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Bhagawada Gitá, and Four other Extracts from the Mahábbárata. Bombay, 1880. 216 leaves. 16.

3 sh. 6 d. or, A Discourse on Philosophy. Bombay, 1881. 60 leaves. 12. 2 sh. 6 d. Bhagawadgita Bháshyotkarshadipiká; or, The Bhagawadgitá, with a Comment, entitled, Bháshyotkarshadipiká«. By Dhanapati Kumár. Ratnagiri, 1880. Oblong, 286 leaves. 18 sh.

or, The Bhagawada Gitá. Bombay, 1881. 247 leaves. 8. 9 sh. Bhagawat; or, The Bhagawata Purána. By the reputed author Vyása, with a Commentary in Sanskrit. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 1384 p. 1L. 16 sh. Böhtlingk, O., Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung. 4. Thl. 1. Lfg. St. Petersburg 1882. Leipzig, Voss' Sort. S. 1-160.

gr. 4. 4 M. 20. (I-IV, 1.: 31 M) Bradke, P. v., Ueber das Mänava-Gṛhya-Sūtra. I. Leipzig, 1882. 35 S. 8. (Jenens. Diss.) (Aus der Zeitschr. d. D. Morgenländ. Ges. Bd. 36, 417 ff.) Burgess, J., Archaeological survey of Western India. Vols. 4 and 5, report on the Buddhist and Elura cave temples, etc. 2 vols. London, Trübner & Co. Folio, half-bound. 6 sh. 6 d. Burkhard, C., Lectiones codicis Çâkuntali Bikânîrensis. Wien, 1882. XVI S. u. 1 Tafel. gr. 8. (Progr.)

Chatus Shloki Bhagawat; or, The Essence of the Bhágawat Purán in Four Couplets. By Wyás. Bombay, 1881. 8 leaves. 16. 6 d. Daivatabramhana and Shadbingshabrambana of the Samaveda, with a Commentary of Sayanacharya. Second Edition. 1881. 114 p. 8. 5 sh. Damasetkya Taya, Metginshitpa, Dootteintha Kamatan, Athooba Shoobweh (Buddhist Tracts). Edited by Moung Ywet. 1881. 54 p. 8. 1 sh. 6 d. Deussen. P., das System d. Vedâuta, nach den Brahma-Sûtra's d. Bâdarayana u. dem Commentare d. Çankara üb. dieselben als e. Compendium der Dogmatik d. Brahmanismus vom Standpunkte d. Çañkara aus dargestellt. Leipzig, Brockhaus. XVI, 535 S. gr. 8. 12 M Durga Saptashati. Bombay, 1881. 78 leaves. 12. 3 sh 6 d.

2 sh.

or, The Saptashati Purána of the Goddess Durgá, another name of the Goddess Párwati. Bombay, 1881. 214 leaves. 12. 7 sh. 6 d. Dwadasha Stotra; or, The Twelve Hymns in Praise of the God Krishna. By Madhwacharya. Poona, 1880. Oblong, 24 leaves. Dwatringshatputtalika; or, Thirty-two Anecdotes Relating to Raja Vikramaditya. 1881. 130 p. 8. 4 sh. Edgren, H., Sanskritspråkets formlära jemte kort öfver prakritdialekten samt inledande läsöfningar. Lund, Gleerup. 246 S. 8. 6 kr. 50 öre Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king, The: a life of Buddha by Asvaghosha Bodhisattva; tr. from Sanskrit into Chinese by Dharmaraksha, A. D. 420, and from Chinese into English by S. Beal. New York, Macmillan. XXXVII, 380 p. 8. (Sacred books of the East, ed. by F. M. Müller, v. 19.) 2 Doll. 75 c. Frankfurter, O., Handbook of Pali: being an elementary grammar, a chrestomathy, and a glossary. London, Williams and Norgate. 8. 16 sh. Garga Sanhita; or, The Work of Garga Rishi. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 230 leaves.

2 sh.

18 sh. Gitagovinda, The. A Poem. By Jayadeva Goswami, with a Commentary. 1-82. 113 p. 8. Gopálsahasranama Stotra; or, The Thousand Epithets of Gopál, another name of the God Krishna. Bombay, 1881. 38 leaves. 8. 1 sh. 6 d. Gowarddhan shri Rangadehik waibhaw stotra ratuáwali; or a Collection of Hymns to Gowarddhan Shrirang the Preceptor. Bombay, 1880. 60 p. 8. 1 sh. 6 d. popular Jataka 5 sh.

