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The purpose of this document is to provide general guidance in preparing an application for a license authorizing the use of sealed sources in radiography. Radiography as used in this guide means "the examination of the structure of materials by nondestructive methods, utilizing sealed sources of byproduct material.”

The Atomic Energy Act of 1954 charges the Atomic Energy Commission with, among other things, responsibility for regulating the receipt, possession, and use of byproduct material (reactor-produced radioisotopes). The Commission is authorized to establish by rule, regulation, or order such standards and instructions to govern the possession and use of byproduct material as it may deem necessary or desirable to protect health or to minimize danger to life or property.

In the performance of its regulatory functions, the Commission has promulgated the regulations contained in Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The following regulations are pertinent to the subject of this guide:

1. Part 20, “Standards for Protection Against Radiation."

2. Part 30, “Licensing of Byproduct Material.”

3. Part 31, “Radiation Safety Requirements for Radiographic Operations."

These three parts which were in effect as of January 1, 1963, are reprinted as Appendices A, B, and C of this guide. Amendments to the regulations are published from time to time in the FEDERAL REGISTER and these appendices should be kept up to date by the holder of this guide. Current copies of Commission regulations may be obtained from the Division of Licensing and Regulation, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Washington 25, D.C., or from any of the following AEC Regional Compliance Offices:

Director, Region I

Director, Region II Division of Compliance, Division of Compliance, USAEC

USAEC 376 Hudson Street

50 Seventh Street, New York 14, New York Northeast

Atlanta 23, Georgia
Director, Region III
Division of Compliance, Director, Region IV

Division of Compliance,
Oakbrook Professional USAEC

P.O. Box 15266
Oak Brook, Illinois

Denver 15, Colorado
Director, Region V
Division of Compliance,

2111 Bancroft Way
Berkeley 4, California

General requirements for issuance of a specific license are contained in § 30.23 of Part 30. Special requirements for a specific license for use of sealed sources in radiography are contained in $ 30.24. An application submitted in accordance with $ 30.24 (g) will be evaluated against the requirements of Part 31 and Part 20.

The information contained herein is intended to provide illustrative guidance and should not be considered a substitute for the applicant's careful evaluation of his proposed use of sealed sources, or for his assuring that the application correctly and adequately describes the radiation safeguards and procedures he will follow.

Information not specifically discussed herein should be included with the application if the applicant considers it to be an important part of his radiation safety program. Where an application is incomplete, it may be necessary for the Commission to request additional information so as to provide reasonable assurance that the applicant has established an adequate radiation safety program. Exchanges of correspondence between the Commission and applicant delay final action on the application. This may be avoided by a thorough study of Commission regulations and this guide prior to the filing of an application.

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