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At Colonel Hessing's, Diggah, on the At Calcutta, on the 7th June, mrs. 6th May, miss Mary Whittle, eldest Frances Webster, the Lady of Cape Niece of Captain T. Waterman, aged tain James Webster, aged 34 years." 29 years.

At Meerut, on the 22d May, Lieu. At Cawnpore, on the 11th May, tenant W. Beveridge, of the Invalid Theophila Spottiswoode, the infant Establishment. daughter of Lieutenant H. L. Worrall, At Bombay, on the 9th May, mr. Deputy Paymaster.

George Leighter, aged 68 years. At Cuttack, on the 13th May, Mary At Bhooj, on the morning of the Rebekah Peggs, third and only 20th April, of remittent fever, Ensign daughter of the Rev. J. Peggs, aged 5 Thomas W. Gardiner, of the 21st Re. months and 19 days.

giment Native Infantry. At Calcutta, on the 23d May, mas. At Calcutta, on the 13th June, Hen. ter James Forrester Tulloh, second son ry Webster, Esq. of the firm of Collier of the late James Tulloh, Esq. aged 15 and Webster, Attornies at Law, aged years and 4 months.

32 years. At Calcutta, on the 24th May, At Chowringhee, on the 11th June, Maha Rajah Ramchunder Roy Bade- Edward, the infant son of Major Bry: door, of an old malady.

ant, Judge Advocate General, aged At Calcutta, the 25th May, mrs. one month. Elizabeth Thomas, the Lady of mr. At Sulkea, on the 11th June, Hen. John Thomas, aged 32 years, 2 months ry Blundell, Esq. of the Hon'ble Comand 21 days.

pany's Civil Service, aged 30 years At Dacca, on the 24th May, Mrs. P.

ca, on the 24th May, Mrs. P. and 6 months. S. D'Rozario, aged 25 years, 6 months At Dacca, on the 7th June, George and 5 days.

John, the infant son of John Mackay, At Dinapore, on the 23d May, Ro- Esq. aged 9 months and 24 days. bert Harvey, the infant son of Captain At Belgaum, on the 21st May, Lieuand mrs. Marshall, Bengal Artillery, tepant-Colonel A. MacLeod, of the aged 9 months and 10 days.

4th Regiment Madras Cavalry, ComAt Dinapore, on the 21st May, manding a Light Field Detachment of mrs. Broadbent, wife of Capt. Broad the Dooab Field Force. bent.

At Bauleah Residency, on the 4th At Gwalior, on the 1st May, the in: June, Anne Maria daughter of R. B. fant son of Captain J. Stewart.

Berney, Esqr. of the Civil Service, At Calcutta, on the 2d June, mr. aged 14 months. James Hill, aged about 60 years.

In Fort William, on the 16th April, In the Fort, on the 4th June, Laura the infant daughter of Ensign Butt, Louisa, youngest child of Captain Royal Regiment, aged 13 months. Tronson, of His Majesty's 13th Light At Calcutta, on the 3d June, the Infantry, aged 3 years and 3 months. lady of Captain Alexander Horsburgh,

At Cooly Bazar, (Calcutta,) on the 46th Regiment Native Infantry. 6th June, Lieut. Colonel Henry Red. At mr. Beardsmore's Lunatic Asy. dish Browne, His Majesty's 87th or lum, Bhowaneepoor, on the lith Prince's own Irish Regiment, aged 39 June, mr. Joseph Bauyard, European years.

Keeper, aged 22 years. At Dacca, on the 27th May, mr. At Calcutta, on the 13th June, the James, Mury Carlier, father of Ma- infant son of Alexander Colvin, Esq. dame 'de Framond, at the advanced

At Calcutta, on the 13th June, the age of 71 years and 2 months.

infant son of mr. Daniel Kenderdine. At Derowley Factory, on the 22d

At Calcutta, on the 15th June, maMay, mr. Johň Edie. At Muttra, on the 13th May. Jos jor William Hiatt, Deputy Secretary

- to Government in the Military Dehanna, the infant daughter of Captain C. Godby, 36th Native Infantry, aged partment, aged 44 years. 16 months.

