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to the top of the rocks which hung over the

The father should have thought that it was a very dangerous place for a little child, and he should have taken great care that he did not fall down the rocks. Sad to say, he did fall down. I cannot tell you exactly how ; - perhaps no one but God knows. Many thought that this cruel father wished to get rid of his child, and pushed bim down : we will hope this was not the case. But true it is that down he fell; and also true that he seemed to care nothing about it, but went his way, and did nothing at all to try to save his child,- and all thought he was Jost. But there was a Father in heaven whose eye was upon

the poor little boy, and a mighty Hard that was stretched out from above to save him. It so happened, that there was a boat not far off with two men in it, belonging to a great ship; and the sailors saw poor Jack fall down. So they rowed

the spot, and were just in time to pick him up out of the water before he was quite dead. And they felt quite a love for this little boy, whom they had thus saved ; and tlıinking that he was likely to grow up to be a sharp active lad, they resolved to keep him. The poor child had had such a cruel father and such a wretched home that he almost felt glad to get away, and he felt much all the kindness which the sailors showed him. He had now enough to eat, and plenty of kind words from all on board, and Jack was very happy. Well, years rolled on,

very hard

and Jack grew up to be a big and useful lad, and they made him what is called “the powder-monkey.” It was a time of war, and this was a ship of war with great guns to keep off the enemy, and Jack had a busy post with the sailors and the guns: running their messages, and bringing them what they wanted. After some time the ship came back to England, and Jack having leave of absence was anxious to see after his family. I cannot tell you much more about him; but I believe he found his father alive, and a very changed man. He had thought of all his evil ways, and also of God's merciful call even to the greatest sinners to turn to him through Christ, and with a penitent and broken heart he had gone to the Saviour. How wonderful are the ways of God! Even out of the depths of distress we may hope in His mercy and cry to Him. And if we trust in Him, what blessing is too great to expect at his hands !



HARBOUR WOULD some little children like to hear a story about my visit to the sea side ? Come then and listen to what I have to tell you. Do you know that a harbour is a large place of quiet water where ships come into, to get out of the rough sea ? There are no storms in the peaceful harbour. It holds a great many ships of all sizes, and from all countries.

Some are taken in there which have been nearly broken to pieces by tossing about. Others are there which have had a good voyage, and come from a long way off.

Out of my window we saw all the ships and boats coming into, and going out of this harbour. My little boy was so delighted to watch them; and one day when the wind blew hard, and the sea was very rough, he came running to me every now and then exclaiming, “Now, mamma, it's in! I think they must be very glad to think they are quite safe in the barbour !” This was a pretty sight, but I wanted my little boy to hear another sort of story about this; so he came and sat on my knee, and I told him that the nice barbour which he liked to look at was a picture of leaven. No storms ever arise there,-all is calm, and peaceful, and safe. This world is like a very rough sea, full of dangers. The Christian is like a vessel sailing over it, and he longs to get out of all storms safe to heaven. Sometimes he fears he will be lost. There are many things which make the sea of life very rough. The storm of sickness blows hard; or the unkindness of friends may be like waves of trouble going over us. And death itself is the last storm, which is sure to come. Then there are the storms of sin, which rise very high. Do not angry, naughty tempers seem like rushing waves in your heart? Yes, and besides all this, there are many temptations and dangers which are like


sharp rocks, and you need to keep far away from them, for if the ship should come against one of these it might be dashed to pieces in a minute. Oh! how the sailors long to reach the shore! This is what they think of the most, and though a long way off they keep thinking of the end of their voyage. Are there no dear children who ever think, “ How nice it will be to get safe to heaven, even if I live to be an old man or woman?” But must I tell you something more about this picture of heaven? Oh! yes, we must not forget to see how the ships sail the right way towards the harbour. The sailors have to use a map, in which the seas and countries are marked, and they have a very clever thing called a compass, which has a hand like that of a clock, and always points to the right way, so they keep looking at this very carefully. Then they have a man called a pilot, who knows how to guide the ship, and he undertakes to manage everything properly. Yes, and then comes the anchorsuch a strong iron hook which holds very fast when cast into sand, or on a rock, and prevents the dashing water from carrying off the vessel.

Oh, how my little boy did listen to my story about the map, and the compass, and the pilot, and the anchor ! He saw how necessary they all were to the sailors and the ship.

Must I tell you what we made them like in the Christian's voyage over the ocean of life? Well, then, first of all does not the Bible show us the way to heaven? It tells us of all the dangers, and shows us exactly how we ought to go. God has marked all the lines for us so plainly that even little children may understand this map, and whatever part you look at, it points to heaven. Ought you not to keep looking very carefully into your Bible dear children, which is also like the compass. Seek to prize the treasure which God has given you. I next asked my little boy if he could tell me who the Pilot was like? He whispered, “ Yes, Jesus, I think.” He was right. If we have Jesus in our hearts He will be sure to guide us right. He knows how to do so, and sees dangers which we cannot see. Should not every child seek to have such a blessed Pilot in his heart, so that when any storm rises they may have Bim close by to turn to ? Yes, He will manage everything for them all through the voyage of life.

Now we come to the anchor. What can it be like? It is something by which the ship is held very fast. Yes, so it is. I once went into a large school and talked to the children about having a firm hope in Christone which would be all their comfort when the storins of life or death dashed about them. They were very attentiye. I asked them if they could tell me what this hope was compared to in the Bible ? All were silent. I then said, “Do you remember any text about an anchor ?” Soon a number of


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