Heetaw padaytha and other Stories (Hitopadesa and
Stories). Edited by Moung Bwa. 1881. 146 p. 8.

4 sh. 6 d.

Ganitadhyaya. A treatise on astronomy. By Bhaskaracharya. 1881. 300 p. 8. 4 sh. 6 d. Hitopadesha. By Vishnusharma, with a Commentary. Third Edition. 1881. 331 p. 8. Indrajâlâdi-Sangrahas (1 to 14 Chapters). Collected and published by Rasika-Mohana-Chattopâdhyâya. Calcuttta, A. H. 1286 (1869). 4. 3 L. 3 sh. Kandapooya Woottoo (Allegorical Story on Life and Death). Edited by Moung Tha Zan. 1881. 52 p. 8. 2 sh. 6 d. Kavitavali, or Collection of Sanskrit Hymns. By Hrishikeça Çastri). 1879. 40 p. 8.

3 sh. 6 d.

Kavyadarsha, The. By Sridandi, with a Commentary. 1882. 312 p. 8. 7 sh. Kavyasangraha; or, a Sanskrit Anthology, being a Collection of the best smaller Poems in the Sanskrit Language. 1872. 688 p. 8. 14 sh. Kirste. Etudes sur les Pratisakhjas. Paris, imp. nationale. 44 p.

8. (Extrait.) Laghukaumndi Grantho; or, The work entitled »Laghu Kaumudi‹, an abridgment of the »Kaumudi« or Moon Light. A small Treatise on Sanskrit Grammar. Bombay, 1881. 173 p. 16. 2 sh. 6 d. Leumann, E., Das Aupapâtika Sûtra, erstes Upânga der Jaina. Einleitung mit Inhaltsangabe, Text, Anmerkungen und Glossar. I. Theil. Leipzig. 1882. 50 S. 8. (Diss.) Mádhusudanatikáyuta Bhagawata Gitá; or, A Discourse on Philosophy, with a Commentary by Mádhusudana Saraswati. Bombay, 1881.

5 sh.

210 leaves. 8. 18 sh. Mahimna Stotra; or, A Hymn in Praise of the God Shiwa, by Pushpadanta. Bombay, 1881. 8 leaves. 8. 1 sh. Malati and Madhava. A Sanskrit Drama. By Bhavabhuti, with a Commentary. 1876. 185 p. 8. Mangalástakam; or, Verses Repeated at the Marriage and Thread Ceremonies of the Hindus. Poona, 1881. 14 p. 8. Mrichhakatika. A Drama in Ten Acts. By Sudrakakabi, with a Commentary. 1881. 425 p. 8.

9 d.

6 sh.

Müller, F. M., India: What can it teach us? A course of lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge. London, Longmans, Green & Co. 390 p. 8. 12 sh. 6 d. Sacred books of the East. Vol. 14, sacred laws of the Aryas. Translated by G. Buhler. Part 2, Vasishtha and Baudhayana. London, Frowde 390 p. 8.

10 sh. 6 d.

1 L. 12 sh.

Neisser, W., zur vedischen Verballehre. I. (Aus: Beiträge zur Kunde der indogerman. Sprachen.) Göttingen 1882, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. 35 S. gr. 8. (Diss.) 80 g. O'Brien, E., Glossary of the Multani Language Compared with Punjabi and Sindhi. Lahore, 1881. XIII, 293 p. 8. Panchadashi. A Tratise on the Vedanta Philosophy. By Bharatitirtha Vidyaranya, with the Commentary of Ramakrishna. 1882. 418 p. 8. 10sh. Panchatantra. By Vishnu Sharma. Second ed. 1881. 314 p. 8. 8 sh. Paramatta Maydaneekyan (Buddhist Metaphysics). Edited by Ko Oung Shay. 1881. 160 p. 8

5 sh.

Prabodha Chandrodaya. A Drama in Six Acts. By Sri Krishna Mishra, with the Commentary of Mahesha Chandra Nyayalankara. 1874. 135 p. 8.