At Monghyr, in the House of her At Prome, on the 11th May, Lieut. son, John Tytler, Esq. Assistant Sur. A. Thompson, of the Bengal Artillery, geon, on the 4th June, aged 71 years

At Calcutta, on the 2d June, mrs. and 6 months, mrs. Christiana Tytler, Anna Antony, aged 22 years, 3 months widow of W. H. Tytler, M. D. Apoand 17 days.

thecary to His Majesty's Forces. Ad

thor of a Translation of the Hymns of Captain James Falconer, Sub-As. of Chillimachus and other pieces. sistant Commissary General.

At Lucknow, on the 8th June, On board the Marquis of Hastings Richard Roper the son of Captain at sea, on the 4th February, mrs. Carr, Richard Home, aged 1 year, 11 months wife of the Reverend Thomas Carr, and 2 days.

Chaplain on the Bombay Establish. At Berhampore. on the 12th June, ment: Rhoda Emma, the infant daughter of At Kurnaul, on the 9th June, CorLieutenant Colonel Alfred Richards, net J. Jackson of the 4th Regiment commanding in Assam.

Light Cavalry. At Entally, on the 15th June, Ca. At Allahabad, on the 13th June. therine Emma, second daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel A. Campbell, of Mr. H. V. Ingels, of Jeynarpore Fac- the 32d Regiment Native Infantry. tory, in the district of kishnaghur. At Calcutta, on the 22d June, mrs. On the 15th June, Mr. J. Fenwick,

Mr. J. Fenwick, Catherine Harris, wife of mr. John aged 26 years.

Harris, aged "22 years, 3 months and At Serampore, on the 16th June, 10 days. Joseph Taylor, Ésg, of the late Firm

On board the Carn Brea Castle, at of Messrs. Taylor and Company, Sea, on the 12th of January last, Lien: aged 68 years.

tenant-Colonel Commandant James On the 17th June, Captain William Garner, of the 31st Regiment Bengal Garden, aged 52 years, 5 months and Native Infantry. 4 days.

At Calcutta, on the 230 June, mrs. On 17th June, mrs. Harriet M. F. Phillipina Dorothea Plyte. Dawson, the wife of mr. C. Dawson. At Calcutta, on Friday the 17th At Calcutta, on Saturday the 18th

June, mrs. Stratford, aged 33 years. June, W. Shepheard, Esq. Command

At Chittagong, on the 18th June, der of the Ship Portsea, aged 40 years.

Captain W. H. Hays, of the 54th

Regiment Native Infantry. At Arracan, on the 29th May last,

At Arracan, on the 11th June, En. Serjeant Major John Peile, late of

sign R. E. Blackburn, late of thé 42d the 42d Regiment Bengal Native In.

Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, fantry. On his passage from Dasson to

At Bombay, on the 5th June, Ger. Sourabaya, on the 8th of January,

trude Elizabeth, infant daughter of

Captain Charles Philip Grant, Esq.

J. H. Dunsterville, Assistant At Trichinopoly, on the 20th May,

Commissary. General, aged 19 months. Abraham Fenton, Esq, Assistant Sur

At Cooley Bazar, on the - the 25th geon, of H. M. 48th Regiment

May, mr. Conductor Foster. At' Cuddalore,, on the 12th May,

At Calcutta, on Monday, the 27th H. W. Kensington, Esq. Civil Service.

June, mrs. Ann Perkins. At Cuddapah, on the 8th May,

At Calcutta on Tuesday, the 28th

. Captain H. Miller, of the 8th Regi

June, Lieutenant Charles Seymour ment Native Infantry.

