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The Repository
Of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics

ManUFACTURERS, Factors, and Dealers in Fancy Goods, that come within the scope of this Plan, are requested to send Patterns of such new Articles as they come out; and if the requisites of Novelty, Fashion, and Elegance, are united, the quantity necessary for this Magazine will be ordered.

R. Ackermann, 101, Strand, London.

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Bradley, Golden Key, Holywell" || ally best conceived, and better arstreet, Strand.

ranged by the spontaneous hand No. 2. Peruvian spotted vet. of the wearer, tban by the precise Very different in colour from the rules established at any particular preceding article, yet in one respect toilette. Sold by T. and J. Smith, similar, namely, that the paleness Tavistock-street, Covent-Garden. of the ground only approximates

No. 4. Russia Paper. This pato the beauty of the blue with which per is a close imitation of Russia, it is spotted. It rarely happens, now so much used in book-binding, that a dress of one unbroken co-pocket-books, purses, and all lalour, be it ever so brilliant, adorns dies' ornamental work. It may be the wearer, be she dark or fair, or had a shade lighter or darker, at her figure ever so graceful: so large option. It is particularly neat for a mass of colour overpowers the binding or covering any port-folio, countenance and complexion, and for the toilette or desk, and may produces no high opinion of the be adapted to the many uses for taste of the wearer. Sold as above. which Morocco paper is calculated.

No. 3. Fancy wove muslin. This It is not so apt to soil or damage as is a lightsome fabric, that will suit many of the lighter fancy papers. every complexion, and is fitted for It may be seen made up and adthe summer season. The ornaments apted to various purposes, at R. best suited to this and the preced- Ackermann's Repository of Arts, ing patterns, must be regulated by 101, Strand; where ladies will find the taste of the wearers, as less the newest articles in the fancy pacontroul pervades these matters per line.

Size of Russia paper, than heretofore. Indeed, the little half sheet wove drawing medium, expletives of female attire are usu- 1 12s. per dozen.



While o'er her the Zephyr's breath harmBy J. M. LACEY,

lessly flies,

And around Nature's minstrels their Author of " THE FARM-House and other

soft music spread. Poeins. SPRING, with ev'ry sweet flow'ret that Oh! 'tis sweet with a friend or a fair-one sheds a perfume,

to roam, Has adorn'd' lovely June, and en- When such moments as these give the wreath'd her fair form;

bosom delight! Whilst Nature's wild țribes all their plea- Wiib what ling'ring regret we return to sures resume,

our home, ÚnchilPd by sad Winter, uncheck'd When the sun sinks to rest on the boby luis storm.

som of night! Beneath a green hedge-row reposing, But e'en night, at this season, has charms June lies,

for the soul Where May-blossoms fallen have That can contemplate nature in Soliform'd her bright bed;

tude's reign,

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this ass :


That can gaze on the planets as splendid For Cibber*, you know, always made it they roll,

a rule, With a mind comprehensive, and breast (When wishing like me to be playing the free from pain.


To give to his genius a physical caper, Whilst the man more untaught, more un

Before he made use of his pen, ink, and able to soar

paper : Through the regions of space, to the Godhead's

From this great example I drink of the well, 's great throne,

Like that fainous bard, all my nonsense May on earth find fit objects to make him

to tell. adore

I'm not quite so vain Walter Scott now The Power whose land could create

to follow, them alone:

Bestriding like him the proud steed of For on earth we can see, when no star

Apollo; shines above,

Pindaric excursions with fancy to take, The glow-worm illumine the field or (Though I sing of knight errants, and the bower;

nymphs of the lake ;) And e'en this will excite admiration and No, I on my donkeyt through Chelt'n. love

ham will pass, For the Being who gave to the glow- And a nice hobby-horse I will make of

worm this power. And if music can charm, to the exquisite

Tho' folks may exclaim, that I came here

to bray, 'Tis the night-song of Philomel, plain

My folly much more than their own to tively sweet,

betray; That more than the day's loudest song

I don't care a fig-all such curs may go ster's is dear;

bellow, For with melody's murmurs her song

I'll kick at the wit, whilst I'm riding my is replete.

fellow. Unless you will mount, like a sprightly

postillion, AN EPISTLE FROM J.A. Esq. CHEL

With me, your old gossip, behind on a TENHAM, TO T-SM-RE, Esq.

pillion, IRELAND.

