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A little ship was on the sea,

It was a pretty sight;
It sail'd along so pleasantly,

And all was calm and bright.
When lo! a storm began to rise,

The wind grew loud and strong ;
It blew the clouds across the skies,

It blew the waves along.
And all, but One, were sore afraid

Of sinking in the deep;
His head was on a pillow laid,

And he was fast asleep.
Master, we perish !-Master, save!"

They cried,—their Master heard ;
He rose, rebuked the wind and wave,

And still'd them with a word.
He to the storm says, “ Peace,—be still!”

The raging billows cease ;
The mighty winds obey His will,

And all are hush'd to peace.
O! well we knew it was the Lord,

Our Saviour and our Friend;
Whose care of those who trust His word

Will never, never end.


I'm but a stranger here;

Heaven is my home: Earth is a desert drear ;

Heaven is my home : Danger and sorrow stand Round me on every hand, Heaven is my father-land,

Heaven is my home!

What though the tempests rage ?

Heaven is my home :
Short is my pilgrimage ;

Heaven is my home ;
And Time's wild wintry blast
Soon will be overpast;
I shall reach home at last:

Heaven is my home!

Therefore I murmur not;

Heaven is my home : Whate'er my earthly lot,

Heaven is my home. And I shall surely stand There at my Lord's right hand: Heaven is my father-land,

Heaven is my home!



1st Week

71. " Walk in the Spirit."
72. Who carried the Cross of our Saviour

to Calvary?

2nd Week

73. “Charity suffereth long."
74. Against whom did Peter say that Ana-

nias and Sapphira had lied ?

75. The inward man is renewed day by 3rd Week

day.” 76. When our Saviour asked Peter what he

thought of Him, what was his reply? 77. “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro

throughout the whole earth?" 4th Week 78. Who were they that were swallowed up

alive by the earth for rebelling against God's chosen prophet!


All Communications and Articles for insertion to be

addressed to the Editor, at Messrs. SEELEYS, 54, Fleet-street; or, which is more direct, to the Rev. C.

CARUS WILSON, 22, Spencer-square, Ramsgate. Bound volumes of the CHILDREN'S FRIEND and

FRIENDLY VISITOR for last year, suitable for School Prizes and Village Libraries, to be had of the Publishers, through all booksellers, price Is. 6d. each.

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THE LIGHTHOUSE. THERE is, on a rugged and dangerous part of the coast of Cornwall, an old building, which was formerly used as a lighthouse. It is situated on a projecting point of rock, which forms an island when the tide is high,


but is joined to the main land by a sort of raised causeway, when the waters are low. By means of this causeway the persons who had charge of the lighthouse held communication with the shore, for the purpose of obtaining provisions, and recruiting their stock of oil.

The family of the lighthouse keeper consisted of his wife and his little daughter, a child of about ten or eleven years of age. They were good Christian people, and brought up their child in the fear of God, and taught her early to read and love His word. A little before the time of which we are speaking, the mother died, and the most precious thing she had to leave her child, was a large well-worn family Bible. There were then left to take charge of the house only the man and the little girl.

One morning, after the light-keeper had trimmed his lamps, and got them all ready for lighting in the evening, he set off with his basket on his arm, along the causeway, for the purpose of getting provisions; intending to hasten home again before the tide should have flowed and covered up the path.

But there were some people at a distance on the shore, who saw him coming to land, and who formed a wicked scheme to prevent him from returning to the lighthouse. These people were wreckers. These were people who frequented the coast for the purpose of robbing any wreck which came

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