Marriott, of the Invalid Establish. On the 25th May, in Camp near

ment, aged 29 years. Belgaum, Captain Richard Bridges,

On the 28th June, the infant daughof the 4th Regiinent Light Cavalry.

ter of Lieut. G. S. Lawrenson. On the 28th May, Rosa Eliza, the At Madras, on the 7th June, Colowife of Lieutenant George Perks, 23d nel James Erskine, C. B. of his Majes. Regiment or Wallajahbad Light In- ty's 48th Foot. fantry.

Of Cholera at Wallajahbad, on the At Colaba, on the 1st May, Wm. 6th June, Ensign Henry Dixon, 16th Wilmot O'Donoghue, the infant son Regiment N.-I. of Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. O'Do- At Mahidpore, on the 25th May,Fre. nogbue, aged 10 months.

derick John, the infant son of CapOn the 1st May, at Guailor, Josiah, tain Dangerfield, Deputy Opium Athe infant son of Captain Stewart, gent, aged 13 months. Resident there, aged 9 months and At Bombay, on the 3d instant, at 11 days.

.. the Gaol, Lucy, infant daughter of 'mr. At Alleppey, on the 3d May, in the F. Leggett, aged.5 months and 19th 20th year of her age, Eliza, the lady days.

In Fort St. George, (Madras), the firm of messrs. Palmer and company, 5th March, Lieut. John Penn, of His of Calcutta, agents. Majesty's 69th Regiment, aged 25. Robert Eaton Esq. late of Fort Marl.

At Madras, on the 18th February, borough, in the East Indies, conductor in the 54th year of his age, Mr. Con. of ordnance commissariat, and officiat. doctor J. Huntley.

ing deputy assistant commissary of At Ryepore, on the 11th February, ordnance in the military service of the J. H. Martin, Esq. of the Medical united company ; mrs. Mary Eaton, of Establishment of the Nagpore Rajah. Fort Wiliiam in Bengal, widow of the

At Ceylon, on the 28th February, said deceased. Mr. George Gerard Solomonez.

Mr. Charles MacIlrevie, late of At Ceylon on the 4th March, of Calcutta, in the province of Bengal, Cho

nolera, Mrs. Anna María de Neys, Tailor, deceased ; mr. David Mills, of · At Singapore, on the evening of the

Hare-Street, in the Town of Calcutta, 22d altimo, aged 12 months and 15

watch-maker. days Louisa Ann, the youngest daugh- Mrs. Matilda Bean, late of Calcutta. ter of W. Paton, Esq.

decased ; mr. Isaac David Bean, of

the Town of Calcutta, a mate in the ADMINISTRATIONS TO ESTATES. pilot service, the husband of the said

eceased. Mr. James Ravenscroft, late of Cal. cutta, tavern keeper, deceased : mrs. Mr. John Hay, late of Calcutta, deFrances Ravenscroft, widow of the ceased; mr. George Wilding Chisholm, said deceased.

Calcutta, merchant. Mr. Thomas Turner, late of Calcut. Lieut. Charles Joseph Huthwaite, ta, deceased; mrs. Sarah Turmer of late of the 13th regiment of native Berhampore, in the province of Ben- infantry; James Weir Hogg, Esq. gal, widow of the said deceased. administrator.

Lollah Radakissen, deceased; Chas. James Pratt, late of Calcutta, left Reed, Esq. of Calcntta, gentleman, unadministrated by William Tucker; a bond creditor of the said deceased. James Weir Hogg, Esq. administrator:

Mrs. Anda Panton, late of Calcutta, Captain Metcalf s. Hogg, late of the the natural daughter of John Panton, European regiment; James Weir deceased ; James Weir Hogg, Esq. Hogy, Esq. administrator.

