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MEDICAL REPORT. An account of the practice of a y sionally assumes a malignant form. physician from the 15th of May to If then the symptoms of inflammathe 15th of Jane, 1813.

tion are not so marked as to do away Acute Diseases. Pleurisy, 2.... all doubt in the mind of the practiPeripneumony, 1.... Sore-throat, 3 tioner, respecting the danger of ...Erysipelas, 2...Measles, 4... Hoop. their running on to a higher deing-cough, 2....Fever, 6.... Catarrh, gree, it is safer not to bleed. It is 4 ... Acute diseases of infants, 5. always a nice point to determine Chronic Diseases. - Cough and when to use the lancet, which is an

. dyspnea, 25....Consumption, 3.... instrument of destruction, or a preChronic rheumatism, 9.....Lumba- server of life, according to the go, 2.....Dropsy, 3..... Scurvy, 3.... time and circumstances in which it Asthenia, 4.... Head-ach and verti- is employed; for, although in a go, 5....Palsy, 2.... Dyspepsia, 4.... state of health, or of slight indisDiarrhæa, 3.....Leucorrhea, 2.... position, it may be used freely and Amenorrhæa, 3...Gastrodynia, 4... with impunity (many individuals Enterodynia, 3..... Epilepsy, ...... resorting to it from habit on the Hypochondriasis, 2.

most trivial occasions), unquestionSince our last report, the gene- ||ably, numerous cases occur, in ral state of health may be regarded which it becomes of the utmost as tolerably favourable, although importance to decide correctly and the season is cool, and some in- promptly upon this apparently simdividuals have suffered in conse-ple operation. quence. The cases of fever were Sometimes after intoxication, slight; those of pleurisy and in- when the sensorium bas been highflammation of the lungs very se- ly excited, for a great length of vere, requiring repeated bleedings, time, by the stimulus of wine, and and the most strict antiphlogis- the exhilarating effect of convivial tic treatment. Inflammatory sore- intercourse, complete exhaustion throat, measles, and hooping-cough takes place, and the person sinks have occurred, though perhaps not into insensibility: this is supposed more frequently than usual at this to be a fit of apoplexy, a quantity season. The cases of erysipelas i of blood is abstracted, and the pawere very similar; both of them tient rises no more; wbile, if he elderly females, in whom the face had been placed in bed quietly, it was wuch swelled and suffused, and is probable, that, in a short time, both complained of the bead. In the excitability of the nervous systhese patientş saline medicines and | tem would return, as after fainting neutral salts afforded speedy relief. from excess of fatigue or of heat; When the lancet is used in such an event which may be assisted by cases, great debility is apt to fol the timely exhibition of volatile allow, and a slow lingering fever kali, or the swart shock of a show, sometimes succeeds, which occa-er-bath.





FASHIONS FOR LADIES. PLATE 5. MORNING WALKING a white satin slip; short sleeteg DRESS.

composed of the shell-scallopped A CAMBRIC or jaconot muslin lace and satin, decorated with bows round robe, with long sleeves and on the shoulders, and formed so as falling collar, trimmed with a plait- to display perhaps rather too much ing of net, or edged with lace, finish- of the boson, back, and shoulders; ed at the feet with a border of nee- a broad scallopped lace finishes the die-work. A Cossack mantle of robe at the feet, above which is Pomona green-shot sarsnet, lined placed a double row of plaited throughout with white silk, and bor- ribband, and a diamond clasp condered with a double row of Chinese fines the waist in front. A Prusbiurding, the ends finished with rich sian helmet cap of canary-coloured correspondent tassels, and a cape sarsnet, frosted with silver, diadein formed of double and deep van- and tassels to correspond; a full dyke lace. A provincial poke bon-plume of curled ostrich feathers, net, of yellow quilted satin; rib- inclining towards one side of the band to correspond with the mantle, helmet; the hair divided in front puffed across the crown, and tied of the forehead, and in loose curls under the chin; a small cluster of on each side, with a single stray flowers placed on the left side, ringlet falling on the left shoulder. similar to those on the small lace A cross of diamonds, suspended cap which is seen beneath. Parasol from a gold chain, ornaments the and shoes the colour of the mantle, throat and bosom--ear-rings and and gloves a pale tan colour. bracelets to suit. Slippers of caPLATE 6. EVENING OR FULL nary-coloured satin, trimmed with DRESS COSTUME.

silver. Gloves of French kid; fan A round robe of pale jonquil or of carved ivory. An occasional canary-coloured crape, worn over scarf or shawl of white lace.



Your last letter, my dear friend, nature's choristers, clad in their so replete with rural descriptions spring attire of varied hues. Yet and pastoral beauty, afforded me these, dear friend, afford only a increased pleasure, froin the agree- minor sort of pleasure, when placed able contrast it prosluced in my in competition with the superior feelings. I had, indeed, like you, delights of this gay metropolis. enjoyed the serene delights of Here the varieties of nature and spring's refreshing foliage in the the ingenuities of art may be said Park and ini Kensington Gardens, i to rival, while they aid each other, I have inhaled the perfume of open- | filling the mind with associations ing blossoms, and my ear bas been bäppily harmonizing with the inarrested by the sweet metody of spiring season. Our youthful belles,

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