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immediately follow; then, the com- taria is more distant and dangerous merce in spices will necessarily be than that to the furthest extremity come of all others the most impor- of the Indian Archipelago-that the tant branch of the Bugis trade. In gulf of Carpentaria itself is within the mean while it brings to us small the latitudes of hurricanes and torquantites of cloves and nutmegs, dados, and that neither the soil or with birds of paradise, and other climate, of the neighbouring porticurious objects from the distant Is-on of New Holland are reported to lands of Ceram, the Aroos, and be favorable, or can be fitted for New Guinea. We may here re- the European constitution, we must mark that the Bugis are only car- doubt the sagacity and intelligence riers and general merchants, and of those who have recommended have very little share in the collec- to his majesty's ministers the es. tion or preparation of the articles tablishment of a British Colony, which compose their cargoes. Spi- having for its principal object the ces and birds of paradise for ex- formation of an emporium to atample, are supplied to them by the tract a large share of the general negroes of Ceram and New Guinea, commerce of the Indian Archipelaand sea slug, tortoise shell and go in such a situation. Where, we birds nests, by a singular amphibi- would ask, (should the Bugis be ous race, called Bajao, who live a persuaded to resort to such a setwandering life in their boats with- tlement) are they to obtain the asout any other home or habitation, sorted cargoes which at present atdevoting their existence to fishing. tract them to the Western ports of

The commodities which the Bu- the Archipelago; and where, in regis carry away from the European turn are Englishmen to obtain those Settlements may be shortly enume. assorted articles which are indispenrated. They consist of opium, gun- sibly requisite to constitute a cargo powder, fire arms, iron, coarse Ben- for Europe, and which the whole gal cotton goods, Europe chintzes, commerce of the Bugis put togeand some broad cloths, raw silk, ther,even were it centred at this spot, Chinese Poultry, Siamese and Chi- would not supply; for they deal only nese Culinary utensils, and Java. in costly articles, occupying triff. nese Tobacco,

ing room, and the great staples of In the details which we have colonial produce which make up the now furnished, we have taken no bulk of a homeward cargo, and notice of the intercourse between which alone would make the trade Celebes and the gulph of Carpenta- important – would be altogether ria in New Holland, because this in wanting, truth is no Bugis trade at all, being conducted by the Chinese who em- MACASSAR WAR.-By late and ploy the boats and mariners of the well authenticated accounts it apDutch Settlement of Macassar (not pears that the town of Supa, had Bugis) to which place alone the been captured by the Dutch trade is confined. This branch of troops in a third assault. The industry is in fact, a fishery, and Queen of Bani then finally denot a regular branch of commerce, clared war against the Dutch; the sole object of it being to supply which was a signal for a general the Chinese market. It is in a rising of all the nations bearing word an insulated traffic, at present the Bugis name; which enbraces utterly unconnected with the spirit- nine tenths of the most civilized ed enterprizes of Bugis merchants. portion of Celebes. Colonel de When we consider these circum- Steurs, of the Governor General's stances, that moreover, the voyage body guard, next attacked a fortifrom Celebes to the gulf of Carpen- fied position of the Queen of Boni,

and was repulsed. In another what other course it could well quarter a Dutch Officer and 25 have followed; for if it had tamely men were pat to the sword by the submitted to this first insult, fresh Bugis. In this state of things the ones would have been added, and Dutch from the very small num- sooner or later they must have been ber of their troops, have been com- involved in a war which to all ap. pelled to abandon their recent ac- pearance was premediated by the quisitions, and to concentrate them- native states. selves at the town of Macassar. The Natives make it out that the A reinforcement of 400 men has Netherland Government proposed sailed from Batavia, which it is to the Bugis Tribes a new Treaty, expected would reach Macassar containing such stipulations as the about the beginning of the present following. That the whole of the month.

Bugis nations should acknowledge The native accounts state that themselves to be no more than the places captured by the Dutch Vassels to the European Governhave not only been re-taken, but ment. That no sentence of death that the Bugis have possessed them- should be carried into effect withselves of the Dutch provinces of out the confirmation of the Dutch Bonthain, Boilcomba and Marus, Authorities. That no appeal to while they have extended their in- arms should be made without the cursions to the very suburbs of Ma sanction of the European Authocassar itself.

