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readers, never forget what you owe to your parents, and let it be one of your greatest pleasures to do all you can to help and please them in return. But how we ought to love and serve our heavenly Father, who sends His rain and sun, to cause the corn to grow and to ripen for the use of man! If we felt how wicked our hearts are, and how ungrateful we are to the Lord for our every: day mercies, we should wonder more and more that He takes such care of us, and provides for our bodies as He does! and then we should learn to love Him, and do all we could to please Him. You know we should soon die without food; and the corn, of which bread is made, is a blessing indeed. We should never eat our breakfasts, dinner, or any meal, without first asking God to bless what we are going to take, and afterwards thanking Him for giving it to us. But never forget that the Lord Jesus Christ is the bread of the soul; and let our prayer be, “ Lord, evermore give us this bread!"


SEAS." THE Sabbath is kept very seriously in many of the islands of the Pacific Ocean, where the people have thrown away their idols, and have built for themselves houses of prayer.

It was so in Tahiti. On the Sabbath day no sounds of labour were heard. Not a single canoe was seen to move upon the

waters, and the natives lighted no fires to cook their food, that being done on the Saturday. It was very pleasant on the Sunday morning to see groups of worshippers nicely dressed, going in the cool morning to the Þouse of prayer, many of the young people carrying small slates, on which they wrote the texts and divisions of the sermon. When the missionaries saw this, they rejoiced, and used to sing that beautiful hymn of Dr. Watts's :

“ Sweet is the day of sacred rest ;
No mortal cares shall seize my breast;
Oh! may my heart in tune be found,

Like David's harp of solemn sound." But the quiet and rest of the Sabbath at Tahiti have been disturbed by the proceedings of the French Governor, who does not regard that holy day as Christians do. He has been trying to tempt the natives to leave the chapels, and have games and dances ; but happily there are many of them who love the Bible and the house of God too well to be thus drawn astray.

One Sunday forenoon, as a missionary in Tahiti was going home from chapel, accompanied by a number of natives, he saw the stream, which flows through the village, full of a very small fish which the natives call inaa, and which, when baked or fried, are a very delicious food. These fish come in from the sea, and enter the fresh water streams at certain seasons of the year, and then are easily caught in baskets.

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Two Frenchmen who were busily engaged in the water, catching them, cried to the natives, “ Come and take inaa.

“No,” replied the latter, “it is the Sabbath day.”

“Never mind,” said the Frenchmen; they will be all gone before to-morrow."

“We cannot fish on Sunday,” said the natives; • it would be sinful ; by so doing we should break the Sabbath day.'

“ No,” said the white men; think God would have sent the inaa if he did not intend them to be caught ?”

“God has sent them to try us,said the natives; and not one of them stayed to take a single inaa. These people knew the word of God, and it is a very happy circumstance that the whole Bible is now translated into the Tahitian language, and many thousand copies of that blessed book have been eagerly purchased by the people who live in those islands.

They read the Bible with the deepest interest, and commit passages to memory, and in the evening they sing hymns at family worship, and their voices are sometimes heard at a great distance, as they are borne along by the gentle breeze over the land and the bright blue sea. Pray and labour, dear readers, that every land may enjoy its Sabbaths, and that the same sweet sounds of love and praise that rise on every returning day of rest from the isles of Polynesia, may arise from every nation under heaven.


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“ TELL me, mamma, about the dead,

Who sleep within the grave,
But who will leave their silent bed,

When Jesus comes to save. “ You say, that though they moulder now,

They shall arise again,
To wear a crown upon their brow,

And with their Saviour reign.”
“My child, the God who dwells on high

Can do whate'er he will; He formed the earth and made the sky,

By His almighty skill. "His power unlock'd the stony tomb,

Where Christ our Saviour lay, Lighting its deep sepulchral gloom

With Heaven's bright beaming ray. “ The merry, soft-wing'd butterfly,

Which sports among the flowers, Rejoicing in the summer sky,

At noontide's pleasant hours,
“ Was once a poor imprison'd worm,

Shut in a gloomy cell,
Uncheer'd by morning's glad return,

While there obliged to dwell ;
“ But God unlock'd its prison door,

And made it all anew,
To fly about from flower to flower,

And sip the cooling dew.
“ And He, by His almighty word,

Will call us to the skies,
And make us like to Christ our Lord,

When we from death arise.

The bright-wing'd butterfly must die,

Its life will soon be o'er;
But we, when we ascend on high,
Shall live for evermore.”

J, H.



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69. Who was King David's greatest

friend? 70. “SE and ye shall find." 71. Who asked Herod to behead John

the Baptist! 72. “ I love them that love Me." 73. Who were the two children who grew

in favour with God and man? 74. “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the

living God." 75. Who was delivered by an angel from

prison ? 76. “Thou art my Father, my God, and

the Rock of my salvation."

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4th Week


LAST MONTH. (61.) Job siïi. 22. (62.) Judges iv. 7, and v. 21, also 1 Kings xviii. 40. (63.) Prov. xxii. 24. (64.) James i. 26, and Matt. xii. 36. (65.) i Kings xiï. 6. (66.) Saviour: Matt, i, 21. (67.) Amos v. 4. (68.) Matt, iï. 4.

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