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Anna Maria, ayah, native servants. John Vaughan and David William

Per ship Samdany, capt. Thos. son, James and John Mylne, Wil. Grand Reid, for Rangoon.- Capt. liam Peregrine Taylor, John MacCharles Dean, capt. Charles Eyere, kenzie, Hugh, George Henry, John captain Harvey, brevet capt. Nor- and Henry Thomas Stalkart, The man McClean, lieutenants Bickner, mas Hutchinson and Henry Bur. Stoit, Carter, Williamson and Ni- rell Thomson. cholson, ensigns Ogilvy and Mc Charter Party Passengers Gregor: assistant surgeon Stod. William Gerrand, Seaman, mrs. dart, and 300 rank and file of his Handibo, soldier's wife of the 11th majesty's regiment of royals.. dragoons, Charles Wessal, invalid

Per ship Glorioso, captain Pa- of his majesty's Ilth dragoons. terson, for Bombay.--Mrs.Allport,; European Servants John Har. - Allport, esq. mr. Quadras ricks, and Thomas Fleming,

Per Freneh ship La Seine, capt. Native Servants. - Lutchmy. Briselainne, for Havre de Graee. - Sookeenah, Mina, Beebhun, Pera Mr. William Freeman.

ron and Mootee. Per Portuguese ship Concordia, Per French ship Anna, captain E. captain F.A.S. Madeira, for Lis- P. Lanes, for Madras and Suma, bon. - Padre Joa de Patricim Se- tra.--Captain and mrs. Squire, and quera.

4 children, lieut. Colebrooke, lieut. Per French ship La Nancy, Beaver, captain Gillespie, captain captain Guezenec, for Bourdeaux. Grant, and captain Eglan.

Mrs. colonel Nahuys, colonel Per American ship Bengal, for. Nahuys, of his Netherland majes- Salem.---Mr. Green, indigo Factor, ty's army; and miss Nahuys; and mr. Stark, supercargo. Madelle D'Abo, and three masters Per bark Nimrod, for Cheduba. D'Abo, monsieur Dubois de Saran ---Captain Haslem, 40th native in. and madame Dubois de Saran, fantry, lieut. Wilson, 40th native monsieur de Launay, monsieur Le infantry, and lieut. Vanrenen. Frand, monsieur Boudriot, mon- Per Felicitas captain Peter sieur Muller; children, Pelliseer, a Campbell, from London.--Mrs. son of the governor of Chanderna- Campbell, mr. Brown, assistant gore, Benjamin, Maurice, and Au- surgeon his majesty's 87th foot : guste Chardon, Brunet, Dubois mr. Farmer, and mr. Mitchell, ca. Saubolle, and seven servants attach- dets; and mr. Lecester. ed to colonel Nahuys.

Per ship Albion, Captain SwainPer ship Cornwall, capt. Robert son to Liverpool. The honorable Brooks. for London. ---Mrs. colonel John Adam ; mrs. Northmore and Ahmuty, mrs. S. Ochterlony, mrs. child; miss Paton ; the rev. mr. captain Nylne, mrs. Motherall, Northmore ; C. F. Thompson, esa. mrs. Thomson, mrs. Turner and C. S.; captain Dalzell, M. N. I.: three children, mrs. Griffin, mrs. James Walkinshaw, esg, and four Stalkart, lieut. colonel J. Ahmuty, servants. captain Mylne, lieut. J. Stewart, his Per H. C. ship Prince Regent. majesty's 11th dragoons; brevet Captain Henry Hosmer, to Ericaptain F. Mackenzie, 64th regiment rope. - Lieut. Col. Christopher native infantry, assistant surgeon Baldock, 57th N. I. ; lieut. col. Sir Henry Cooper, J. Burt, esq. and G. James Mouat, of the engineers : Burt, esq. — Woodward, esq. Treut. col. William Logie, 3d N. I. honorable company's civil service, major Ben. Casley Swindell, of the children, misses Eleanor and Fanny invalid establishment; mąjor R. Williamson, Charlotte, Ochterlony, W. Baldock, 35th N. I.; captain Mary Ann Middleton, Elizabeth A. Campbell, H. M. Royals ; capand Mary Lydia Stalkart; masters tain J. Serjeant, H. M, 87th regi

ment; lieut. W. G. Lennox, 43d kins, captain Ellis, his majesty's N.I. ; lieut. J. R. Berrell, 11th N. 16th lancers, and Dr. Alexander I. ; and ensign George Johnson, Russel. James Ives Edwards, H. M.59th regiment.

