Scientific Research in Education

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Researchers, historians, and philosophers of science have debated the nature of scientific research in education for more than 100 years. Recent enthusiasm for "evidence-based" policy and practice in education‚€"now codified in the federal law that authorizes the bulk of elementary and secondary education programs‚€"have brought a new sense of urgency to understanding the ways in which the basic tenets of science manifest in the study of teaching, learning, and schooling.

Scientific Research in Education describes the similarities and differences between scientific inquiry in education and scientific inquiry in other fields and disciplines and provides a number of examples to illustrate these ideas. Its main argument is that all scientific endeavors share a common set of principles, and that each field‚€"including education research‚€"develops a specialization that accounts for the particulars of what is being studied. The book also provides suggestions for how the federal government can best support high-quality scientific research in education.


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Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Accumulation of Scientific Knowledge
3 Guiding Principles for Scientific Inquiry
4 Features of Education and Education Research
5 Designs for the Conduct of Scientific Research in Education
6 Design Principles for Fostering Science in a Federal Education Research Agency
Biographical Sketches Committee Members and Staff

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