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fully competent for their work, and more entirely devoted to it. And let us pray most earnestly that the Lord would stir up the spirit of his servants to come forward in the glorious cause; that many zealous missionaries may be brought forth to usefulness, in the place of every individual whom the Lord may see good, to take to his heavenly glory.

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July 12. (1809.) This evening we were a little in fear. We met with a vessel which we thought an enemy. The captain made preparation. · The guns were ready to be discharged, and to each gun were placed two sailors. That was to my heart, which Christ, the Prince of Peace, has filled with love to peace, a new and hard thing.

July 21. Brother Wenzel was this evening seized with a violent headach : and our sister Mrs. Wenzel could hardly swallow any thing because her throat was sore. This made me very sorrowful. I went on deck, and did pray and weep to my God and Redeemer, in the darkness of the evening, that he would help them ; and offered thanksgivings to my God, that he thus kindly to this very moment hath preserved me from sickness.

July 26. We are this evening a little in fear, because we are passing some banks and shoals. We went therefore together into Mr. Wenzel's room, and put up our supplications to our heavenly Father, that we might be safely guided through these dangerous places ; and that not for the sake of our righteousness, but for the sake of his beloved Son, and in his bounteous mercy. Here I must tell, that we at first were in fear to come together in prayer ; though I heartily wished for it: but on the twenty-first, as Mr. Wenzel had a painful headach, and Mrs. Wenzel pain in the throat, we felt it wrong that we were thus fearful to join together in prayer : and from that time we three began and continued to pray together every day, near evening, unless we were by some great matter interrupted.

Aug. 4. I wished much to see Sierra Leone, and prayed that the Lord would be there with us ; and help us to do all things to the glory of his name, and to the conversion of the heathen. This very moment Mr. Wenzel calls for me, the people having discovered Sierra Leone. I went joyfully on deck : and thus we see our earthly home! O my beloved Father in heaven, it is Thou who broughtest me over to this land, and that quite in health. I lie down at thy feet for such abundant grace, in giving thanks, glory, honour, and adoration, in all humility.

I spoke one evening to the captain of a slaveship which we had taken ; and admonished him to leave off doing such an awful thing as using his vessel to carry slaves. And, as I perceived that he was sorrowful for so doing, I admonished him, by his love to his own soul, that he should seek for mercy, and in future time prefer to take other cargoes in his vessel: and, if he should gain thereby but the eighth part of the profit, it would yet be better for him, for he would by so doing have a comfortable pillow for his life and his dying hour. I asked him if he had heard or read of Mr. Newton: ? Yes,' says he. Then I told him he should follow

his footsteps, after his conversion ; for Mr. Newton's life, spent to the praise and honour of God and his beloved Son Jesus Christ, was worthy of imitation.

In a letter written a short time before his death, speaking of a fever which had disabled him for active employ, he says, with Christian simplicity, * This time was displeasing to me. It was a cause of mourning to me, that, when I would pray, I found no pleasure in it; and in the night time when I had leisure to pray, I was disturbed by my fancy. Now nothing was left me but to pray,

O ' Lord, let thy prayer, which Thou, as my everlast

ing High Priest, hast delivered to my heavenly * Father, fill up my place in prayer!'

Mr. Renner writes concerning his last illness and death; Our dear esteemed brother Barneth * died on the second of February. He was contin

ually troubled with fever from the time of his * leaving Sierra Leone. I assisted him with bark

and other medicines, and got him well several * times : but the repeated attacks so weakened his constitution, that at last he was unable to resist

any longer. Jan. 26th, I and brother Butscher ' went to Fantimania, in consequence of a note ' from Brother Wenzel, informing us that brother ‘Barneth had been dangerously ill for three days. * I staid with him from Monday till Friday evening, · when he breathed his last. On Saturday we • buried him decently in the garden close to the dwelling-house. The last four days he was not

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' able to speak, but we had confidence that he «« died the death of the righteous." He was a

lover of Jesus Christ ; and an example in this ' respect, to many believers, because “ he cleaved ' with purpose of heart to the Lord.” The many • tears which he shed in his sickness, while he la'mented that he could not do the work for which he was sent out, are as a blessed dew on the heathen among whom he died, and on the land which he was permitted but to see. The short time that · he lived in the country, he was much beloved by 'the natives, and respected by all who knew him. ‘His infirmities shall be remembered no more, and ' his soul is among those who worship the Lamb for ever,'

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