esq. master of the private Mrs. Mactier, mrs. Elizabeth ship Golconda; master Patrick Sarah Brown ; Dr. James Hare, Clark (child); mr. William Henry M. D. and A. Mactier, Anstruther Whatford, late midshipman of the Mactier, William Fullarton Mac- honorable company's ship Rose, tier, Thomas Binny Mactier, Geo. and mr. John Hardy, late a private Collier, Archibald Swinton, and of his majesty's 17th regiment of James Hunter ; misses Isabella foot; on the terms of Charter Party. Elizabeth Brown Margaret Hunter, Per private ship Morley.--Mrs. Charlotte Leslie, and Sarah Leslie; C. B. Palmer, mrs. Inglis, mrs. Ca. John Hardy, late a private of his rey, mrs. Rocke; and mrs. Archimajesty's 17th regiment of foot; bald, master Mercer, and miss on the terms of charter party. Robson ; C. B. Palmer, esq. brevet

Per H.C. ship General Hewett, captain J. M. Sim, 15tb native incaptain T. W. Barrow.---The ho fantry ; lieut Richard Blacklin, of norable sir Francis Macnaghten, the royal regiment ; lieut. A. B. S. kt. ; lady Macnaghten, miss Mac- Kent, 66th native infantry ; lieut. naghten, mrs. MacLeod ; captain F. B. Rocke, 5th light cavalry, I). Jones, of the honorable compa- lieut. Carey ; Bridget Stokes, wife ny's Bombay marine ; M. Lums- of a private 87th foot, lieut. H. V. den, esq. professor of the Arabic Carey, 57th native infantry, captain and Persian languages in the col. A. Gray, of the Madras establishlege of Fort William; John Stud- ment and private Walsh, an invaholm Brownrigg, esq. of the lid of the royals, proceeding as a firm of messrs. Palmer and co. servant to lieut. Blacklin. Ensign R. W. Croker, H. M's. 13th To Singapore per

To Singapore per ship Mulkool" light infantry; forty-one invalids, Behr.-Lieut. J. W. Colquhoun, six women and six children, of H. 23. native in M's. service, colonel T. H. Per

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[Continued.] SINGAPORE, Trade of the Bugis. boats of 20 tons burthen. Such is We had long ourselves heard the original country of this remarkmuch of the trade of the Bugis with- able race, where they live under a out having any very distinct notions true feoderal aristocracy, the inferior respecting its character and extent, chiefs being elected from particular and as we have no doubt many of families in which their dignities are our readers may be in the same hereditary, and the chief of the situation, we shall proceed on the whole union being chosen by the authority of detailed information rest, and holding his office during recently obtained to offer a brief good behaviour. The people of sketch of it.

Wajo pay neither land tax nor any The civilized inhabitants of Ce- other species of contribution, being lebes, that is to say, those who have exempt even from imposts on trade some industry, raise corn, fabricate of any sort or description. The cotton cloth, and clothe themselves inferior chiefs support themselves decently in it, instead of feeding from their own domains and other precariously on roots, and wandere private revenue, and the Arumatua ing naked over the seas and forests. or president of the Union alone They consist of four or five distinct obtains three days personal services tribes speaking as many different in the year, one in ploughing time, languages. These are the Bugis, and one in secd time, and one in the Macassar, Mandar, Kaili and the time of harvest. The Wajo Menado; of these by far the most men are perfectly free to go abroad considerable in point of numbers and return at pleasure. It is the and improvement are the Bugis, who pride of a free man of Wajo “that are themselves again sub-divided no chief. or , Prince can shut the into many nations, united however gates of the country against him," by the common ties of similar lan- and they often dwell with satisfaca gnage and similar institutions. tion upon this advantage, repeating Among the Bugis nations, there is the expression. The other Governbut one tribe distinguished for ments of Celebes are more arbitra. maritime enterprize and commer- ry and far less favorable to induscial spirit, the Wajo or more cor- try. Under them a tythe of the rectly Tuwajo people. When there- gross produce of the land is paid to fore the trade of the Bugis is spoken the sovereign as a tax- corvee's are of, it is with very few exceptions frequent, military services oppresto be understood as meaning the sive---and no subject can quit the trade of this people only