rity. That all quarrels arising The causes of the war after all amongst the Bugis nation, should our enquiries remain still in con- be submitted to the arbitration of siderable obscurity. An intolera- the Dutch, whose award should be ble share of insolence, always equi- final. That the feudatories of the valent among these people to open state of Bani should communicate defiance, is said to have been dis- direct with the European Governplayed by several of the native ment and not as heretofore through Chiefs on the arrival of his Excellen- the meditation of their acknowcy the Governor General at Macas- ledged liege; and finally that the sar. The petty Prince of Tanete Dutch fiscal regulations as far as who ought by custom to have sent concerned matters of trade, should a Mission to Macassar to meet the be in full force and operation along Governor General, was foremost the whole of the Bugis coast, and in this contemptuous conduct, ac- especially that no Bugis prahu should taated by some of the superior quit a part of Celebes without beChiefs. A remonstrance was fol- ing furnished with a Dutch Regislowed by a rude message of defi- ter and passport. ance in which the Governor General It is probable, there is much erwas informed that if he had any aggeration in the statements ; but specific message to deliver to his it may be safely averred that if one Majesty of Tanete from his brother half of the demands in question of the Netherlands, he might repair were made, the Treaty could not in person to Tanete, and there have been construed by the Bug make it known. This was of ne- into any other meaning, than a cessity followed by an immediate tame and virtual relinquishment declaration of hostilities against of Sovereignty ; and it was scarcehim, and the boaster was with little ly reasonable to expect, that a peotrouble driven out of his kingdom. ple long accustomed to exercise a If the Dutch Government indeed wilful independence- always perwas determined at all risks to tinacious to maintain it- and ever maintain its station and suprema- the most impatient of restraint, of ey in Celebes, we cannot conceive all the inhabitants of the Archipe

lago ; should have quietly submit manner be competent to secure ted to the preferred yoke.

even so skilful and efficient an ad. To render the operation of a ministration of justice, as is enjoyTreaty founded on such principles ed oy the people through the natu. practicable, it appears to us, that ral operation of their own rude laws. the taming and discipline of a The nominal domination of a few 7 years war, would in the first in- hundred strangers, for the Eurostance have been requisite, and pean masters of Celebes of whatever then a standing force of perhaps nation have never exceeded this 10,000 men to maintain the new or- amount, must have a very oppoder of things. The waste and fol- site effect to that of benefiting a ly of such a project would be ob- population, said to exceed a million vious, and it would require consi- in number. Its evident tendency derable ingenuity to hazard even a must be to enfeeble, embarrass and conjecture respecting its possible irritate the native administration, benefits.

and thus to weaken the laws, to It has always appeared to us that impede the course of social iman European Government, whe- provement, and to breed anarchy ther Dutch or English, and taking and warfare. In proof of all this its own interests only into conside- it is only necessary to challenge ration, has no business whatever in the advocates of interference to Celebes, or at least no business shew a single benefit, which the there while it aims at exercising a natives of Celebes have gained Sovereign and general controul; to from their connexion with Eurowhich from the very nature of things peans. The political relations which sts power is utterly inadequate over have subsisted between them and a decline and dense population the Dutch, or the English acting in and fertile land like that of Java, the place of the Dutch, have now the substantial benefits of European subsisted for 170 years, out of Government are readily secured which 40, or a fourth of the whole to the community, because the sub- time have been spent in actual missiveness of that people and the warfare !! The manners of the productiveness of the country, af- people who by the way, had made ford the ready means of supporting a remarkable start in civilization those civil and military establish- not long before the commencement ments, but chiefly the latter which of the era in question, have since are capable of maintaining that continued strictly stationary. Aspeace, order and tranquillity which sassination and slavery, are just are some compensation at least for about as prevalent as they were in the dominion of strangers, and the beginning of the connexion, and the forfeiture of national indepen- European science and civilization dence. The case is widely differ- have not thrown one ray of light ent with Celebes, where the land is over the island of Celebes, and in of inferior facility, the industry of a word the effectual protection the country unavailable for taxa which the Institutions of Europe tion, and the people untractable. afford on that island, extend to the Here no great establishment can range of the Guns of Fort Rotterby possibility be maintained by den, but not one yard further. an European power. The military We are happy to learn that the force can never be such from its num- Dutch Government have signified bers or respectability as either to their intention of permitting the Scorsave the people from aggression pion and Salmon River, to return from abroad, or protect them from to Batavia, and to land the goods. " anarchy and rapine at home. Nor which had been originally intended can the civil establishments in any for that place, without incurring

45 do. rone


the additional duty on British Ma. life although not correctly ascernufactures imported from places to tained, was generally believed to the Eastward of the Cape of Good have been very considerable. Hope. In fact we believe, that SINGAPORE PRICE CURRENT. this liberal determination has been Camphire Barus Drs. 25 28 Pie. carried still further, and extends to China .... ..... none the admission of the Goods altho' Coffee Java, .. .... 11 12 do. conveyed in other vessels, on due of other parts ..... 99% do. proof of their authenticity being ad- Copper Japan, .... 26 do. duced. This is as it ought to be, Sheet, ..... and in the peculiar circumstances Cassia Lignea, ....... of the case, goes as far perhaps as Dragon's Blood .... 6 14 do. is practicable in remedying the Elephants Teeth, ..., 70 86 do. mischief which has been incurred. Gambier, .......... 62 do.

Earthquake at Manilla.-By Gamboge, .... .... 45 do. the Hope the latest arrival from Guineas, none, much wanted. the Phillippines, we are concerned to Iron, British........ 34 41 do. hear that these countries have late- Swedish, ........ 4 5+ do. ly been visited by a dreadful earth- Lead Pig, .

none. quake and hurricane, which have Sheet, ..

9j do. caused much distress amongst the Muskets,.

