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Blessed is the Man that baih nol walked in the Counsel of the ungodly, nor siood in the Way of Sinners, nor fat in the Seat of the fcornful.

But his Delight is in the Law of the Lord.; and in bis Law will he exercise bime felf Day and Night. Psalm i. 1, 2. THIS has been the blessed State of

every wise, and pious Christian in - 21 Ages, of the Church : Being taught

from his Youth to rcvere the Sacred
Writings, to consider them as. Divine
Revelations from Heaven, and as such
containing the Will and the Wisdom
“of God,” pointing out to Man the
only Object of Divine Worship, and in-
Structing him how to hallow the Name
of his heavenly Father, and be thereby
enabled to do his Will on Earth, as it is
done in Heaven ; or in other Words,
teaching him how to climb the Heights

of Virtue, by practising the heavenly · Precepts of Wisdom and Love ;--im

2 017 pressed

pressed with these Sentiments, his ruling Delight was in the Law of the Lord, and it was to him a Source of Instruction and Comfort in every State, whether of Light or Darkness, Prosperity or Adversity.

To Minds thus prepared it must afford the highest Pleasure to be informed, that ~ it has pleased God to put into their Hands at this Time, the Means of attaining a more perfect Knowledge of his Holy Word; that he has taken off the Veil from it's hidden Mysteries, by unfolding it's various Senses; and that Truth being thus opened to his View, he is thereby instructed how he may avoid the Danger of Error, and of those false Doctrines which are inferred from the Letter of Scripturę, when separated from the genuine Truths and Goodnesses now discovered in it's internal Sense.

“ Open thou mine Eyes” says the Psalmist, “ that I may see the wonderous Things of thy Law." The Prayer of the Pfalmift is now accomplished, and every Reader, who is willing to separate

himself froin all that is Evil and False, who steadily walks in holy Obedience to the Divine Precepts, and who by Repentance and Prayer renders himself meet for Divine Illumination, may, by Means of the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, be enabled to see the wonderous Things heretofore hidden in the external Sense of the Divine Law. ss . .

By the following Treatise of our illuminated Author, he will be taught to perceive clearly where the Holiness and Divinity of the Scriptures refide; and that the Word of God, really proceeding from Him, muft partake of his Holy Effence, and consequently be Divine in all and every Part thereof. From this he may also learn the Reality, the Beauty, and Importance of the internal or Spiritual Sense of the Scriptures: He will find that they are the Laws of God, by which Heaven and the Church on Earth áre, regulated; that in a higher Sense they relate to those States of Divine . Order, by which the Humanity assumed by Jehovah was glorified and made One - A 3

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