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He has since been cared for. He is now a communicant in the church, and is walking soberly, righteously, and godly.

Now, dear children, that person who first visited the dustman, and that girl who taught her father to read the Bible, and the dustman himself after his change, and the dustman's companion when he spoke to his wife, all show you what kind of work missionary work is. It is just carrying to others the good news we have got for ourselves.

LOOK UP TO THE SKY. A very little boy was sitting on his dear mamma's bed when she was not very well.

“Dear mamma,” he said, “when you feel weak, you should many times look up to the


1 asked, "Why, darling?"
“Oh because it would do you good.”

Why would it do me good ?" At first he said, “I do not think I can tell you about that question.” He then drew close to his mamma, and whispered, “ Because God is there, and is looking down upon you, and He watches for your safety.”

How true it is, that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings He ordaineth strength. What a volume of practical divinity does this dear child unfold. Here, indeed, is the great secret of


and rest amidst cares and sorrows. Young and old have only this one Refuge. Look up. Look not low down on your distress. Look not in wild despair all the world over. Look


to Him who is above all, and can rule all, and make all work for good. Look up to Him who is thy loving Father, who pities as a father doth his children, and to whom you are as dear as the apple of His eye.

Oh what a blessed rule: “Look up to the sky, because it will do you good.”



Let me learn of Jesus,
He is kind to me;
Once He died to save me,
Nail'd upon a tree.
If I go to Jesus,
He will hear me pray;
Make me good and holy,
Take my sins away.
Let me think of Jesus;
He is full of love,
Looking down upon me,
From His throne above.
If I trust in Jesus,
If I do His will,
Then I shall be happy,
Safe from every ill.
Oh! how good is Jesus,
May he hold my hand,
And at last receive me,
To a better land!

J. H.

When the soft dews of kindly sleep
My wearied eyelids gently steep,
Be my last thought, how sweet to rest
For ever on my Saviour's breast !



Ist Week

9. “The Lord our God be with us."
10. Who were the people who deceived

Joshua, and the children of Israel;
and how did Joshua punish them?

2nd Week

11. “Thou shalt be a blessing."
12. Who was Jael; and what great thing

did she do?

3rd Week

13. “The Lord also hath put away thy

sin." 14. What age was Abraham when Isaac

was born ?

4th Week

15. “Hath not My hand made all these

things ?" 16. What was the first miracle which our

Saviour performed ?

5. h Week

17. “They could not enter in because of

unbelief." 18. Of whom is it recorded, that “he

made Israel to sin ?"


(1.) i Chron. iv, 10. (5.) Luke xi. 4.
(2.) Ps. cxix. 11.

(6.) Luke xvii. 17.
(3) Ps. li, 12.

(7.) Gen. xxxix. 9. (4.) Matt. xiv. 10.

(8.) Prov. xxx. 24.

Received for Felix Neff's Schools: Some children near

Worcester, through Mrs. B., 5s.; "A New Year's
Offering from two little Brothers in Suffolk," ll.-
Miss E. Golding's Sunday-school Missionary-box,

23. 60.
H. F. D. Thank you for your lines.
All Communications and articles for insertion to be

addressed to the Editor, at Messrs. Seeleys, 54, Fleetstreet; or, which is more direct, to the Rev. C. Carus Wilson, 22, Spencer-square, Ramsgate.

The“ Texts" to find, and “Questions"to answer, are intended to encourage the “searching of the Scriptures." There is one of each kind, for each week in the month. Children might take one of these on the Sunday; the other during the week. A Concordance, of course, should never be used. The answers will be inserted next month.

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A Monthly Periodical, price One Penny, containing
Religious Instruction and Information, conveyed in a
simple and interesting form.

The object of the FRIENDLY VISITOR is, primarily, to hold up and exhibit the grand saving doctrines of the Gospel, This we shall endeavour to effect, by every variety of method; in short Sermons and Religious Essays; in interesting Biographies and Narratives; by Exposition of Scripture, &c. We shall also not lose sight of other objects; giving every month Missionary Intelligence, an occasional improvement of passing events; Temperance Information ; Refutation of Romish and other Errors; and general interesting and useful instruction of all kinds, which may be calculated, under the blessing of God, to improve the mind and the heart.

CONTENTS FOR JANUARY :-On the New Year. Pictures of Egypt; Alexandria. (A series of Chapters of Travels in Egypt and Palestine will be continued through the year).-On the Prayer-Book.-History of a Miner.-Interpretations of Hard Texts.-Scraps.-Intelligenee: North Italy; Rome : Hungary ;-China.-Poetry.-Bible Questions, &c.

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JACK, THE POWDER-MONKEY. THERE was once a very cruel father, who did not care for his dear children, and his couduct to his poor wife was sad indeed. They lived not very far from the sea-side, and one day his little boy had gone after him into the fields. They went on till they caine


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