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habited in their Cossack coats and bands, brought under the chin ; mantles of varied hues, are the and the provincial bonnet, comopening blossoms of our sphere ; posed of satin and lace, oruamented and the rapture awakening melodies with flowers, are all in fashionable of our Catalani, Braham, Dickons, request. &c. are, in themselves, a grove of There is little variety in the mornchoristers, where the highest pow- |ing costume, except that flounces ers of native harmony are exalted of muslin, single, double, and even and refined by science and taste. treble, take precedence of the wrap

But ayaunt all further recurrence and plain high robe; and that the to your last rural treat! and let me small patterned chintz cambric basten to the fulfilment of my en-blend most becomingly with the gagement; a task replete with more white robe. than ordinary difficulty, since more The intermediate style admits of than ordinary is the diversity of little that merits description. The decoration with which fashion de- coloured muslin, sarsnet, washing corates her votaries. Suffice it, silk, &c. are best adapted for dressthen, that I pourtray those habits es of this order, and are generally which are considered most elegant trimmed with lace, or plaitings of and select.

net, and worn with small lace peTo begin with the promenade lerines or tippets, sitting close to and carriage costume. Here the the form. Cossack coat and Pomeranian man- In full dress, there is more amrle take place of the spencer and ple scope for taste and invention ; French cloak of antedate. The we here see white and coloured latter is usually composed of satin crape, gossamer net, muslin, and or sarsnet, or of muslin lined with leno, worn over white and coloured coloured silk. It is forned with a satin, trimmed with beads or bordeep lappel, and trimmed entirely i ders of Aowers. Of the former I round with a deep lace, put on send an elegant and fashionable rather full. The Cossack coat is a specimen* , sort of loose, short pelisse, with Dancing dresses are also frelarge sleeves, unconfined, and un- quently trimmed with borders of trimmed at the wrist; a narrow col-coloured feathers and artificial far of gold or silver, sitting close wreaths of spring flowers; amidst to the throat; and the waist con- the latter, I have distinguished two fined with a sash, à la militaire, tied | dresses which struck me as partiin irregular lengths on one side, 'cularly elegant : they were of white the ends finished with correspond- crape, worn over white sarsnet peting fringe, and epaulettes of the ticoats; the one trimmed with a same. No sort of trimming is seen border of the barberry blossom, round the skirt of the coat, and the and the other with the blue verohelmet hat and parasol are of the nica, beautifully painted on white same colour, the former ornamented satin. Trains are fast reviving in with an ostrich feather. The skim- this order of costume, to which, ming-dislı hat of straw or chip; * See full-dress, figure in last upda the large hamlet poke, with lace" ber.

indeed, they alone belong; but if coloured enamel, to represent small they can never be admitted in the natural flowers, are a very beautiful dancing dress, without infringing and attractive ornament. Gloves on good sense and good taste. The and shoes admit of little remark ; coloured satin bodice is now so the foriner being very generally of very general, that it can no longer white kid, and the latter of white be considered as genteel, or select, satin, jean, or kid, in full dress; though we must ever contend for from which the satin half-boot is its utility, in offering an easy pur- now most sensibly exploded, the chased change. A few Eastern tur-boot being confined almost entirely bans were observed to blend with to the walking or carriage costume. the small Spanish hat and regent's The parasol has of late been supplume, at a recent assembly given planted, with a few first-rate faby a celebrated inarchioness; but shionables, by the Oriental or Inthe hair still dressed in the Grecian dian fan composed of feathers ; style (with a few exceptions of ring- but they are as yet too singularly lets on the neck), decorated with attractive for general adoption. flowers or gems, is far more gene- Farewell, dear friend! the carral, and infinitely more becoming riage waits, and having done my to the female who lias not passed possibles towards your edification, her meridian. In articles of jewel- it is but fair that I seek to amuse lery, diamonds and pearls, vari-myself. ----Your's, cordially and ously set, must ever retain their faithfully, pre-emiuence. Necklaces and

MARGARET. bracelets of wrought gold, or of


MANUFACTURE. No.l. A primrose floret sarsnet. | two handsome figures drawn on a There is great beauty and light- small scale, with faces, necks, and ness in this fabric, and the colour arms painted to each; the shape is chaste. It is necessary in adopt- for dress might be cut out, and the ing a dress, that the wearer should various patterns of silks, muslins, cliuse the colour with some atten- &c. might easily be inserted, to fill tion to her complexion. It not up the space, which would afford unfrequently happens, that a dress the means of ascertaining what comay be admired for its becoming lours would be most becoming appearance, from the accidental If some eminent portrail - painter circumstance of some fitness in the would write his sentiments upon arrangement of colours between this subject, he would serve the the complexion of the wearer and cause of female fashion. Surely the hue of the dress. . Those who dress, or fashion, might be goare desirous of ascertaining what | verned by scientific principles as colours would best suit a Brunetta well as any other matter of taste, or a Phillis, would do well to bave This særsnet is sold by George and

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