country without the will of the GoThe original country of Wajo is vernment, in itself a formidable. innearly in the centre of Celebes on strument both of oppression and the Northern banks of an extensive taxation. fresh water Lake about 24 miles in The advantages of the free form breadth. The outlet from this Lake of Government now described, notis a river which falls into the bay of withstanding the turbulence and Boni, and which is navigable for anarchy to which it is occasionally


liable, are the true sources of the These make in all a total of 786 industry and enterprize of the Prahus. Those which visited SinWajos. Actuated by these, this gapore alone last year amounted to tribe has colonized in almost every 90, and in the present year have maritime country of the Archipelago not been short of 120, although the where they preserve their original war of Celebes has kept away nearmanners and habits, while their ly all the vessels of Wajo proper, commercial voyages extend from of Pari Pari and Bonifatti. Their Manilla to Acheen, and from Siam burthen is commonly from 20 to 60 to New Guinea, it being observed tons, and the average value of their that the parent country is by no cargoes cannot well be estimated at means that which carries on the less than 4000 Dollars each. A few most extensive foreign trade. It is rich ones chiefly carrying birds singular that this people should be nests and tortoise shell, have imthe sole native carriers to the Ar- ported cargoes into Singapore vachipelago, all the other tribe con- lued at 30,000 Dollars. These carfining themselves to mere coasting goes vary according to the counvoyages. When, for example we tries from which the Bugis sail, hear that the Islands of Bali and but the details are too extensive to Lombok-Macassar-- Mandar and find room in a short essay of this Kaili, in Celebes, Gresik in Java, nature. The following brief reci. Basir and Cuti in Borneo and simi. tal however will convey some genelar places, carry on a trade with the ral notions in regard to them. The new settlement of Singapore, this traders of Wajo proper chiefly exalways means the trade of the Bugis port cotton cloths, manufactured of Wajo, for we here never see a by the women of their own countrading native of Bali or Lombok try, , The traders of Bali, Lomnor of the greater number of the bok and Java export cotton fabrics, other places; altho’ their commodi- the manufactures of those counties be brought to us in abundance, tries, with rice and oil. The traand ours be conveyed to them in ders of Mandar export oil, rice, return.

and within the last year some cofThe following is the most correct fee. Those of Kaili export a great list which we have been able to ob- deal of gold; those of Macassar tain of the number of the Wajo cloths, tortoise shell, and sea slug. Prahus carrying on foreign trade, The traders of the East coast of and the statement will convey to Borneo, deal in esculent birds the reader a general view of the nests and tortoise shell, and those extent and importance of each par- of Flores in the same commodities. ticular branch enumerated.

The communication between the Sumbawa, .... 40 prahus. Eastern and Western portions of E. coast of Borneo,.... 66 do. the Archipelago through means of W.coast of ditto, .... 20 do. the Bugis is still imperfect; owing Original country of the

to the existence of the spice monoWajos, ...... 50 do. poly. When this is abandoned, a Mandar in Celebes....200 do. consummation which the tone and Kaili in ditto, ....100 do. character of the notes exchanged Macassar,

.... 100

between the Dutch and the English Boniratti a small, ..)

Plenipotentiaries and the palpable Island between Cele-> 50

experience of its absurdity and ut bes and Sumbawa,)

ter incompatibility with every prinPari Pari in Celebes,.. 10

ciple of good or just Government; Bali and Lombok, -... 50 do. which the recent visit of the GoverJava, .... .... 50 do.' norGeneral, will have afforded, gives

..., 50 do. reasonable ground to hope must


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