Remarks on Three Plays of Benjamin Jonson: Viz. Volpone, Or The Fox: Epicoene, Or The Silent Woman: and The Alchemist...

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G. Hawkins, 1749 - 124 pages

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Page 4 - Peep through the horns of the celestial Ram, Am I to view thy splendor darkening his; That lying here, amongst my other hoards, Shew'st like a flame by night, or like the day Struck out of chaos, when all darkness fled Unto the centre.
Page 4 - Good morning to the day; and next, my gold: Open the shrine, that I may see my saint.
Page 54 - So saying, with delight he snuffed the smell Of mortal change on Earth. As when a flock Of ravenous fowl, though many a league remote, Against the day of battle, to a field Where armies lie encamped come flying, lured With scent of living...
Page 45 - And wear, and lose them: yet remains an ear-ring To purchase them again, and this whole state. A gem but worth a private patrimony, Is nothing: we will...
Page 27 - Not without; Those blows were nothing : I could bear them ever. But angry Cupid,* bolting from her eyes, Hath shot himself into me like a flame; Where, now, he flings about his burning heat, As in a furnace an ambitious fire, Whose vent is stopt. The fight is all within me. I cannot live, except thou help me, Mosca; My liver melts, and I, without the hope Of some soft air, from her refreshing breath, Am but a heap of cinders.
Page 97 - Slid, I cannot choose but laugh to see myself translated thus, from a poor creature to a creator; for now must I create an intolerable sort of lies, or my present profession loses the grace: and yet the lie, to a man of my coat, is as ominous a fruit as the fico.
Page 12 - Crates the cynic, as itself doth relate it: Since kings, knights, and beggars, knaves, lords, and fools gat it, Besides ox and ass, camel, mule, goat, and brock. In all which it hath spoke, as in the cobbler's cock. But I come not here to discourse of that matter, Or his one, two, or three, or his great oath, BY QUATER...
Page 86 - Mary Ambree, (Who marched so free To the siege of Gaunt, And death could not daunt, As the ballad doth vaunt) Were a braver wight,
Page 105 - Gainst cobwebs. I have a piece of Jason's fleece too, Which was no other than a book of alchemy, Writ in large sheepskin, a good fat ram-vellum. Such was Pythagoras...
Page 65 - ... they haue fent, and defire, that you would fooner commit halter. your graue head to this knot, then to the wed-lock nooze ; or, take a little fublimate, and goe out of the world, like 3 a rat ; or a flie (as one faid) with a ftraw i' your arfe : any way, rather, then to follow this goblin matrimony.

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