6 sh. Prashna Bhairawa, Bhág i lá; or, A Treatise on Astrology. Part I. Poona, 1881. 44 p. 8. 1 sh. 6 d. Pushpabana Bilashakavyam. A Poem. By Kalidasha, with an Old Commentary. 1874. 56 p. 8.

Rámáyana, the Celebrated Poem of Valmiki. ves. Oblong folio. Typographical Press.

Bibliotheca philologica. 1883. 1.

2 sh. 6 d. Bombay, 1881. 927 lea3 L. 13 sh. 6 d.


Recherches archéologiques dans le sud de l'Inde. Nancy, impr. BergerLevrault et Ce. 6 p. 8.

Rigwedi Waishnawa Brábmanánkaritan Brahmakarmáchi Pothi; or. Daily Vedic Prayers Recited by the Sect of Bráhmans who follow the Rigveda and Worship the God Wishnu. Poona, 1881. Oblong, 19 leaves. 2 sh. 6 d. Ritusanhara. 108 p. 8. 1 sh. 6 d. Rockhill, W. W., Udanavarga- a collection of verses from the Buddhist compiled by Dharmatrûta, being the Northern Buddhist version of Dhammapada. Translated from the Tibetan of the Bkah - hypur, with notes and extracts from the commentary of Prudinavarman. (Trübner's Oriental Series.) London, Trübner & Co. 232 p. 8.

A Poem. By Kalidasa, with a Commentary. 1881.


Sabdarupadarsha. 1881. 94 p. 8.

9 sh. 2 sh. 6 d.

Edited by 6 sh.

Sadoodamathaya and Thanwaya Pyo (Two Burmese Epics).
Thaya. 1881. 182 p. 8.
Samáschakra; or, A Book of Sanskrit Derivatives. By Bhattáchárya.
Poona, 1880. 8 leaves. 4.

9 d.

5 sh.

Sankaravijaya; or, The Life and Polemics of Sankaracharya. By Anandagiri. 1881. 217 p. 8. Saraswata, Purwárdha; or, The First Half of the Work on Sanskrit Grammar, entitled Saraswata. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 55 leaves. 3 sh. Satikápanchadashi; or, A Book on Vedánta Philosophy, consisting of Fifteen Chapters, with a Commentary. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 134 leaves. 10 sh. 6 d.

Satika Sarvasatkarma-padhatis. The Rites and Ceremonies of the Hindus according to the Three Vedas, with Commentary published by Candrakumara Bhattacharya. Calcutta, A. H. 1288 (1871). 634 p.


14 sh. Schwab, J., Das altindische Thieropfer. Vorwiegend nach handschriftlichen Quellen dargestellt. Erlangen, 1882. 35 S. 8. (Diss.) Shraddha Viveka; or, A Treatise on the Performance of various Funeral Ceremonies. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 75 leaves. 7 sh. 6 d. Sørensen, S., om Mahābhārata's Stilling i den indiske Literatur. I. Forsøg på at udskille de aeldste Bestanddele. Kopenhagen, Klein. 392 S. 8. 8 Kr.

6 sh.

Subhashita-Ratna-Bhândâgâram; or, Gems of Sanskrit Poetry. Being a Collection of Witty, Epigrammatic, Instructive and Descriptive Verses. Selected and arranged by Kâsînâtha Pânduranga Paraba. Bombay, 1880. 466 p. 8. 15 sh. Sukranitisara, The; or, The Elements of Probity. By Sukracharya, with a Commentary. 1882. 562 p. 8. Susruta, The; or, System of Medicine Taught by Dhanwantari, and composed by his disciple Susruta; in Six Divisions: Sutra, Nidána, Shárira, Chikitsá, Kalpa, and Uttaratantra. 1873. 706 p. 8. 15 sh. Tantrasâra; or, The Quintessence of the Tantras. Collected and published by Rasika-Mohana-Chattopadhyâya. Parts 1 to 16. Calcutta, A. H. 1285 (1868). 4.

3 L.

Tarka Sangraha; or, A Small Treatise on the Doctrine of Nyáya, or Logical Philosophy. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 9 leaves. 6 d. Turkamrita. An Elementary Treatise on the Nyaya Philosophy. By Jagadisa Bhattacharya. 1880. 24 p. 8. 1 sh. 6 d.

4 sh.

