of the corporation known as the San Francisco Law Library, and to secure the use of the same to the Courts held at San Francisco, the Bar, the City and County Government and the People of the City and County of San Francisco,
Page 49 - That any qualified applicant to whom the Secretary of the Interior may grant a lease to develop and extract phosphates, or phosphate rock, under the provisions of this Act shall have the right to use so much of the surface of unappropriated and unentered lands, not exceeding forty acres, as may be determined by the Secretary of the Interior to be necessary for the proper prospecting for or development, extraction, treatment, and removal of such mineral deposits.
Page 42 - Leases shall be for a period of twenty years, with the preferential right in the lessee to renew the same for successive periods of ten years upon such reasonable terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, unless otherwise provided by law at the time of the expiration of such periods.
Page 45 - Each lease shall contain provisions for the purpose of insuring the exercise of reasonable diligence, skill, and care in the operation of said property...
Page 41 - ... lessee will, in conducting his explorations and mining operations, use all reasonable precautions to prevent waste of oil or gas developed in the land, or the entrance of water through wells drilled by him to the oil sands or oil-bearing strata, to the destruction or injury of the oil deposits.
Page 26 - The magistrate must, before issuing the warrant, examine on oath the complainant, and any witnesses he may produce, and take their depositions in writing, and cause them to be subscribed by the parties making them.
Page 49 - An Act to promote the mining of coal, phosphate, oil, oil shale, gas, and sodium on the public domain

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