6 7 each inhabitants and laid a considerable Nankeens, long .. 55 62 100 part of the city of Manilla in ruins. Short, ........... 36 40 do. Several slight shocks of the earth- Oil, Cocoanut, .....

54 Pic quake had been felt throughout the Opium, Patna, ...... 1110 Chest, island of Luconia during the month Benaras, ....... 1030 of October. On the 26th of that Malwa,...... .... month a most severe shock was Pepper, ............ 8 do. experienced in the town and suburbs Rattans,.... of Manilla, which demolished se- Rice, Siam & C. China veral of the churches - one of the Bengal, ... bridges over the river and many of Sago, Pearl ........ 64 7 Pic the private houses. About 4 miles Spelter ............ 121 above the town and close to the ri. Sticlac, .....

14 16 de. ver, the earth opened with a tre- Sugar, white Siam .. 6 7 do. mendous explosion and shortly af. Brown, ........., none. terwards shoals of dead fish were C. China,........ none. seen floating down the river into Tin, ............. 18 21 do. the gea. All the respectable in- Tortoise Shell, ...... 860 do. habitants of Manilla removed into Wax, Bees, ........ 38 42 Pic, the country, and left the town quite Government Bills on Bengal per deserted. The Military barracks 100 Spanish Dollars, Sa. Rs. 210 having been laid level with the Freight to London £7 to 10 per ground ; tents were pitched for the ton.-Singapore Chronicle, Nov. soldiers on a plain at a short dis- 25, 1824. tance. This encampment was totally destroyed by the hurricane which Assam.-By accounts from As came on the lst instant. The sam, it appears that the remnant of roofs were blown off many of the the Burmese force in that Province remaining houses and six of the having failed in their endeavours to vessels in the roads were stranded. escape by the south eastern bills,

This is the most severe earth- had re-occupied the Stockades of quake which has been experienced Rungpore, which they were repairin Manilla since the memorable one ing; and that they had pushed on a of 1796, and the loss of human party to Jorehath, and a small body

2) do. 70 Kos. 3 Bag.

of 40 Burmahs, with as many na- country, which is not capable of tives of the Province, to the Town being brought in, in consequence of Deorgaon, about 14 miles east of the Mayoon having driven away of Maura Mookh. At Jorehath, all the Cultivators, and all the Cat. the enemy are said to have collected tle. Again he states, that being - a body of about 2,000 men of all under the protection of the Eng. tribes, where they have built 4 lish and experiencing their favour. Stockades, laid in supplies, and and hoping for his advancement talk of offering resistance.

through their assistance, he (the The Head Quarters of colonel writer) is sitting in his own houso Richards's force reached Maura in peace and happiness. Mookh on the morning of the 6th “ Further, he represents, that instant :- The Stockades at that the Burman, Siamese, and Peguese place had been previously destroy- inhabitants of Martaban have re ed, by lieutenant Oldfield's party. turned to that place, and also

placed themselves under the proRangoon.—The following is the tection of the English: but the translation of a Communication from Mayoon. Mynghee Maha Od. the Head Man at Yeah,-chiefly jenah, having run away on the capimportant as containing the first ture of Martaban, remained in intelligence of the Siamese intend. Zetoong 'till the English Commaning to take a part in the war, and der hearing of his being there went the return of the emigrants to the in pursuit of him, (joined and aid. conquered provinces.

ed by many natives) and he, the “The Chief (not the 1st) of Yeah Mayoon, again escaped into the represents to the Chief of Tavoy, Jungles. Again he reports, havthat on the 22d Tanz Auwoons ing heard that the English are (about the beginning of November,) about proceeding to take Bassein he, with others, left Tavoy and also, that on the 17th of Natoh reached Yeah in six days, that the (about the 5th of December), he, Mayoon of Yeah having on the sent a man towards Siam for intelapproach of the English, and una ligence, who returned seven days ble to withstand the strength of afterwards, and stated that he was their arms, deserted the place taking told, that the Siamese and English with him about 400 people, men, were on friendly terms, and that the women and children ; that of those Chief of Lookhoon, and his Son the writer prevailed on 100 men, with 30,000 Siamese Soldiers were with 40 muskets to return, and then going to join the English, and asincluding these, there were 216 sist in seizing the Golden King. fighting men remaining at Yeah, and taking possession of the Golwith 112 muskets, 8 guns, 1 jinjal, den Empire. He also heard 15 vis of gunpowder, and 300 balls; through the same channel that all that the English came with a three the Burman and Talem Emigrants, masted ship, eight gunboats and who have at different periods left 400 soldiers, and having taken pos- their country in consequence of opsession of Yeah, returned, taking pression, and for some time been away 7 guns, and leaving one gun living within the Siamese Territoand a jinjal for protection of the ry, are all about to return in conseplace, after advising us to remain quence of Tavoy, Mergui, Martaquiet and contented.

ban, '&c. being in possession of “Further, that, when the Mayoon the English. The writer concludes left Yeah he caused all grain of every by begging the Tavoy Rayoon to description to be carried away report all this news to the English from the town, and nothing re- Commander, and to request that mains but the Rice in the adjacent some measures may be adopted to

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