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Author and Subject Lists of Text-Books
in the Library

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The following list of text-books (1) by subject (2) by author, includes all text-books in the library at the time of publication. No pretension is made in the way of scientific classification or bibliography; the list has been copied from the card catalog comprising both printed and type-written cards; it doubtless contains many inconsistencies in punctuation and form, but if the pamphlet is of practical assistance to the legal profession in getting at the resources of the library in this particular class of books, its purpose will have been served.


The author list contains all entries arranged alphabetically by authors' surnames; it gives catch title or title as it appears on the back of the book, edition, date of publication, and number of volumes if more than one. The full descriptive title of each book as it appears on the title page, with other data concerning the book, including publisher, place and date of publication, is to be found in the subject list under the name of the subject most specifically describing the scope of the book.


The list includes text-books, series of reports on special subjects; e. g. American bankruptcy reports, and miscellaneous law books, including those of a recreational nature, histories of jurisprudence, legal essays, etc.

With regard to court reports, statutes and periodicals, the following statement may suffice:

Reports: The library contains complete files of United States and State court reports, the National reporter system, and other special series; practically complete files for England and her dependencies, including Canada, Australia and some of the African colonies.

Statutes: Statutes and session laws for the states of the United States are nearly complete from the beginning of the 19th century; files for most of the Canadian provinces are complete, and the statutes of England are available in the form of compilations and current series to date. We are adding as


rapidly as possible the laws and court reports of all English speaking countries.


The library contains all periodicals indexed by Jones with the exception of a few minor and scarce items; all law periodicals indexed by the current Index to legal periodicals. Files of bar association reports will be completed as rapidly as possible.


As the limits of the legal profession extend in Oregon, it will be possible to continue the custom of loaning books only as consideration is shown in returning them promptly. Altho books may be retained one month unless called for in the meantime (see Rules p. 6) it is urgently requested that they be returned to the library as soon as they shall have served the purpose of the borrower. The library contains but one copy of each book, and in order that the interests of 2,000 attorneys may be served equally and well, it is necessary to have the books in the library when not in actual use in an attorney's office. Failure to comply with the rules of the library must result in the loss of the privileges of the library.

We suggest that in sending for reports the titles of cases be given, in order that the citation may be verified, or, in case the volume cited is in use, the decision may be located in other series.


Encyclopedias, dictionaries, unbound periodicals, Oregon court reports, Oregon statutes and briefs, U. S. statutes, and rare books cannot be loaned. The latest code and supplementary session laws of any state can be loaned for two days, or for such time as may be necessary for copying sections required.


Express charges shall be paid by the borrower who is entitled to half-rate charges on books returned to the library.

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indicates repetition of author's name.

Same indicates repetition of author's name and title

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editor, edited or edition.

enl. enlarged; e. g. enlarged & revised edition.

n.d. no date of publication.

n.p. no publisher or place of publication.

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The following books were received after this list had gone to press:

Shearman & Redfield. Negligence.


Ed.6. 1913.


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