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tain her. Then they sang together a sweet hymn or two, and the little girl was surprised to find the afternoon so swiftly spent, for the time passed pleasantly.

So she thanked her kind mother for the stories she had told, and the pictures she had shown her. And she smiled and said, “What God pleases is best."

Her mother kissed her child and said, “ Carry this sweet spirit with you, my daughter, as long as you live, and you will have gathered more wisdom from the storm than from the sunshine."


COULD.” A YOUNG lad called on a gentleman, and told him that he had brought him a gift, left by a little Sunday-school girl, his own dear sister, when dying. The brother and sister were orphans, and for some years had had no kind parents to watch over them, and teach them their duty; but they had gone to a Sunday-school, and there learned to pity those who were worse off than themselves. The girl was taken very ill, and was told by her doctor that she could not live long; but she was not frightened, for she loved God, and she knew that He had given His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die for her sake, and that through Him she might hope to go to heaven. She there

fore called her brother to her, and begged that, when she was dead, he would give her books and clothes to some of her schoolfellows, who were very poor. “And,” said she, “ in one corner of my drawer you will find a guinea, which I have saved out of the halfpence I have had given me at different times, for going on errands for our neighbours, and for rewards at school. Will you, dear brother, take it to the Missionary Society, to buy Bibles for some poor little children that have. no Sunday-school to go to ?” Does not this interesting story make my young readers think of those lives which appeared a little time back in the Children's FRIEND, on “ The best Use of a Penny?”—and does it not make them wish to go and do likewise ? Ask Jesus to put the wish into your hearts, and the way into your minds, and then strive, with His help, to do what you can.

THE GRATEFUL INDIAN. One day a missionary, who had gone for his health, to the Himalaya Mountains (in India), was walking in the verandah of his house, when he was surprised by a man suddenly throwing himself down at his feet, and embracing his knees. The missionary could not tell who this man was, for a dark blanket covered the man's head and face. But soon the covering was lifted up, and a swarthy

and withered countenance was shown. The missionary knew it to be that of an old man he once had known, as the chief priest of a gang of robbers ; but now he had become a Christian; and he had travelled six hundred miles, hoping to see once more the face of his teacher; and, lo! he had seen it at last.




1 Now that my journey's just begun,

My course so little trod,
I'll stay, before I further run,

And give myself to God.

2 What sorrows may my steps attend

I cannot now foretell;
But if the Lord will be my friend,

I know that all is well.

3 If all my earthly friends should die,

And leave me mourning here,
Since God regards the orphan's cry,

Oh, what have I to fear?

4 If I am rich, He'll guard my heart,

Temptation to withstand,
And make me willing to impart

The bounties of His hand.

5 If I am poor, He can supply

Who has my table spread ;
Who feeds the ravens when they cry,

And fills His poor with bread. 6 And, Lord, whatever grief or ill

For me may be in store,
Make me submissive to Thy will,

And I would ask no more.

7 Attend me through my youthful way,

Whatever be my lot;
And when I'm feeble, old, and gray,

O Lord, forsake me not.


1 This is God's most holy day;

We must neither work nor play;
But we'll try to pray

and sing And to serve our heavenly King. 2 Oh, 'tis pleasant now to go

To our Saviour's house below!
And we hope to sing and love
In our Saviour's house above.



Ist Week

53. “ His ways are past finding out
54, Who once slept, with the ground for

his bed, a stone for his pillow, and
dreamed of heaven?

2nd Week

55. “ Have always a conscience void of

offence.” 56. Who was the boy that the sun once

killed ?

3rd Week

57. “The earth is full of the goodness of

the Lord." 58. What was the name of the tower which

fell down and killed eighteen men ?

4th Week

59. “ Thou canst make me clean."
60. Who was it that used to blow with

two silver trumpets, and for what


LAST MONTH. (45 ) 1 Tim. iv. 15.

(49.) 2 Cor. 8, 9. (46.1 Deut. xxxiv. 1, 5, 6. (50.) 1 Sam. xxx. 6. (47.) Ps. xxix. 11.

(51.) 1 Cor. xiii. 12. (48.) 1 Sam. xxvi. 7, 9. (52.) 2 Kings v. 3, 13.

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