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them round the parlour table, and read the Bible to them.

And so he went on for many more years, living happily and prosperously; living to please God himself, and bringing up his family to serve him; and respected and loved by every body. Till, at last, it pleased God to throw him on a sick bed ; and then he said he was thankful for all the mercies of his life, though he was sure he did not deserve any of them. He prayed to Jesus to forgive him all his sins. He prayed Him to take care of his family when be had left them. And being quite sure that he was ready for heaven, and that heaven was ready for him, because Jesus had died to save him, he fell asleep in Jesus happily; and we quite hope his soul was taken up to heaven, to be with him for ever.

Here was industry, and honesty, and piety exemplified. Some little boy who reads this, may be stimulated to follow John's example.

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SEEK JESUS. “SEEK Jesus, remember to seek Jesus," said a dying father as he clasped his little ones in his arms, having committed them to the tender care of “the Good Shepherd," who says, “Leave thy fatherless children to me, and I will preserve them alive;" and who is expressly called in the Bible, “The Father of the fatherless."

“ Meet me in heaven,” said a pious mother to her little

girl, and shortly after her happy spirit winged its flight to that blessed place where “the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.”

“ Make God your first object, and he will never leave you, nor forsake you,” were the last words of a devoted clergyman to a young man who went to bid him good-bye.

My dear young readers do you wish to go to heaven when you die? Oh, then, seek Jesus ! remember, whatever else you forget, remember to seek Jesus. Seek Him in health, and He will not forsake you in sickness. Seek Him now, while you are young, for perhaps you may not live to be old; and if you do, you will be far far happier for having sought the Lord “early." I can tell you of one, who was led by God's grace to seek Him in youth and in health, and when it pleased God in infinite wisdom and love, to lay her low upon a sick bed, He did not forsake her, the presence of Jesus made her happy; yes, Jesus was precious, very precious to her. In the hour of suffering and weakness she felt her God and Saviour near, strengthening, supporting, and comforting her, and giving her light, and hope, peace and joy. For some time she was too ill even to hear a few verses read out of the Bible (for she could not bear the least noise), and then it was that by God's blessing, she derived such unspeakable comfort from the precious chap. ters and Psalms, and sweet hymns, she had learned when young; she was enabled to remember them, when she could scarcely remember anything else. And, oh! could she see you, dear children, how she would delight to tell you what a comfort they were made to her, and how earnestly would she beg of you to learn as much Scripture, and as many beautiful hymns as you can, for you know not how soon you may be laid upon a sick-bed.

Is Jesus precious to you, my young readers ? do you really love him? Oh! dear children, you will never enter through the pearly gates, or walk the golden streets of heaven, or sing the “new song,” with bright angels round the throne, unless Jesus is precious to you here. You will never walk with Jesus “in white” above, unless you walk with Him by faith now. You will never shine with Jesus in glory, unless Jesus who is the Sun of Righteousness shine into your hearts on earth.

You must be washed in His blood; you must be clothed in His righteousness; you. must be made holy by His Spirit, if you would spend eternity in His presence.

Go, then, to Jesus now, and say, “Lord lift Thou up the light of Thy countenance

“Make Thy face to shine upon Thy servant; save me for Thy mercy's sake.” And remember that He has said, “Him that cometh unto me I will in nowise cast out."

upon us.

THE HINDOO CHILD. ONCE a missionary, who had been long in India, was going back to England for a little while. He was to get into the ship at Calcutta. The Christian Hindoos stood in crowds by the river side to bid him farewell. Among the rest was a little girl with her parents. She was a gracious child, who had turned from idols to serve the living God. The missionary said to her, “Well, my child, you know I am going to England: what shall I bring you from that country?

“ I do not want anything,” she modestly replied; “I have my parents, and my brother, and the Padri-Sahibs (those are the missionaries), and my books, -what can I want more?

“ But,” said the missionary, "you are only a little girl, and surely you would like something from England. Shall I bring you some playthings ?

“ No, thank you," said the child ; I do not want playthings: I am learning to read.”

“ Come, come,” said the missionary," shall I bring you a playfellow; a white child from England!”

“No, no,” answered the little girl, "it would be taking her from her parents.

“ Well, then," said her friend, " is there nothing I can bring you ?”

“ Well, if you are so kind as to insist on bringing me something, ask the Christians in England to send me a Bible-book, and more Padri-Sahibs."

Far Off.



My Father! thou art very high,

Angels around Thee stand, Far, far above yon azure sky,

In that bright happy land.

I've seen Thy wonders on the deep,

When angry winds blew high, Or by Thy power were hush'd to sleep,

And scarce the breeze did sigh.

Oft I've been in a little skiff,

That rides upon the waveO'er each dark wave that 'mid wild strife

Opens a sailor's grave !

O'er the wide sea I love to roam,

For I'm a sailor boy, And naught from my blue water home,

My heart will e'er decoy.

My Father's gentle hand I view,

In the unruffled deep,
In the wide firmament of blue,

In the old ocean's sleep.

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