Enemy Property in America: A Survey of the Trading with the Enemy Act, the Decisions of the Courts Under that Act, the Traditions and Policies of the United States Government with Regard to Enemy Property, Together with the Text of the Act Annotated, the Treaties of Peace with Germany and Austria, and Provisions of the Versailles Treaty Relating to Enemy Property

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M. Bender incorporated, 1923 - Electronic books - 396 pages

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Page 330 - Court of the District of Columbia, or in the district court of the United States for the district in which such claimant resides, or, if a corporation, where it has its principal place of business...
Page 269 - Government, or its agents, since July 31, 1914, loss, damage, or Injury to their persons or property, directly or indirectly, whether through the ownership of shares of stock in German, Austro-Hungarian, American, or other corporations, or in consequence of hostilities or of any operations of war, or otherwise...
Page 79 - ... nation with which the United States is at war, or resident outside the United States and doing business within such territory...
Page 292 - Subject to any contrary stipulations which may be provided for in the present Treaty, the Allied and Associated Powers reserve the right to retain and liquidate all property, rights and interests belonging at the date of the coming into force of the present Treaty to German nationals, or companies controlled by them, within their territories, colonies, possessions and protectorates, including territories ceded to them by the present Treaty.
Page 122 - Commerce, to refuse clearance to any such vessel, domestic or foreign, for which clearance is required by law, and by formal notice served upon the owners, master, or person or persons in command or charge of any domestic vessel for which clearance is not required by law, to forbid the departure of such vessel from the port, and it shall thereupon be unlawful for such vessel to depart.
Page 125 - March fourth, nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the United States...
Page 99 - ... no person shall be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted in...
Page 107 - States desiring to manufacture or cause to be manufactured, a machine, manufacture, composition of matter, or design, or to carry on, or...
Page 363 - That war gives to the sovereign full right to take the persons and confiscate the property of the enemy wherever found, is conceded. The mitigations of this rigid rule, which the humane and wise policy of modern times has introduced into practice, will more or less affect the exercise of this right, but cannot impair the right itself.
Page 104 - ... order the payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment or delivery to said claimant of the money or other property so held by the alien property custodian or by the Treasurer of the United States or of the interest therein to which the President shall determine said claimant is entitled.

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