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IT. They had us swallow'd quick, when as.

their wrath 'gainst us did flame: Waters had cover'd us, our soul . had sunk beneath the stream.

Then had the waters swelling high

over our soul made way : Bleit be the Lord, who to their teethi, gave us not for a prey.

Our souls escaped, as a bird,

out of the fowler's snare, The snare asunder broken is,

and we escaped are.

Our fure and all-sufficient help

Our fure ahovah's name; cav'ns create;

His name who did the heav'ns create ; and who the earth did frame.



The subject of this psalm is nearly the same with the

laft:. It describes the perfect safety of those who truft in the Lord. He himself will be their almighty protector. When enemies invade them, as the hills stand about Jerusalem, fo will he stand round about his people. His falvation shall be for walls and bul


warks. Happy are the people, that are in such a cafe! Yea blessed are the people, who have the Lord for their defence! 0 for more faith in his word, and more dependence upon his persevering love, and almighty arm. He will certainly fulfill. his promises in this psalm, great though they be, to those who trust in him. May we now put honor upon the promises here made us, and fing of his. faithfulness with rejoicing hearts.; .

THOSE that do place their confidence
1 Upon. the Lord our God only,
And flee to him for their defence,
In all their need and misery,
Their faith is sure itill'to endure
Grounded on Christ the corner-stone,
Mov'd with no ill, but ftandech still.
Stedfast like to the mount Sion.,

. II..
And as about Jerusalem
The mighty hills do it compass,
So that no foes can come to them,
To hurt that town in any case,
So God indeed in ev'ry need
His faithful people doth defend,
Standing them by assuredly
From this time forth world without end:


Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.

Psalm CXXV.


1. RIGHT wife and good is our Lord God,

· And will not suffer certainly
The finners and ungodly's rod
To reft upon his family :
Least they also from God should stray
Falling to sin and wickedness :
O Lord defend both night and day
Thy little flock and them ftill bless.

II. .
O Lord, do good to chriftians all
Who stedfalt in thy word abide,..
But such as from the Lord do fall,
And to false doctrine daily side,
Them will the Lord scatter abroad
With hypocrites thrown down to hell ;
God will them fend pains without end,
But peace he will give Ifrael.



This pfalm was written for our admonition, upon whom

the ends of the world are come. It was not peculiar to one age or time of the church. It is not of any such private interpretation, but belongs to the whole people of God: For it relates to a spiritual captivity, which we are all under through sin, and it sets forih the holy joy, which Chrift gives, when he proclaims liberty to the captives. He enables them to find redemption through faith in his blood, and he puts a new song in their mouths, even a thanksgiving to their almighty deliverer. Then such persons under. stand the psalm well. They remember the joy of their first love, and what great things God did for them. And they know their own hearts, how ready they are to turn to captivity again, if the holy Spirit was to leave them, therefore they pray, that the streams of his grace may be to them, what streams of water are to dry ground, (such as was fouth of Judah) kept alive and made fruitful through him, they shalt not turn again to folly, but shall go on their way rea joicing : they may fow in tears, always sorrowful for what they are in themselves, but they may now always rejoice in Christ Jesus, and they shall reap in him a harvest of joy everlasting. Is this psalm true of us? Are we his lawful captives, whom he has de. livered from the hand of all our enemies? O let us sing of the liberty wherewith Chritt hath made us free. Let us exalt our redeemer to day. Here is a glorious hymn for the occasion. May all within us bless him, and may the holy Spirit glorify him in our hearts, while we praise him with our lips.


1. W HEN Sion's sad captivity

the Lord return'd again, Like unto them that dream were we, our mouth was filled then

With laughter, and our tongue did sing, .

then said they thereupon
Among the heathen: Mighty things
for them the Lord hath done,

The Lord hath done great things

we joyful are thereby.
Like streams in South, still do thou Lord,
turn our captivity.

Who fow in tears shall reap in joy:

who goeth on and mourns
Bearing choice seed, sure he with joy

bearing his sheaves returns.

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