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Sing praises to our God, sing praise,

sing praises to our king,
For God is king of all the earth,
all skilful praises sing.

III. .
God o'er the heathen reigns and sits

upon his holy throne;
The princes of the people have
themselves join'd ev'ry one

• IV. To Abram's people: For our God

who is exalted high, As with a buckler doth defend

his church continually.


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E people all with one accord

clap hands, shout and rejoice,
Be glad and sing unto the Lord
wich sweet and pleasant voice.

For high he is and to be fear'd,

his wonders manifold,
A mighty king he is likewise
in all the world extoll’d. :::.

III. , . The heathen people under us

he surely shall subdue, and And all the nations he shall make under our feet to bow. ; ..

"", jie GLORIA PATRI.: 2:1:1. Lici i


This pfalm describes the kingdom of the Lord Christ.

It is short, but full; containing the praises of his government for its majesty, power, and holiness, These are celebrated from some of his royal acts, such as his establishing the course of nature, out of which it cannot be turned by any hand, but his own, and his establishing his church upon a rock, against which let the multitude rage, and the hosts of hell combine, yet shall they not prevail. His throne is from everlasting, out of the reach of all opposition. His church thall find his teftimonies faithful in every word, and he will according to his testimonies keep it by his mighty power, till it be

perfected in holiness for evermore. The subjects of this kingdom, partakers of righteous

ness, peace and joy in the holy Ghost, are here called upon to sing the praises of their sovereign Lord. It becometh them well to be thankful. Every expression of gratitude is their privilege, and the homage which he requires of them. . May our hearts adore him and bless him, while we utter his praises with our lips.. O holy and eternal Spirit glorify Jesus in our songs this day.

THE Lord doth reign and cloath'd is he

1 with majesty molt bright, - His works do thew him cloath'd to be,

and girt about with might:

The Lord also the world hath made in

and formed it most sure, No might can make it change its course, at stay it doth endure.

, III. :'; Or e'er the earth was made or wrought thy throne was fet before,

. Beyond all time that can be thought thou haft been evermore...;


THE Aoods, O Lord, have lifted up,
1 have lifted up their voice,
The floods have lifted up their waves,
and made a mighty noise ;

But yet the Lord who is on high

is mightier by far,
Than noise of many waters is
or greatest billows are.

Thy testimonies ev'ry one
. in faithfulness excell,
And holiness for ever Lord
within thine house doth dwell.

. . IV.
To Father, Son, and holy Ghoft,

the God whom we adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.

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This is a description of the victory of Jesus over all his

enemies and ours. Having conquered fin, and the world, and Satan, and having triumphed gloriously over death and the grave, he ascended on high leading captivity captive, and he received gifts for men, which he bestowed upon them abundantly on the day of pentecost. Then he demonstrated that he was head over all things to the church, by giving his ministers every needful gift and grace of the holy Spirit to gather in his people, and to build them up in their most holy faith. Still his hand is not shortened. He has the same gifts for men, yea for the rebellious. May he bestow them on us this day. Lord, give us thy Spirit ; that he may testify of thee to us, and may glorify thee in us and by us. If he has indeed enabled us to receive thee by true faith, and we can call thee Lord by the holy Ghost, may he awaken in us every grateful sentiment. May we join with all the church to day in blessing the Lord the Spirit for bringing us into fellowship with the Father and the Son. May he continue and increase this holy fellowship, till it be perfected in full enjoyment of the Father's love in Jefus, to whom be all glory for ever and ever. Amen,

I. T ET righteous men in God be glad, o let them before his sight Be very joyful, yea let them rejoice with all their might.

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