Mrs. Frances Wallis, late of Meerut, James McKanochie, late an assistant widow, deceased,-mrs. Ann Frances to messrs. Middleton and company; De Verinne, of Kishnaghur, the wife of James Weir Hogg, Esq. administraJoseph Maximin De Verinne, Esq. tor,

Mr. John Mudie. late of Berham- John Bennett, late a captain of his pore, in the East Indies indigo plan- majesty's 17th foot; James Weir ter deceased; mr. George Mudie, of Hogg, Esq. administrator. Gazeepore.

Lieut. Richard Williams, late of ar. Henry Hine, Esq. otherwise Dane,

tillery regiment; James Weir Hoge,

Esq. administrator. late of Nettlecombe, within the Parish

Rene Even de la Tremblais, formerof Poorstock, in the county of Dorset,

ly of Mirzapore, in the province of in Great Britain, gentleman deceased ;

ed; Benares; James Weir Hogs, Esq. James Cullen, Esq. of Calcutta.

administrator. Bulloram Bonnerjee, late of the Charles Imhoff, son of Julius Imhoff; Town of Calcutta, deceased ; Ramcon- James Weir Hogg, Esq. administrator. ny Bonnerjee, of Colinga, writer. John Laing, late first officer of the

John Cumming, Esq. late of Calcut. ship Harleston ; James Weir Hogg, ta, merchant, deceased : William Esq. administrator. Bruce, Esq. of Bullygunge, in the Charlotte Cohen; Lewis Cohen, of Subarbs of the said Town of Calcutta. Calcutta, the husband of the deceased.

William Petrie, Esq. late a senior Shearman Bird, Esq. heretofore a merchant in the honourable East India senior merchant in the service of the company's civil service, deceased; united company; Alexander Colvin, John Palmer, Esq. a member of the Esq. of Calcutta.

halie. late



Peter Augustus Danzas, formerly of sonauth Digree, both of the same Hyderabad, Esq. ; William Palmer, of place merchants. Hyderabad, Esq.

Mr. John Hyde, deceased ; James James Carnagy, late of Prince of Weir Hogs, Esq. Wales Island, Esq; David Clark, of Captain Jonathan Scott, late in the the Town of Calcutta, Esq. !

honorable East India company's serCharles Exuperious Turner, of Delhi,

vice, on their Bengal establishment, in the province of Oude ; Thomas deceased ; captain Jonathan Scott, of Bracken, Esq.

the honorable Company's Bengal ar. Knute Neilson Bygballie, late of Sulkea ; James Guthrie.

Mr. Richard William Copeland Ros. Joseph Mary Francis Queiros, late

coe, late of Calcutta, a pensioner, serof Lucknow ; Francis Vrignon, Thomas Taylor, late of Calcutta; jeant of the artillery, deceased; mr.

"William Roscoe, assistant to messrs. Anna Taylor, widow, the mother and

Alexander and company. only next of kin of the deceased. Ismaljee Bin Abrain, late a Nacoda of

ARRIVALS. the ship Sunbury; Golam Bin Mohammed, of Calcutta, mariner, sole execu- Per Ship Pascoa, from China.-Mr. tor.

John Templeton, merchant; and mr. William Park, Esq. late of Cawn J. Dorrett, country service. From pore in the East Indies, apothecary, Singapore.-Captain J. Waddie coun. deceased ; James Clendennen Murphy, try service. From Penang.-Miss E. Esq. of Purneah.

Cox, miss C. Cox, miss C. Cox. miss John Jones, Esq. late of Cawnpore E. Cox, and miss J. Pointon.' in the East Indies, merchant deceased; Per Ship Sophia, from London.-Miss mrs. Hannah Inshaw Jones, widow of Bird, miss ---- Bird, miss Budd, miss F. the said deceased.

A. Brown, Lieut. R. S. B. Morland, B. Lieutenant Bently Buxton, late of Establishment: Mr. Arthur Lee, Cathe corps of engineers, deceased; det ; mr. Junius Bumsted, free maJames Weir Hogg, Esq.

riner ; mr. Whittington, free merMr. Thomas Williams, late an assis- chant'; mr. Warner ; and mrs. Bird ; tant to messrs. Dick, Crump and com- mr. Joseph Ferris, from Cape of Good pany, deceased ; James Weir Hogg, Hope.

