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Harvard College Library

Dec. 7, 1920

United States Government


Administrative reports, in 2 volumes.
Vol. I. Secretary of the Interior.

Bureaus, except Office of Indian Affairs

and Reclamation Service.*

Eleemosynary institutions.
Vol. II. Indian Affairs.


* The Report of the reclamation Service is not included in this report as it is made to Congress and printed under its direction,

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Report of the Secretary on the Interior—Continued.

Abstract of reports of bureaus and other administrative units of the


General Land Office - Continued.

Stock-raising homesteads_

Stock driveways.-

Soldiers' additional homestead rights..

Town-site, town-lot, and kindred entries.

Rights of way-

State irrigation districts_

Private irrigation projects.

Hydroelectric power

Carey Act.

Desert land

Reclamation homesteads

Stock-watering reservoirs

Withdrawals and restorations--

State selections and State grants.--

School grant to the State of Washington.-

Railroad grants----

Swamp and overflowed lands_

Claims in Texas.---

Abandoned military reservations-

Indian allotments

Chippewa logging operations..

Minnesota drainage.

Sale of Indian lands__

Mining claims.

National forests.

Forest lieu selections

Lieu selections for lands in Indian reservations_-



Indian Affairs_

Releasing Indians from Government supervision.


War as a civilizer

Education -

Health ----

Suppression of the liquor traffic.

Farming and stock raising-

Irrigation ----

Allotments, sale, and leasing of land.

The Five Civilized Tribes.-

The Indian exhibit---

Forestry and road work.

Probate work

Mineral interests

Miscellaneous matters

Indians in New York---

The Florida and Texas bands---

Homeless Indians in California.

Papago land litigation ---

Pension Office--

Number of pensioners..

Unexpended balances of appropriations.

Disbursements for pensions..

Division of pension---

New legislation.-

Special acts of Congress-

Marriage and divorce

Lands for the loyal---

Monthly payment of pensions.

Pension Bureau work.

Age of employees.

Metal boxes for the files.

Patent Office

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Report of the Secretary of the Interior--Continueti.

Abstract of reports of bureaus and other administrative units of the


Bureau of Éducation..





Educational surveys

Activities of the divisions of the bureau.


War work..

Geological Survey -

Nature of the work of the year.

Geologic surveys

Surveys in Alaska.-

Statistics of mineral production.

Topographic surveys-

Water resources

Land classification..


Reclamation Service

Drought conditions...

Investigations of new projects.

Projects and extensions of projects investigated by the Rec-

lamation Service in the Western States.

Irrigable and irrigated acreage.

Advantages of irrigation farming-

Results from these advantages_

Irrigation progress---

Contracts under Warren Act----

No new projects undertaken.

Seepage and drainage -

Reclamation project operations..

Summary of construction results.


Are project settlers permanent?-

Irrigation and crop results, 1918..

Summary of 1918 crop reports, by projects.--

Summary of crop reports on reclamation projects in 1918_

Bureau of Mines

Purpose of the Bureau of Mines.

Cooperative agreements----

Mine experiment and mine safety stations.

War work.----

War minerals investigations.--

War minerals relief commission.

Explosives regulation.

Regulation of platinum.

Administrative divisions..

Mine-rescue and first-aid training-

Mine explosions and fires---

Health of miners and sanitary conditions at mines_

Fuel investigations----

Increasing efficiency and lessening waste in the petroleum

and natural-gas industries_

Government fuel yards.

Bartlesville experiment station.

Berkeley experiment station..

Columbus experiment station.

Fairbanks experiment station.

Golden experiment station ---

Minneapolis experiment station.

Pittsburgh experiment station.-

Salt Lake City experiment station.

Seattie experiment station.

Tucson experiment station

Urbana experiment station -

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