No more will I Pegasus venture to stride, At length, my dear M-re, I'm arrived For, alas! I'm too feeble this prancer to at the spring

guide. Where once with the Muse I could frolic But now, my dear V-le, if you neand sing;

ver were here, When Anstey* approy'd of the subject I This place and its wbims shall before you quote,

appear; And laugh'd in his sleeve at the verses I On foolscap I'll draw it, tho' people may wrote.

tear it, But, alas! be's no more, and this tribute

But if the cap fits them, they're welcome is due

to wear it, To a poet and friend, I regarded like you. This town still increases in splendour and Tho' I to the top of Parnassus can't mount,

fame, At the foot of the hill I may tasie of the Its pleasant attractions still keep up its fount.

name; • Author of the Bath Guide, and alluding Vide the Apology for his Life. to the former epistles from bence, published + A favourite animal with the ladies bere in the Courier,

and elsewhere.

And since Mr. Thompson* with taste, The Soldier, quite sick of a fruitless cambere resides,

paign, Improving his villa with new walks and | And vex'd that Bellona is courted in vain, rides;

Hopes the Naiads those wounds that he Exploring fresh springs from the Goddess

suffers will cure, of Health,

Nor jest at the scars which the brave To cheer up our looks, whilst they add

must endure. to his wealth,

The Sailor, who loves midst the waters No wonder, bis Baths and his Wells are

to dwell, attractive,

Feels himself quite at home when he steers' They keep every body so cool and so

to this Well; active.

Having gloriously fought for his country Here all thro' the season what multi

and king, tudes throng,

Oh! kindly receive him, ye Nymphs of As mirth and amusement lead fashion

the Spring! along :

As the Goddess of Love claims her birth There's a cabinet here Privy Counsellors

from the ocean, know,

He comes to her daughters to pay his deWhere the Ins and the Outs in succession

votion. may go,

The Doctor's prescriptions are thrown on And Ministers think it no loss or disgrace,

the shelf, When they've done for themselves, to Who here, like Sangrado, keeps dosing give others a place;

himself; For Parliament-men have a privileg’d His patients all scorning his potion and notion,

pill, Our state is preserv'd when they make Here swallow those waters that never can a great motion

kill, And pleas'd with this wise constitutional || What East and West Indians crawl here measure,

in a shiver, Both parties come here to contend for the To brace up their nerves, and to cure a pleasure.

bad liver; The Lawyer flies hither for mental relief, They always are welcome, they cut such To idle his time, till he gets a new brief;

a dash, And glad to relax from professional trou

“For hang the expence-what is money ble,

but trash?” Lores the Well like the law, as he proves

So they add to the gaze, and the popular it a bubble.

noise, The Parson comes here in a state of pro

Of “Here comes a coach with the rich yel. bation,

low boys." To see that his flock gets a thorough pur- The widow, the virgin, the mistress, and gation;

wife, Finds the Well has a virtue and medical Crowd hither to bless and to ornament

spirit, To curb many ills that the flesh must in- | And whilst they bestow ev'ry pleasure herit;

they share, And seeing no vice in pure innocent mirth, These waters, like Lethe, shall banish Comes hither to mix with our angels on earth.


wish to be social and gorman. * A gentleman to whom Cheltenham and its

Jize well, vicinity are much indebted for bis elegant im- There's no better mansion than Sheldon's provements.

Hotel: No. LV. Vol. X.



their çare.

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