From Madras.--Mr. Cleghorn, mrs. Lieut. Richard D'Arcey, late in his

Sauter and 3 children ; madam Fond. majesty's 87th regiment of foot, de clair and 4 children ; miss Bayley, ceased'; William Princep, Esq. of Cal. miss Bannett, - Holland, Dean cutta, a member of the firm of messrs. and 2 children: mr. The

and 2 children ; mr. Thomas ; and Palmer and company.

nr. Garten. Reverend Henry Lloyd Williams, Per Ship Charles Forbes, from Ran. late of Cawnpore, in the East Indies, goon.-Lieut. Malim, H. Á. 13th regt. deceased ; mrs. Isabella Louisa Wil- lieut. Swayne, H. M. 44th regt. mr. liams of Cawnpore, widow of the said G. Wilson, apothecary ; mr. King, deceased.

commander gun boat; mr. Thomas Lieut.-colonel commandant George Cook, gunner of the Lord Lyndock ; Munro Popham, late of Chichester, in 42 Europeans; 60 Native invalids ; the County of Sussex, deceased ; John and one prisoner. Palmer, Esq. of Calcutta.

Per Ship Aurora, from London.--Mrs. Andrew Scott, Esq: late of Madras, O'Brien, mrs. Whish and child, mrs. a senior merchant in the civil service, Schnell, 'miss Schnell, miss Wright lieut. Madras establishment, deceased Na. col. L. R. O'Brien, Ć. B. Bengal light thaniel Alexander, Esq. of Calcutta. cavalry, major S. Whish, Bengal artil

Mr. Hubertus Timmer, alias John lery, lieut. G. Templer, 420 N, 1.; mr. Timmer, late of Chinsurah, near the R. Buchan, Surgeon; mr. W. Elliot, Town of Calcutta, deceased; mr. mr. H. Maynard, John Ewart, and James Montgomery, of Calcutta. R. Boyd, cadets ; mr. J. H. Rogers,

Rammohun Chuckerbutty, late of merchant ; mr. F. G. Maitland, mr. the Town of Calcutta, deceased ; R. W. Low, mariner; mr. Taylor, Rampersaud Bundopadhya, and Bis. merchant ; and mr. Schnell.


Per Brig Rebecca, from Rangoon.- civil service; H. Pelhem Maitland
Mr. J. W, Roger, free mariner. Gorden, esq. civil service ; messrs.

Per Ship Princess Charlotte, from James Skinner, William Campbell,
New South Wales, the 28th of Jan.- Jasper Trower, Charles Darby, D.
Mrs. Jacob, miss Frances, M. Jacob, Ogilvie, Robert Stuart, G. Hamilton,

V. Jacob, esq. merchant ; captain G. and A. Horne, cadets ; Charles Birny
Williamson, 19th regt. N. I.; mr. Colin Adam, free merchant ; A. Harris,
Urquhart, mr. Henry Lewis, mr. John pilot service; Fleming, free mariner;

Robert Harvey, and Henry Garden,
Per Schooner Marianna, from Ran. returning to India, and 150 recruite.
goon the 25th of March.-Mr. Wm. Per Ship Isabella, from London. Mr.
Crauford, mariner.

R. M. F. Campbell, mr. Henry Good.
Per Ship Thetis, from Arracan.- wyn, and mr. Samuel Mallock, cadets;
Licut. Wright, 10th Regt. M. N. I.; George Jones, free mariner.
mr. Ellis, late of the Flotilla, and mr. From the Cape of Good Hope.--Mr.
Wipn, apothecary.

