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50 øre.

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Neuere Literatur.

1 L. 5 sh.

London, Low

7 sh. 6 d.

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VIII, 160 S.
Edition de luxe. In
Fol. subscr. 5 Doll.
Vol. 2210 and 2159.
à 1 M. 60 S.

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modern India.

field. 2 vols.

By F. M. Crawford. 287 S.

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niscences of court and diplomatic life. By Georgiana Baroness BloomWith the portr. (steel - engraving) of Her Majesty the 2126. Sketches in Italy. By J. A. Symonds. in Italy and Greece and 2127. 2128. Kit: a memory. 2129. People I have met.

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Queen. à 271 S.
Selected from »sketches
in Italy. 312 S.
286 u. 288 S.
Murray. 279 S.


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By the author of Molly Bawn«. 2 vols. 278 u. 272 S. 2132. Venetian life. By W. D. Howells. 391 S. m. Stahlst.-Portr. 2133. 2134. The golden calf. A novel. By M. E. Braddon. 2 vols. 312 u. 287 S. 2135. 2136. Facing the footlights. A novel. By Fl. Marry at (Mrs. Francis Lean). 2 vols. With the portrait (steel engraving) of the author. 280 u. 271 S. 2137. 2138. Heart and science. A story of the present time. By W. Collins. 2 vols. 295 u. 288 S. 2139. Frau Frohmann and other stories. By A. Trollope. 296 S. 2140. Dayspring: a story of the time of William Tyndale, reformer, scholar, and martyr. By E. Marshall. 336 S. 2141. 2142. Stray pearls. Memoirs of Margaret de Ribaumont, viscounters of Behaise. By Ch. M. Yonge. 2 vols. With the portrait of the author (steelengraving). 286 u. 287 S. 2143. 1244. Life on the Mississippi. By M. Twain. (Sam. L. Clemens). 2 vols. 295 u. 270 S. 2145-2147. Wanda. By Ouida. 3 vols. 288, 287 u. 286 S. 2148. 2149. Sam's sweetheart. By H. Mathers (Mrs. Henry Reeves). 2 vols. 287 u. 288 S. 2150 2152. The real Lord Byron. New views of the poet's life. Specially revised for the Tauchnitz series. By J. C. Jeaffreson. 3 vols. 280, 279 u. 286 S. 2153. Italian journeys. By W. D. Howells. 358 S. 2154. Alice Dugdale and other stories. By A.

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Trollope. 287 S.

2155. 2156. Shandon Bells.

A novel. By W. 2157. Loys,

Black. 2 vols. 272 u. 288 S. m. Stahlst.-Portr. d. Verf. Lord Berresford and other tales. By the author of Molly Bawn<. 2158. Geraldine Hawthorne. A sketch. By the author of 2159. Laurentia: A tale of Japan. By Lady

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126 S.

60 g.

88 S

4. My

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Inhalt: 1. 2. Ornaments discovered. A story. 3. Aufl. 242 S. 90 3. Ten tales. By A. Hoist. 2. Aufl. 164 S. 60 father's fireside tales. By T. S. Arthur. 2. Aufl. Four of my uncle's fireside tales. By Ben Hook. Nr. 18. Zürich, Rudolphi & Klemm. 16. Inhalt: The maid's tragedy by Beaumont and Fletcher. 1611. 104 S.

2. Aufl. cart.



à 40 London

Matthews, J. B., poems of american patriotism. New York, XIII and 285 p. 12.


5 sh.

Portraits. Boston. VIII

15 sh.

