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the fact-finding projects, issues analysis projects, and back

ground studies just described.

This will entail the conduct

of six additional public hearings and a dozen seminars. We plan to expend $287,000 for the completion of these activities.

An additional $463,000 is earmarked for: (1) the administrative

support needed to complete these projects; (2) maintaining the core staff capability necessary to synthesize the results and

assist the Commission in making its deliberations and decisions;

and (3) preparing and producing the Commission's final report

to the Congress and the President.

The projected $100,000 FY '77 supplemental appropriation

request would provide $39,000 for the three programs, as described above; and an additional $61,000 to increase our reports preparation and reproduction allotment so that we can submit reports on specific topics in addition to the final report (see Table II).

In sum, we clearly project the need for an additional

$350,000 to conduct our entire program as described above.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning, our FY '77 budget,

even including the anticipated $100,000 supplemental request, contains no funds for editing and publishing the transcripts of the Commission's public hearings, even though they are already much in demand and the cost of reproducing them on request must be borne by the Commission on what amounts to


non-reimbursable basis.

Nor does our FY '77 budget include

funds for additional meetings of the Commission and experts during the February-April, 1977 period which would well be

required for the Commission to complete its deliberations.

Therefore, we are requesting a margin of $150,000 which brings our total authorization request up to $2 million, or $500,000

more than Section 9 currently provides.

Madame Chairwoman and members of the Subcommittee, this

concludes my presentation of the facts that support the Privacy Commission's request for removal of the fiscal year limitation

on Commission expenditures and for an increase in the Commis

sion's authorization ceiling to $2 million. I am confident that the Commission has built the capacity to do its job well,

and on time, if the necessary resources are made available to


Needless to say, I and the Commission staff members

present will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

(Whereupon, at 10:45 a.m., the subcommittee adjourned, to reconvene subject to the call of the Chair.]

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