Morrison, mr. Smith civil service ; mr.
Per Dona Carmelita, from the Isle of T. Smith, surgeon ; lieut. P. W. Grant.
France and Madrus.-From Mauritius. Bu thé H. C. Ship Hythe. Capt. J.
-Captain H. Macfarquhar, 25th Ben- P. Wilson, from London, 21st Jan.-
gal native infantry, lieut. Lane, 37th Mrs. Hewett, dr. Hewett, mr. Sher.
and Lieut. Smith, 26th do. do.

er, civil service, revd. mr. Goade,
Per Lord Amherst.--Lieutenant W. Chaplain B. Establishment, major
Reve, 10th Madras native infantry. Battine and lieut. Pyne, accompany.

Per Ship Dolphin, from Pondicherry. ing detachment H. C. troops, messrs.
Messrs. Theodore Hequet, George Bury, writer, Morrison, free mer.
Bayand, Henry Monnier, Timolion, chant, Martin, returning under mer.
Delacombe, and Alexander Guerre, chant's indeptures, messrs. A. H. Boi.
merchants ; mr. Philippe Devoit, leau, C. S. Reid, F. Miles, St. G. Show.

ers, Gilmore, Jones, Lumsden, R.
Per Brig Highland Chief, from Ar- Miles, C. Apthorpe, T. Orange, and
racan.-Captain J. Bellew.

W. Moultre, cadets, messrs. T. Collins,
Per Brig Colonel Young, from Ame- C. Jackson, w. Wall, J. Herbert, and
rica.-Mr. Geo. Dowell.

T. Hayle, volunteers, pilot service.
Per Penang Merchant, from Rangoon. 150 Recruits, 9 Women and 3 Chil.

Captain Pritchard, country service ; dren.
mr. D. McGregor, ditto ; and serjeant Per Ship Asia Felix, from Artacan.
major W. May.

Colonel Gardener, of the local horse;
Per Portuguese Ship Novo Phania, captain Felton, pioneers; lieut. Mc-
from Madras.--Mr. H. C. Merses, in- Kean 12d and lieut. Cox. 62d Bengal
digo planter, and Fre. A. de Correa, native infantry ; lieutenant Fordyce,
catholic priest.

Bengal artillery ; doctor, Daunt, sur.
Per Ship Louisa, from the Cape of geon of H. M. 44th regiment ; mrs.
Good Hope.-Mrs. Craigie, mrs. Wools, Jellico, 23 sick soldiers, and 20 followers
miss S. Travers, dr. Craigie, H. C. C. Per ship Palmira, from London.-
S.; captain Dolge, captain Edwards, Mrs. Bahana, miss Colquhon, rev. E.
and captain Webster, from Madras. White, Chaplain ; mr. G. J. Greene,

Per Ship Hydery, from Rangoon. and mr. B. Y. Reilly, engineer cadets;
captain Waterman, H. M. 13th light

· M. 13th light messrs. R. H. Seale,' w. c. Campbell
infantry ; captain T. Howard, and

E. T. Spry, David Ramsay, G. D. Da.
Cliffe, mr. Rogers, country service, vies, C. Vardon, infantry cadets ; B.
Per Ship Sherburne, from Penang.-

Read, cavalry do ; mr. Jobn Aldham,
Mrs. Burney, and 3 children, captain

H. C. marine; A Colquehon, masters
Burney poltical agent ; captain Glass, W. Kinsey, and C. Kinsey.
late of the brig Cocelong ; 33 sepoys Per ship Boyne, from London.-
and i follower.

Messrs. Wm. Butler, Wm. Jervis, Ed.
Per H. C. Ship General Kyd, from ward Munro, A. Nesbitt, A. ). B.
London.--Mrs. Mary Eckford, captain Ogilby, D. Plumbe, R. Meures, and
James Eckford, captain John Lane, Wm, Mitford, cadets ; mr. Liston, and
N. C.; lieut. 'Henry Brown, revd. mrs. M. Lavery, and so lascars, the
C. Hildyard, R. c. Plowden, esq. crew of the late ship Victory.

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