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To God sing, to his name fing praise,

extoll him with your voice,
Who rides on heav'n by his name Jah
before his face rejoice.

III. The same is he that is above

within his holy place, The father of the fatherless and judge of widow's case.

IV. Houses and issue both he gives

unto the comfortless, He brings the bondmen out of thrall

and rebels to distress.


THOU didít, O Lord, ascend on high

and captive lead them all, Who in time past thy chosen Aock in bondage did enthrall.

Thou hast received gifts for men

ev'n for thine enemies,
Unto the end that God the Lord
might dwell with them likewise.

III. Now

Now praised be the Lord for that

he pours on us such grace, From day to day he is the God both of our health and peace.

He is the God from whom alone

falvation we obtain,
And to the Lord Jehovah Mall,

death's issues appertain.



ALL ye kingdoms of the earth

sing praises to this king: For he is Lord that ruleth all, unto him praises fing.

To him that rides on heav'n of heav'ns,

which he of old did found,
Lo, he sends out his voice, a voice
in might which doth abound.

III. Therefore the strength of Israel

ascribe to God on high, Whose mighty power doth far extend

above the cloudy sky.


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O God for thy great holiness

thou're fear'd for evermore,
The God of Isr’el gives us strength,

let us his name adore.

Whitsun Monday.


In this most glorious psalm the church triumphs in her

almighty Saviour. He puts his own beauty on her, gives her many invaluable privileges, keeps her safe from all her enemies ; but in this the chiefly rejoices, that God is in the midst of her, well-known to be a sure refuge. This is also our ground of rejoicing today. The fame Lord is still present with us by his Spirit, and we now wait on him hoping to find him in his house and ordinances. May his good Spirit help us to fing in faith. May we make the words our own; so that while we praise our God for his presence with his church, he may give us fresh rea. son to praise him. ,

LORD, we wait and do depend

on thy good help and grace, For which we do all times attend within thy holy place.

O Lord, according to thy name

thro' all the earth's thy praise, i
And thy right hand, O Lord is full
of righteousness always.

- III. To

To Father, Son, and holy Ghost,

the God whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore. i

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Whitsun Tuesday.

PSALM CXLIII. This is a prayer for the direction of the good Spirit of God in order to be strengthened under the cross, and to be led and comforted in the way of obedience. We want the same Spirit for the same purposes. May we ask to-day in faith, nothing wavering. And when we make the words our own, singing them with a sense of our ftanding in need of the influence of the holy Spirit every moment, may we rely upon his faithfulness, who put the words in our mouths, that he will fulfill them, and grant us our hearts defire.

TEACH me the way that I should walk, 1 I lift my soul to thee, Lord, free me from my foes: I fee to thee to protect me.

II. . . Thou art my God, thy righteous will

instruct me to obey,
Let thy good Spirit safely lead
my soul in the right way.

Revive and comfort me, O Lord,

ev'n for thine own name's sake, And do thou for thy, righteousness

my soul from trouble take.


Wednesday in Whitsun Week.

PSALM XLVI. In this pfalm the church triumphs in her safety in a co

venant God. Believers have no reason to fear from · any inward or outward 'troubles: Because God is their refuge. and strength. And the grace of his Spirit, which comes through Chrift, is always ready to help in every time of need. This grace is throughout the fcriptures compared to water : For what water is to animal life, that is the holy Spirit to spiritual life. He refreshes, comforts, makes glad the inhabitants of the city of God. He is always present with them, almighty to help, and that right early, in the best time, and in the best way. May this river of the water of life revive our hearts to day. While we are singing of its gladdening streams may the holy Ghost give us joy and peace in believing.

I I.
A RIVER is, whose streams do glad

the city of our God;
The holy place wherein the Lord
most high has his abode :

God in the midst of her doth dwell

nothing shall her remove,
The Lord to her an helper will
and that right early prove.

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

the God whom wę adore, Be glory as it was, is now, and shall be evermore.

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