besten Novitäten hervorAutoris. deutsche Ausg. 70 d

7 sh. 6 d. Poems, rare, of the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries. A supplement to the anthologies. Collected and edited, with notes, by W. J. Linton. London, Paul, Trench and Co. 280 p. 8. Prose, American, Hawthorne, Irving, Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Lowell, Thoreau, Emerson; with introductions and notes by the editor of American Poems«. holiday edition. and 424 p. 8. Romanbibliothek, englische. Sammlung der rag. engl. Autoren, hrsg. v. P. Jüngling. 21-39. Bd. Berlin, Barthol & Co. Inhalt: 21- 25. Sonnenaufgang. Von W. Black. 5 Bde. VI, 188, 196, 191, 188 u. 199 S. 1882. 18 M 26. 27. Das Grubenmädchen. Von F. Burnett. 2 Bde. XVI, 223 u. 219 S. 1882. 8 Mi 2832. Der Freihändler. Von R. D. Blackmore. 5 Bde. VII, 205; 208, 207, 202 u. 179 S. 18 M. 33-35. Eine Traube von den Dornen. Von J. Pahn. 3 Bde. VII, 229; 232 u. 208 S. 12 M. 36. Die schöne Barbarin v. F. Burnett. Deutsch v. A. Ranke. 249 S. 4 Mi 37-39. Eines Lebens Busse v. D. Ch. Murray. 3 Bde. u. 175 S. 10 M. Sadler, P., Cours de versions anglaises, ou Recueil choisi d'anecdotes classiques, extraits divers anciens et modernes en prose, suivis des morceaux les plus brillants de la poésie anglaise tirés de Shakespeare, Dryden, Milton, Pope, etc., le tout enrichi de notes explicatives en français. 13e éd., augmentée. Paris, Leroy. 492 p. 12. Schüler-Bibliothek, englische, Hrsg. v. A. Wiemann. Bdchn. Gotha, Schloessmann. 16.

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Inhalt: Deaf and dumb. An historical drama, in 5 acts, by Th. Holderoft. Mit e. Verzeichnis der Redensarten. 100 S. 17. A sketch of the life of Schiller. By Bulwer. Mit e. Verzeichnis der Redensarten.

123 S.

dasselbe Wörterverzeichnis zum 14. Bd. Ebd. 31 S. 16. 20

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Sprach- u. Literaturdenkmale, englische, d. 16., 17. u. 18. Jahrh.,
hrsg. v. K. Vollmöller. 1. Bdchň. Heilbronn, Henninger. 8. 2 M.
Inhalt: Gorboduc or Ferrex and Porrex. A tragedy by Th. Norton and
Th. Sackville. A. D. 1561. Ed by L. T. Smith. XXIX, 97 S.

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l'autorisation de l'auteur, par Ch. Bernard-Derosne. 2 vol. ibid.
T. 1: 269 p.; t. 2: 284 p. 18.
1 fr. 25 c.
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III, 230 S. 8.
3 M; geb. 4 M.

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362 p. 4.
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New York, Appleton.

Edited by Parke Godwin. 2 vols.

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et Ce. 455 p. 18.

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334 p. 8.

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Les Derniers jours de Pompéi, roman, anglais.
torisation de l'auteur, sous la direction de P. Lorain.
et Ce. 339 p. 18.

260 p.

1 sh.

p. 12. 2 sh. Traduit, avec l'auParis, Hachette 1 fr. 25 c. Despics. Edin. 2 sh. 6 d. XIII, 471 p.

With coloured illustrations by J.

Ernest Maltravers.
burgh, Scott. 346 p. 8.
Night and morning.


2 v.

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50 c.

20 c.


45 sh. Poetical works. Edited, with introductory biography and notes, by Ch. Kent. (Blackfriars edition.) London, Routledge & Sons. 508 p. 8. 3 sh. 6 d. Poetical works; ed. from best printed and MS. authorities, with glossarial index and a biographical memoir, by A. Smith. 2 v. New York, Macmillan. 99, 353; 11, 445 p. por. and il. 16. 3 Doll. 50 c. Byron, L., Complete poetical works. With introductory memoir by Walter B. Scott. Blackfriars ed. London, Routledge & Sons. 746 p. 3 sh. 6 d. Poemi e novelle. Milano, Sonzogno. 1882. 107 p. 16. 25 c. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Texte anglais, revu et annoté par A. Julien. Paris, Poussielgue frères. 236 p. 18.


Le Pèlerinage de Childe Harold. Traduction française.


208 p. 18.

Born, St., Lord-Byron. Vortrag. (Aus: »Oeffentliche Vorträge, geh. in der Schweiz. Hrsg. v. B. Schwabe. 7. Bd. 5. Heft.) Basel,

gr. 8.

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20 c.

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[ocr errors]

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12. Chaucer.

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Koch, J., a critical edition of some of Chaucer's »minor poems«. Berlin, Gaertner. 26 S. gr. 4. (Progr.) 1 Mi Coleridge, S. T., Poetical works. Reprinted from the early editions, with memoir, notes, &c., original illustr., and portrait. (Chandos poets.) London, Warne. 682 p. 8. 7 sh. 6 d. Cooper, J. F., The Borderers, Last of the Mohicans, Pathfinder, Pilot, Red Rover. New ed. London, Routledge & Sons. Oeuvres. Traduction Defauconpret. A bord Garnier frères. 396 p. 8.


6 d. et à terre. Paris,

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