Uttararamacharita. A Drama in Seven Acts. By Bhavabhuti, with a
Commentary. 1881. 269 p. 8.
Vachaspatya. A Comprehensive Sanskrit Dictionary. Compiled by

Professor Taranatha Tarkavachaspati; in Twenty Parts. Parts XVI. XVII. XVIII. Calcutta, 1881-82. p. 3603 to 4318. 4. Each part 15 sh. Vedantasara. A Treatise on the Vedanta Philosophy, with the Commentary of Subodhini. 1875. 60 p. 8.

4 sh.

Vetala Panchavinshati; or, Twenty-five Tales Related by a Vampire to Rajah Vikramaditya. 1873. 91 p. 8. 2 sh. 6 d. Vinaya Pitakam. One of the Principal Buddhist holy scriptures in the Pali language. Edited by H. Oldenberg. Vol. 5, The Parivara, and Indices. London, Williams and Norgate. 8. 2 sh. Complete, 5 vols. 5 L, 5 sh.

texts; tr. from the Pâli by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg. Pt. 2: The Mahâvagga, 5-10; the Kullavagga, 1-3. New York, Macmillan, 1882. IV, 444 p. 8. Wásishti Hawan Paddhati; or, The Mode of Performing Oblation by Fire to a Deity, as prescribed by Wásishta. Bombay, 1881. Oblong, 37 leaves.

2 sh. 6 d.

2. Eranisch.

Bartholomae, Chr., Handbuch d. altiranischen Dialekte. (Kurzgefasste vergleich. Grammatik, Lesestücke u. Glossar.) Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel. VII, 272 S. gr. 8.

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6 M.

7 sh. 6 d.

Darmesteter, J., Essais Orientaux. Paris, 1883. 8. Firdusi. The epics of kings; stories retold from Firdusi by Helen Zimmern; with two etchings by L. Alma Tadema, R. A., and a prefatory poem by Edmund W. Gosse. New York, Holt & Co. XLVI, 339 p. 12. 2 Doll. 50 c. Jamaspasana, Dinshaw, M. D., A Glossary of Persian Words with English Meanings occurring in Shaik Sadee's Gul-e- Stan. Bombay,

1881. 8.

3 sh. 6 d. Müller, M.. Sacred Books of the East. Vol. 18, Pahlavi Texts. Translated by E. W. West. Part 2, The Dadistan I Dinik and the Epistles of Manuskihar. London, Frowde. 506 p. 8. 12 sh. 6 d. Nowroji Adarji Tata. A Glossary of Words occurring in Karimá of Shark-Sáadi. Second edition. Bombay. 32 p. 8. Pahlavi texts; tr. by E. West. Pt. 2: The Dâdistân-i epistles of Mânuskîhar. New York, Macmillan, 1882. 8. (Sacred books of the East, tr. by various Oriental edited by F. M. Müller, v. 18.)

3 sh. Dînîk and the XXXI, 484 p. scholars and 3 Doll. 25 c. Zend-Avesta, The. Pt. 2: The Sîrôzahs, Yasts, and Nyâyis; tr. by Ja. Darmesteter. New York, Macmillan. X, 384 p. 8. (Sacred books of the East, ed. by F. M. Müller, v. 23.) 2 Doll. 75 c.

3. Germanische Sprachen.

Hoffmann, A., Der bildliche Ausdruck im Beowulf und in der Edda. I. Altenburg 1882. 32 S. 8. (Bresl. Diss.)

Jahresbericht üb. die Erscheinungen auf dem Gebiete der germanischen Philologie hrsg. v. d. Gesellschaft f. deutsche Philologie in Berlin. 4. Jahrg. 1882. Leipzig, Reissner. 1. Abtlg.: 128 S. gr. 8. 8 M. Kölbing, E., die nordische u. die englische Version der Tristan - Sage. 2. Thl. Sir Tristrem. Mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen u. Glossar. Nebst e. Beilage: Deutsche Uebersetzg. d. englischen Textes. Heilbronn, Henninger. XCIII, 292 S. gr. 8.

à 12 M

a. Deutsch.


Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur, hrsg. v.
H. Paul und W. Braune. 9. Bd. 3 Hfte. Halle, Niemeyer. 15 M
Inhalt. 1. Heft: Symons, Zu Kudrun. Pau!, Zur Geschichte der
Lautentwickelung u. Formenassociation. XI: Vocaldehnung u. Vocalkür-
zung im Neuhochdeutschen.
Sievers, Zum Beowulf. San Marte,
Wer ist San Ze?

Germania. Vierteljahrsschrift für Deutsche Alterthumskunde. Begründet von Franz Pfeiffer. Hrsg. von K. Bartsch. 27. Jahrg. Neue Reihe 15. Jahrg. Wien, Gerold's Sohn. 8.

15 M


Inhalt. Heft 3. 4: Olsen, Zur neuisländischen Grammatik. Sprenger, Alber v. Regensburg u. d. Eneide. Keinz, Wigamur. Edzardi, Fensalir u Vegetamsk viđa Blaas, Bartsch u Kein z, Psalterien m. deutschen Randbemerkungen. Nerger, Zu Hartmanns Iwein V, 3473. 74. Bartsch, Bruchstücke v. Konrads Trojanerkriege; kritische Glossen zu e. unkritischen Texte. Veinaleken, Volkssagen. Sprenger, Zu Konrads von Fussesbrunnen Kindheit Jesu; Zu Hartmanns Erec; Zu Hartmanns 2 Büchlein. Bech, Zu den Pariser Tageszeiten. Edzardi, Zur Geschichte u. Erzklärung der Eddalieder. XV. Steffenhagen, Kieler Bruchstücke aus Bertholds von Holle Demantin. Vetter, Kleine Mittheilungen v. Hardenberg, Behaghel, Zum Heliand. Sprenger,

Die vier Temperamente.

Kleine Beiträge.

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28. Jahrg. Ibid. Heft 1 und 2.

Inhalt: Dunger, Der Tristanteppich von Schwarzenberg.

R Köhler,

Der Fisch Celebrant; In die Hand nicht in die Speisen schneiden Vernaleken, Mythische Nachklänge. I. Witi. Edzardi, Zur Geschichte u. Erklärung der Eddalieder. XIV. Zu den Hyndlujóot. Birlinger, Aufzeichnungen der Nonne Adelheid in Linnich. Bernouilli, Bruchstücke eines Trojanergedichtes Goedeke, Meisterlieder. Andresen, Heutige Geschlechtsnamen aus Hrod, Hruod. Marold, Einfluss des Lateinischen auf die gotische Bibelübersetzung. Sprenger, Zu Konrads von Heimesfurt Urstende Giske, Zur Textkritik des

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12 M.

Ezzoleichs. Peter, Die deutschen Prosaromane von Lanzelot. R. Köhler, Zu einem Spruche Meister Rumelants; Erbegast, der aller Diebe Meister ist. Förstemann, Thumelicus. Sprenger, Zum Pfaffen Amis. Wülcker, Luthers Stellung zur kursächsischen Kanzleisprache. Garthaus, Zur Spervogelfrage. Weller, Zum Repertorium Typographicum. Mittheilungen der deutschen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung vaterländischer Sprache u. Alterthümer in Leipzig. 8. Bd. 1. Hft. Leipzig, Weigel. 24 S. m. 9 Lichtdr. u. 1 Steintaf. gr. 8. 3 Mi Studien, Strassburger, für Geschichte, Sprache und Litteratur des Elsasses hrsg. v. E. Martin u. W. Wiegand. I. Band. 4 Hefte. Strassburg, Trübner. 482 S. gr. 8. Philol. Inhalt: R. Preuss, Stilistische Untersuchungen über Gottfried von Strassburg. Socin, Die althochdeutsche Sprache im Elsass vor Otfried von Weissenburg. Schulte, Closener u. Königshofen. Martin, Urkundliches über die Meistersänger zu Strassburg. W. Scherer, Wolfhart Spangenberg. Socin, Nachtrag. Grîtec. Martin u. Wiegand, Verzeichniss der in den Jahren 1870-1882 erschienenen Litteratur über das Elsass. Zeitschrift für Deutsches Alterthum u. Deutsche Litteratur. Unter Mitwirkung v. K. Müllenhoff u. W. Scherer hrsg. v. E. Steinmeyer. N. F. 14. Bd. (XXVI. Bd.) 4. Heft. Berlin, Weidmann. Desgl. Anzeiger. 8.

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