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The periodical publication of Labour Laws of all countries forms one of the chief objects of the International Labour Office. From its periodical Bulletin it is possible to obtain a complete survey of the progress of social legislation.

The Bulletin contains, according to the space available, the full text of, or extracts from, all laws and orders concerning the protection or insurance of the working classes ; it gives the changes effected by fresh regulation of conditions of work in the state of the law in all countries; it traces the progress of Labour legislation by giving, not only an account of the preliminary work of legislative bodies, but also the resolutions of Associations interested in the subject. Finally, the Bulletin seeks to promote the study of the subject from original sources, by supplying a complete bibliography of Labour Legislation and Labour Statistics.

The first volume of the German Edition of the Bulletin des Internationalen Arbeitsamtes (Gustav Fischer, Jena) appeared in 1902. The French Edition (Bulletin de l'Office International du Travail, Berger-Levrault et Cie, Paris and Nancy) appeared at the same time. But not until now has it been found possible to issue an English Edition, as was originally intended by the International Labour Office.

The English Edition is merely a translation of the German and French Editions. Therefore Vol. I. of the English Edition will, on the whole, closely correspond to Vol. V. of the German and French Editions. For convenience in reference, the German, French, and English Editions of the Bulletin are denoted throughout by G.B., F.B., and E.B. respectively. Roman figures following these letters refer to the volume of the edition in question.

In the first number of the English Edition have been inserted the British Trade Disputes Act, 1906, and Workmen's Compensation Act, 1906, an arrangement which will, we feel sure, be approved by foreign as well as by English and American students. The German and French translations of these Acts will appear in the last number of Vol. V. (No. 9, 10, 11, 12 of the German and French Editions).

For the convenience of English and American readers who have not seen the recent numbers of the French or German Editions, an Appendix has been added to the present number, giving translations of notes concerning International Labour Treaties which have appeared in back numbers of the Bulletin.

The Editor wishes publicly to express his gratitude to the British and American Associations for Labour Legislation and to the the United States Government for the generous help to which the English Edition owes its existence. Special thanks are due to Miss CONSTANCE SMITH, Dr. STEPHEN Miall, B.Sc., Mr. H. C. GUTTERIDGE, and Mr. CHARLES Weiss for valuable help in the work of translation. Basle (Switzerland), the 25th May, 1907.



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