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W ITH heart I do accord
VV to praise and bless the Lord,

in presence of the just,
For great his works are found
to fearch them such are bound
who do him love and trust.

II. His works are glorious : His righteousness for us

doth evermore endure, His wondrous works he would we still remember should, his mercy is full sure.

III. Redemption great he gave his people for to save, ..

it also hath appear'd; His cov’nant cannot fail, but evermore prevail, his holy name be fear’d.

IV. . Such as to him bear love, a portion fair above.

he hath up for them laid. For this they shall well find, he will have them in mind

and keep them as he said..


Tenth Sunday after Trinity.


This is a psalm of praise. The prophet blefses God

for the great promises, which have been fulfilled to Christ, and will be fulfilled to all his. Under him, exceeding great and precious though they be, yet every believer may claim them as his own, and ex. pect the fulfilling of them. O for more faith. The Lord increase it in our hearts, that we may fing the words for ourselves. May every one of us find the psalm realized to day, and bless the Lord for this and for all his goodness to the children of men.

PRAISE ye the Lord. That man is bleft

who fears the Lord aright: Who in keeping of his commands. doth greatly take delight.

11. He shall his feed and offspring make

mighty the earth upon; Of upright men blessed shall he make the generation.

III. Treasures of wealth shall ever be

within his house in store, And his free gift of righteousness

endures for everinore.

IV. For

IV. For the upright he makes light arise

tho' they in darkness be: Compassionate and merciful, and justifier he.

V. This good man doth his grace below.

and doth to others lend, He with discretion his affairs

will guide unto the end.

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SURELY there is not any thing o that ever shall him move : This righteous man's memorial shall everlasting prove.

U. · When he shall evil tidings hear

he shall not be afraid,
His heart is fixt, his confidence
upon the Lord is stay’d.

His heart is firmly stablished,

afraid he shall not be, Until upon his enemies:

he his desire shall fee.


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He hath dispers’d, giv'n to the poor,

his righteousness alway
Remains : High shall his glory rise,
and never shall decay.

This is another pfalm of praise: One of the grand

Hallelujah chorus. It sets forth the majesty of the
Lord as worthy to be extolled throughout the world
for his infinite condescension to poor finners. His
free grace lifts them up from their depth of misery,
and raises them to the height of glory, even to be
numbered among the children of the most high God.
This honor he confers on 'the poor Gentile church,
making her a joyful mother of children : “ Far more
« shall be the children of the desolate, than of the mar-
" ried woman, faith the Lord." To day is this fcrip-
ture fulfilled. O how should we rejoice and be glad
therein! The hymn was made for us poor finners of
the Gentiles. It treats of us, and of our salvation.
With what triumph of joy should believers fing it!
admiring and adoring the free grace of God: And
as it begins and ends with Hallelujah, may we from
our hearts ascribe to him all the glory of his goodness
to the children of men.

The Allot


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V E children which do serve the Lord,
1 Praise ye his name with one accord,

Yea blessed be always his name,
Who from the rising of the sun,
Till it return where it begun,
Is to be prailed with great fame.

II. The

The Lord all people doth surmount,
As for his glory we may count

Above the highest heav'ns to be.
With God the Lord, who can compare,
Whose dwellings in the heav'ns are,
Of luch great power and might is he.

He doth abase himself we know,
Things to behold on earth below,

And also in the heav'n above,
The needy out of duft to draw,
Also the poor who help none faw
His mercy only did him move.

IV. -. And so did fer them up on high With princes of great dignity,

Raised by him unto great fame, The barren church he makes to bear, And with great joy her sons to rear,

Therefore praise ye his holy name.


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