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And while a voice in the crowd exclaimed, “God have mercy on his soul,” and many voices responded, " Amen, amen,” they kindled the fire, and the brave Christian boy prayed, “ Lord, Lord, receive my spirit;" his head fell into the smothering smoke, and his soul fled to the loving embrace of the Redeemer, who had purchased it with His own blood.

Young disciples of Jesus ! Has not the Saviour done as much for your salvation, as for that of this youthful inartyr? Ought you not to love Him as much? Do you think you could die rather than deny the faith of Christ? Are you striving to live so as to honour Him and to evince the fervency of your love for Him ? Is not apostasy of life even more guilty and ungrateful than apostasy from dread of death?


“ When I stand in the pulpit before my own people on the Sabbath,” says the Rev. John Todd, “I see before me an aged man in the gallery,—for each Sabbath he is there, and the sight of him brings with it delightful associations.

“ In former days he resided in North Wales. There were no Christians in his neighbourhood. He wished to commence a Sunday-school, but could find no better place than a back-kitchen. Here be weekly assembled his little flock; and, for eleven years, laboured alone, except with the

aid of the scholars, he had trained. Among his first pupils were two children of impenitent parents. These two girls had a little brother, to whom they were accustomed to teach what they learned in the Sabbath-school. They were so interested in the Bible, that, being occupied in braiding straw as a business, they would first braid the length of a straw, then study a verse, then braid, and then study, so that they always came prepared with their Bible lesson.

“ Their instructor, a long time ago, emigrated to America, and this aged parishioner showed me a letter he had received from this scene of his early labours. The Sabbath-school is still taught there ; not as before, in a back-kitchen, but in a neat house of God. The minister of this sanctuary is a devoted man, labouring faithfully and successfully in his Master's vineyard. He is the “ little brother” of those "little girls.” His sisters are married. One is the mother of nine children, and lost her husband the last year by the falling in of a coal-mine; but she had the happiness to know that, only the day before this event, he had rener

newedly consecrated bimself to God. The minister lives contentedly upon forty pounds a year; happy in his homehappy in his people-bappy in his Saviourblessed of God, and blessing others. This minister, this church, this flock, all sprang from that Sunday-school ; and, when I look upon my aged parishioner in the gallery, I cannot but reflect what a crown he has for his hoary head.”

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Yes, she has join'd the happy throng,

Who wave their palms above;
Who walk in white, and sing the song

Of Christ's redeeming love.
A lily, to adorn i he bowers

Where blooms perpetual spring ; Planted with Jesu's cherish'd flowers,

And shaded by His wing.
A folded lamb, in peace to lie,

Beneath its Shepherd's care;
He dried its tears, and brought it night,

To pastures fresh and fair.
'Tis true, that with the silent dead

Her ashes now repose,
And green, above her drooping head,

The grass luxuriant grows.
But yet a little while, and He,

In whom she learn’d to trust, Shall come again the Life to be,

Of all her sleeping dust.

Yes, as the sun she waits to shine,

Whose morn serenely breaks ; Aud the sweet resurrection chime

A slumbering world awakes !

J. H.



Keep me from evil.” 1st Week 2. What did David “hide in his heart,"

and for what purpose ? “Uphold me with Thy free Spirit." How did John the Baptist die?

2nd Week {8:

3rd Week

(5. “Forgive us our sins."
6. Ten lepers came to Jesus; all were

healed; how many were thankful?
7. “ How can I do this great wicked-

ness?8. What are the four animals which are

very little upon earth, and yet are “exceeding wise ?"

4th Week

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The “ Texts" to find, and “Questions "to answer, are intended to encourage the "searching of the Scriptures.” There is one of each kind, for each week in the month. Children might take one of these on the Sunday; the other during the week. A Concordance, of course, should never be used. The answers will be inserted next month.

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CHINESE DUCKS. HERE stands a Chinese duck-merchant. He lives in that boat, along with his ducks. Sometimes he sails about on the river; at other times he fastens his boat to the shore, and sends all his ducks out to have a day's pleasure. And what do you think this is ?


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